Lori Harnick - Focus On Youth 2012 - Opportunity Imagined, Opportunity Realised


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Day 1 (6 December 2011)

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Lori Harnick - Focus On Youth 2012 - Opportunity Imagined, Opportunity Realised

  1. 1. Asia’s YouthThe Future isIn Their Hands
  2. 2. ADD COLOR FIELDAmazing AsiaEconomic Growth Rate 6.5%Home to 7 out of 10 Top Global ICT ExportersHighest Regional Competitiveness Gain .4 Points 2
  3. 3. ADD COLOR FIELDFocus on Youth84% Say it’s Their Duty to Drive Change60% of People under 25 Live in AsiaAsia Rates Highest on Political Empowerment 3
  4. 4. ADD COLOR FIELDYouth InsightsSocial activism is ignited by the energy oftoday’s youth and their keen interest indoing good while doing wellTechnology is the air they breathe, infusedthroughout their lifestyleJobs and opportunity are of paramountimportance no matter where they live….
  5. 5. ADD COLOR FIELDA Global ProblemWe can solve it together…
  6. 6. Shining a Light on…. 2001 Digital Divide 2011 Opportunity Divide
  7. 7. Access and 98% of those who cannot read or write live in developing countries“the basics” arestill major issues 72 million primary school-ageGlobally, 1 billion children are not in schoolpeople still lack accessto information and Majority of low-income youth in thecommunication U.S. do not have access to the Internettechnology
  8. 8. ADD COLOR FIELD But…a new tipping point is emerging
  9. 9. Success now Two-thirds of the jobs available inrequires more 2020 have not been invented yetthan just thebasics 25% of unemployed are out of work due to mismatches betweenEven those with skills and jobsskills struggle tofind their footing Today’s learners have new kinds ofin the world skills, but are still learning in schools built for the Industrial Age
  10. 10. And, the global 75 million youth 15-24 wereeconomic crisis unemployed at the end of 2010is impactingtoday’s youth 150 million youth earn less thanand their future $10/weekmore than everbefore Only 4.4 percent of global income is spent on education
  11. 11. Opportunity DivideDefinition Populations ImpactedAn emergent gap Underservedpreventing youth from populations with traditional accessrealizing opportunity due to issuesinequities in access, skills,creativity and experience Youth that have access, but lack clear vision for applying skills
  12. 12. Providingopportunityfor youthwill require new skill sets,new ways of thinkingand innovation thatincludes technology butmoves beyond it
  13. 13. People speak It’s not a common occurrence for multiple favorable circumstances to come together inabout a the form of opportunity."window of It does not happen every day, and for many, itopportunity" may never happen at all.being a fleeting Yet, while opportunity can be elusive, it doesntmoment… need to happen often. Sometimes just one window is enough.
  14. 14. We believe in leveraging our combinedtechnology, brainpower and networks to makeopportunity happen for as many young mindsas possible.We can create contexts where skills, innovationand connections can converge into trueopportunity.A teacher, tablet or cloud is not enough. Andcertainly luck isnt either.We must move beyond delivering buildingblocks, to building futures.We must empower youth to change theirworld.
  15. 15. ADD COLOR FIELDOpportunity Imagined:Opportunity RealizedEmpower Youth to Change Their World
  16. 16. Empower Youth to Imagine and Realize Opportunity Empower Imagine Realize technology access inspiration lifelong learning tools creativity experience skills talent development employability
  17. 17. EmpowerGamata IT, Sri LankaDelivery of ICT to rural villagesprepares people to partake inSri Lanka’s booming economyMicrosoft MultiPoint labconnects many students atone time to one computerAffordable solution, thatcreates collaborative learningexperience
  18. 18. ImagineTeam OneBuzz, NZSoftware Design Winner atMicrosoft’s Imagine CupGlobal competition with325,000+ students from 140+countries.Technology solution built onWindows Azure to wipe outmalaria around the world.
  19. 19. RealizeBETTER, ThailandBuilding EmployabilityThrough Technology andEntrepreneurship Resources26-year-old organic gardenerlearned business planning atYoung Social EntrepreneurCampNow he can grow his businessand contribute to thesustainability of his community
  20. 20. ImpactVisayan FoundationForum, PhilippinesLilibeth Masamloc was rescuedfrom a life of human traffickingand provided with ICT and lifeskills training and guidance.Now a social worker, she helpsothers as manager of theKasambahay education centerand president of the SUMAPItraining and advocacyorganization.
  21. 21. ADD COLOR FIELDOpportunity Imagined:Opportunity RealizedEmpower Youth to Change Their World 21
  22. 22. ADD COLOR FIELDImagine theOpportunityBe a Part ofRealizing it