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T4G Day 1_Lync - The Barnardo's Story by Anne Collins


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T4G Day 1_Lync - The Barnardo's Story by Anne Collins

  1. 1. Better Communication & Collaboration with Lync:The Barnardos’ StoryAnne CollinsInformation Support Services ManagerBarnardos New Zealand
  2. 2. Better Communication andCollaboration with Lync 2010The Barnardos’ Story…
  3. 3. Barnardos NZ• SME Charity working in the areas of Early Childhood Education and Social services in New Zealand• “Children Come First” – we provide education and assistance to families and children in order to develop children’s potentials• 80 offices throughout NZ• 900 employees
  4. 4. The Drivers• Old second hand phone systems failing• Organisation dispersed (80 offices), no phone integration, difficult to communicate => limited sense of “belonging”• Staff technically challenged / resistant (social workers, older teachers)• Network connections can have dubious quality outside main centres & expensive for QoS
  5. 5. Solution Selected• Microsoft Lync running unified communications across the data network, with 3 main PSTN gateways out to the telephone network (for BCP)• Pilot completed in OCS and now half way through upgrading offices to Lync for full rollout.
  6. 6. Results• Intuitive phone system integrated with mobiles and Outlook, positive uptake• Staff are using shared desktops for planning sessions, budget reviews , remote training• Peer to peer video conferencing allows managers to hold VOIP / visual meetings with remote staff e.g. Fundraising, HR• Running across ADSL broadband links which connect 80% of our offices, no QoS• Mobile integration allows more efficiencies• Even the smallest office is connected
  7. 7. Success Factors• Got technical Project Manager that knew what “VOIP” meant• Used most negative person in Senior Management Team on project panel• Sold as an extension to email• Rolled out pilot to the biggest offices first (pilot) => immediate savings => won over the senior managers• Training customised for user level of understandingBut project currently slowed because of shortage ofLync skills with vendors