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Textbook Campaign


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Learn about what MSCSA textbooks campaign is all about.

Published in: Education
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Textbook Campaign

  1. 1. CALL TO ACTION! Time to Tackle the Textbook Tyranny
  2. 2. The Problem
  3. 3. The Problem 2/3 of college students have went without a textbook due to cost!
  4. 4. The Problem
  5. 5.  Start talking about textbook affordability on campus  Collect student stories around their experiences with paying for textbooks  Meet with your campus Faculty Senate and give them the “Three Asks” What we can do
  6. 6.  We would like to ask faulty to visit the Open Textbook Library ( to see if there is an Open Textbook which could fit their academic need. The adoption of any Open Textbook would significantly reduce the cost of that semester for students and would allow students who otherwise couldn’t afford the textbook to have access to the required materials necessary to succeed in the course. The Three Asks
  7. 7.  We would also like to ask faulty to consider a three year hold on editions for their selected textbook. We know there won’t be an Open Textbook that fits every faculty’s academic need. In cases like that, we would appreciate a faculty member utilizing the same textbook edition for three or more years to create a healthy used textbook market. The Three Asks
  8. 8.  Lastly, we would like the faculty to consider the cost of the textbook as a secondary criteria to academic fit when choosing a new textbook. Many faculty already consider the cost of the textbook when making a decision. We would just be grateful to see this practice become even more widely used amongst faulty members moving forward. The Three Asks
  9. 9. When you get back to your campus, do these three things:  1) Talk in your senate and get talking about your personal textbook stories  2) Set up a meeting with the campus Faculty Senate to talk about the Three Asks (Pro tip: Your advisor is your friend in setting up this meeting)  3) Go to the Open Textbook Library and find a textbook for a class you’ve taken and compare it to the one you used. Next Steps
  10. 10. Thank You! Questions?