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Relationship Building with your Legislators


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Presented by Sarah Clarke & Rep. Frank Hornstein
Your state senator and state representative are vital to shaping state policy that impacts many aspects of your life, including your education. While they are shaping policy, they are also very accessible. A good relationship with your lawmakers will go a long way in furthering your goals as a student advocate.

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Relationship Building with your Legislators

  1. 1. Relationship Building with your Legislators Representative Frank Hornstein and Sarah Clarke
  2. 2. Why?   The more local the government, the greater role it plays in your daily life State legislators have tremendous influence in making decisions that impact you ◦ Such as amount of funding your school receives from the state  Because you can! ◦ Skip the trip to D.C. and advocate in your community
  3. 3. Why?   Legislators need to hear your perspective on higher education to make the best decisions A good relationship with your legislator will go a long way in furthering your advocacy
  4. 4. What if my legislators don’t share my views on every issue?  Your legislator is from the opposite political party than you identify with ◦ SO WHAT!  Find areas of commonalities and respect their viewpoint ◦ Higher education is a good starting point  Regardless of party, legislators are there to SERVE Minnesotans
  5. 5. How?       Set up a meeting Call Email Visit them at the Capitol Attend a Town Hall meeting Now, let’s hear from an expert…
  6. 6. Ask the Representative…      What are the best ways for constituents to work with their state legislators? As a Representative, what do you most value from constituents? What are some tips for students to be effective advocates? What should you NOT do as an advocate? Other questions?