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T4G Day 2_ASEAN Foundation by Septania Kadir


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T4G Day 2_ASEAN Foundation by Septania Kadir

  1. 1. The One Thing I Have to Share:ASEAN FoundationSeptania H. KadirHead of Programs, The ASEAN Foundation (Indonesia)
  2. 2. Established by the ASEAN Leaders in December 1997 during ASEAN’s 30th Commemorative Summit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.The Foundation aims to help bring about shared prosperity and a sustainable future for the entire ASEAN region.
  3. 3. Objectives of the ASEAN FoundationPromote greater awareness of ASEAN, and greaterinteraction among the peoples of ASEAN as well astheir wider participation in ASEANs activities interalia through human resources development thatwill enable them to realize their full potential andcapacity to contribute to progress of ASEANMember States as productive and responsiblemembers of society.Endeavour to contribute to the evolution of adevelopment cooperation strategy that promotesmutual assistance, equitable economicdevelopment, and the alleviation of poverty.
  4. 4. 2005 -2008The Unlimited Programme (UP) in Indonesia The ASEAN Foundation supported the programme by developing a localized UP Curriculum and video training kit for distribution to about 100 community training centers in rural areas across Indonesia. NGO Connection Day in Surabaya, Medan, Jakarta IT Skills Training workshops
  5. 5. 2007 -2011Delivery of 22 ICT Trainings Dedicated for SMEs in Indonesia, collaborating with NGOs, business sector, the academia Familiarizing SMEs with basic knowledge on e-commerce and e-business → to improve their business efficiency and growth Targeting 400 participants across Indonesia: North Sumatera, Riau, Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, East Java, North Sulawesi, West Nusa Tenggara.