T4G Day 1_Tech Soup Asia Introduction by Mike Yeaton


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T4G Day 1_Tech Soup Asia Introduction by Mike Yeaton

  1. 1. TechSoup Asia IntroductionMike YeatonVice President, Techsoup Asia
  2. 2. TechSoup Asia Introduction May 23, 2012 Mike YeatonVice President, TechSoup Asia
  3. 3. TechSoup Global TechSoup Global is a nonprofit serving the nonprofit community worldwide. We have built nonprofit sector capacity through technology for 25 years. We are working toward a time when every social benefit organization on the planet has the technology, resources, and knowledge they need to operate at their full potential. Page 14
  4. 4. There is tremendous opportunity and unmet technology capacity need in the nonprofit sector 10+ million nonprofit organizations (NPOs) employ almost 50M people and contribute up to 5% of total GDP* Technology offers transformative power: • The Internet accounts for 3.4% of GDP* • Mobiles led to an 8% increase in profits for fishermen in India • The Arab Spring movement was aided by social media/mobiles Technology in the social sector is behind the curve: • Economic crisis, changes in technology and lack of in-house technology management elevate need • Gap exists between NPO needs and donor capabilities/reach “Today, technology is the social catalyst empowering communities in all corners of the globe to improve their lives and shape their collective future. Modern technology is opening floodgates of information and influence historically reserved only for those in power.” Jeff Skoll, Philanthropist and First President of E-Bay*Sources: Johns Hopkins University and McKinsey Global Institute, Page 15 May 2011, Internet Matters, CGAP
  5. 5. Global ChampionsTechSoup Global partners with a global network of technologyproviders to deliver product donations to NGOs: • Acclivity • DonorPerfect • GiftWorks • ReadyTalk • Alpha Software • DYMO • goQ • Red Earth • Atlas Business Solutions • easyLearning • Headsets.com • BetterWorld Telecom • Efficient Elements • Huddle • Blackbaud • eTapestry • IKON • Bytes of Learning • Exclaimer • Mailshell • Caspio • FileMaker • NOZA • CitySoft • Flickr • Palo Alto Software • ClickTime • Flip Video • Pitney Bowes • Dharma Merchant Services • FluidSurveys • Quickbooks Made Easy Page 16
  6. 6. Global Impact of Donations Program Data are from September 2011 Page 17
  7. 7. TechSoup Global NetworkAn innovative platform which delivers donated and discountedtechnology products and related services to nonprofits across the globe: • $17M reinvested in local capacity Page 18
  8. 8. TechSoup Global provides training and technologytools to assist NPOs with telling their stories TSDIGS 2012 Stats (% growth over 2011) • Total submissions: 262 (151%) • Countries participated: 24 (200%) • Total page views: 10,482 (279%) • Total tweets: 2904 • Total organizations that participated: 388 • Products used to make stories Winning Video: “I Am” has been (self reported): 154 Viewed more than 70k times Link to winners: http://bit.ly/tsdigs12winners Page 19
  9. 9. Local Impact The Humour Foundation Sydney and Melbourne, Australia The Humour Foundation is an Australian charity dedicated to promoting and delivering the health benefits of humour. In partnership with Connecting Up Australia, The Humour Foundation secured a donation of Microsoft software licenses, resulting in substantial savings that were redirected to the organization’s programs.Image Source: The Humour Foundation Page 20
  10. 10. Local ImpactRestart Romania Challenge 53 “challengers” • 5 embassies • 141 ideas • 516 user accounts • ~94,000 page views • ~38,000 visits • Sponsorship by Microsoft, Cisco, Orange, Vodafone Results Reduce Violent Disputes over Parking Pressure Political Establishment to Act: Spaces: Romania No Cars The Online Democracy Initiative This project aims to end This project would spur the parking-space disputes by Romanian government to centralizing information action, not by direct gathered from citizens as influence but by they spot deserted cars. encouraging citizens to Project submitters hope to act. Its ultimate aim is a reduce the violence that self-generated citizen sometimes erupts by political program whose shedding light on existence would put abandoned cars and pressure on the political making it easy to find establishment. open parking lots. Page 21
  11. 11. What is TechSoup Asia? Page 22
  12. 12. What is TechSoup Asia?• TechSoup Asia is program run in collaboration by TechSoup Global and regional NGOs: • Connecting Up Australia • Hong Kong Council of Social Services • > 12 current or potential partners in this room• In partnership with Microsoft, brought TechSoup to four new countries in FY11: Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand *• TechSoup Asia’s mission is to promote, coordinate, design and deliver a complete set of ICT solutions for civil society organisations 23Page 23
  13. 13. We are co-developing new programsto meet the needs of APAC NGOs:• A regional technology conference in Hong Kong focused on civil society organizations, led by HKCSS in partnership with NTEN.• An IT resource centre for NGOs in Malaysia, in partnership with SOLS 24/7, to provide quality services at a fraction of commercial rates. Page 24
  14. 14. Our Approach is Deeply Collaborative• With NGO partners to understand needs and design solutions…• With thought leaders in region to embrace new approaches…• With Global and local technology companies to extend reach and offerings…• With all of you at this event! Page 25
  15. 15. Thank you! Page 26