Taking the kids to school: Being Successful as a Student Parent


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Presented by Rachel Hanson
Do you feel overwhelmed with the demands on your time as a student with children? Do you feel like there aren’t any resources to help you manage your time or your finances? If your answer to these questions is yes then this is the workshop for you! Discuss issues unique to being a student parent and learn about resources available to you.

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  • The majority of student parents are white women between the ages of 30-39.ChaunieBrusie was a 21-year-old college student who was experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. She quickly discovered that there were no services available to her on campus to support her as a student parent. After graduation she coordinated a campaign with Feminists for Life to increase awareness of campus servicesavailable to student parents and encourage campuses to increase their services to parents
  • CCDF: Subsidies may be provided for children who are under 13 (or children under 19 who have special needs), provided that their parents are working or in school and that their family income does not exceed 85 percent of the median income in the state
  • The purpose of the Young Student Parent Support Initiative is to build the capacity of institutions of higher education to address the health and educational needs of pregnant and parenting young people and their children. This began in 2011 and it funded through the Affordable Care Act. Services are available to parents aged 18-25. At the moment it looks like services are continuing despite the government shutdown.
  • Services include tutoring, specialized workshops, free health screenings & immunizations, support groups, lactation/wellness support, laptop loans, specialized family work spaces, peer mentoring, and scholarships.
  • Taking the kids to school: Being Successful as a Student Parent

    1. 1. Taking the Kids to School Being Successful as a Student Parent Rachel Hanson MSCSA Executive Assistant
    2. 2. Who are Student Parents? 25% of all undergraduate students are parents. 34% of student parents are full time. 66% are part time. 51% of all student parents attend at 2-year public institution After 6 years, 8% of full time students received an A.A. 9.6% of part time students received an A.A. degree
    3. 3. General Student Resources Pell Grants State Grants Federal and State Work Study Federal and Private Student Loans TRiO Student Support
    4. 4. Family Specific Financial Resources Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) MN Childcare Grant
    5. 5. Community Resources Young Student Parent Support Initiative County Resources Healthcare Cash Assistance Child Care And more!
    6. 6. MnSCU Campuses Century College Fond du Lac Tribal & Community College Pine Technical College Metropolitan State University St. Cloud State University Winona State University Collaboration with Southeast Technical College
    7. 7. Coping Strategies Set aside an hour each week to connect with your family and plan out the coming week. But try to stay flexible, life happens! If possible, do homework together with your kids Prioritize your work Create a dedicated work space Identify “dead time”
    8. 8. Wrapping up Are there any questions or comments?
    9. 9. Thank you!