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Presenting Yourself Professionally


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Presented by Sarah Clarke
You have a big job interview coming up. This is your dream job! So you put on your worn out jeans, flip flops, and your favorite t-shirt (it’s your favorite because it only has a few stains and holes). Clearly, you are dressed for success and are definitely going to land this job. Just kidding. Never ever wear that to an interview. Ever. In this workshop, we will discuss some “do’s” and “don’ts” on professional presentation.

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Presenting Yourself Professionally

  1. 1. Presenting Yourself Professionally
  2. 2. You are… • • • • • Smart Hard working Responsible Talented A total rock star!
  3. 3. But if you look like this…
  4. 4. Your hard work, skills, talents, and intelligence will not matter because you will not be taken seriously by potential employers
  5. 5. Soft Skills • Soft skills include a varies of factors like • personality traits • social skills • communication style • body language • critical thinking • problem solving • Habits • hygiene • attitude • Your soft skills should complement your hard skills • Hard skills are the specific, teachable, quantifiable, and measurable
  6. 6. Professional Etiquette Do’s • • • • • • • • • • • • Always be on time Be respectful of everyone Spell check and proof read everything you send Keep your workspace clean Be confident Be tactful Have a good handshake Make eye contact Be aware of your body language Follow up with handwritten thank you notes Remember that you are always representing your company or organization
  7. 7. Professional Etiquette Don’ts • • • • • • • • • • Kthxbye  Use profane language Gossip Apologize for your professional opinion Social media Interrupt others Come to work when you are sick Downplay your professional achievements Treat your boss like your friend Write an email that you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see
  8. 8. What to Wear
  9. 9. What to Wear
  10. 10. What NOT to Wear
  11. 11. What NOT to Wear
  12. 12. Time for a little fashion show…