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MSCSA Director of Communications
Jonathan Miller
MSCSA Treasurer Matt Rubel
MSCSA's working documents are over 60 pages long. But what do you really need to know? During this session, we will play some games to highlight what we consider to be the most important

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  • Jonathan
  • Matt
  • Want to talk about these because we want to make sure you know how the process works, so you can make the decision to step up.

  • ----- Meeting Notes (6/5/14 09:44) -----
  • Beef ribs
  • Governing Council Reps. are reimbursed at Quad Rate if there is a GC meeting.
    Campus Presidents (or their designee) are reimbursed at Quad Rate if there is a Presidents Group Meeting.
  • (Double Rate-Quad Rate=Invoice Amount)
  • These are vegetarian egg rolls
  • Election Policy
    Any changes to the policy or procedure are allowed by 2/3 votes of the GC prior to the start of the election
    Steering Committee & Cabinet are the election judges
    Staff is moderators

    Election Procedure
    Election judges (or Steering Committee) reviews election candidates
    Candidates are sequestered during the balloting process
    Electronic voting
    One minute opening and closing. One minute for each question
    3 minute caucus prior to the first round of voting

    Special Elections
    Held at GC meetings
    Candidate with least amount of votes dropped
    Rounds continue until someone gets a simple majority

    Candidate Meet-n-Greet
    Everyone gets a spot that is sorted alphabetically, by position, Limited in size and space
  • Jonathan

    Two frankly obscure policies

    Promotional items should be sold at cost. Spells out that the Governing Council, cabinet, staff and platform committee reps, but not alts get the items.
    Required by the bylaws!
  • MSCSA Policy Game

    1. 1. MSCSA Policy Game Matt Rubel, MSCSA Treasurer Jonathan Miller, MSCSA Director of Communications
    2. 2. MSCSA Policy Pu Pu Platter
    3. 3. MSCSA is an association of Minnesota’s public two-year college students, which works to ensure accessible, quality, and affordable public higher education while providing students with representation, leadership development, and communication across the state. Mission Statement
    4. 4. What do you know about the Working Documents?
    5. 5.  Committees in general  Fiscal Committee  Financial Procedures  Steering Committee  Working documents items up for review  Diversity Committee  Report Writing Our focus today
    6. 6. Committees
    7. 7.  On pages 17-19  All MSCSA committees and MnSCU System-Wide representatives are appointed by the President, unless specified in the Bylaws.  The GA or GC ratifies presidential appointments by a simple majority vote.  Committee terms end on June 30 Committees
    8. 8.  Standing committees include Steering, Fiscal and Diversity Committees  Diversity Committee has different requirements  Nominations come from floor of GA or GC  Voted on by secret ballot by GA or GC Standing Committee Election Process
    9. 9. Fiscal Committee & Financial Procedures
    10. 10.  Approves association spending between $500-$5,000.  Membership-President, Treasurer and two elected Governing Council Members (Not Alternates).  GC Members are elected at the September Conference by the GC.  Decisions of the Fiscal Committee can be brought to the GC for appeal. MSCSA Fiscal Committee
    11. 11.  Page 24 to 28 of the Working Documents.  Includes: ◦ Travel Reimbursements, ◦ Stipend Payments ◦ Cabinet & Staff Salaries ◦ Expenditures ◦ Cash Receipts and Receivables ◦ Fee, Budget and Roles of the Treasurer & Executive Director Financial Procedures
    12. 12.  Must receive authorization from the Treasurer or Executive Director PRIOR to traveling.  Association’s Mileage Reimbursement rate is 7 cents less than the IRS Rate (56-7=49).  May be claimed by Staff, Cabinet, GC and Platform Members. Travel Reimbursements
    13. 13.  Platform and GC Rep’s receive an $80 stipend on the last business day of the month.  Assuming they submit reports, attend meetings, and perform other assigned duties.  If an Alternate serves in place of their Rep., the Alt. receives $40 and the Rep. receives $40. Board Payments (Stipends)
    14. 14.  Campus Presidents, GC Reps and Platform Members are reimbursed by the Association at quad rate if there is a meeting that they are required to attend. Rooming Rates for Events
    15. 15.  If a member chooses to register at double rate that member (or campus) will be responsible for the difference between the double and quad rate  General Assemblies are different.  The reimbursed delegates for GA’s are by campus (See the handout). Rooming Rates for Events Cont.
    16. 16. Steering Committee & Items up for Review
    17. 17.  5 members elected by the GA or GC.  Election typically held at the September Conference.  GC members vote in this election. Steering Committee
    18. 18.  Review the MSCSA Working Documents according to the Steering Committee Strategic Plan (page 65) or as directed by President, GC or GA.  Present recommendations during at least 2 GC meetings prior to Spring GA.  Determines eligibility of cabinet & SAL prior to Spring GA.  Administers the elections at Spring GA. Steering Committee Duties
    19. 19. Policies up for review
    20. 20.  Page 47 of the Working Documents.  The Association may withdraw $200 for special events or while selling promotional items.  All cash withdrawals must be signed and authorized by two members of the Association.  The president and treasurer are the primary signers for the association. Cash Management Policy
    21. 21.  Page 58 of the Working Documents.  The Association may pay for a student that is eligible for reimbursement.  Usually brought forth for a medical need.  Typically a physician’s letter is provided if a need exists.  The Association may fill the room with another student as it sees fit. Double Occupancy Policy
    22. 22.  Begins on page 22  Reviewed in 2013-14  Election Policy  Election Procedure  Special Elections  Candidate Meet-n-Greet Election Policy & Procedures
    23. 23.  Page 60 of the Working Documents.  If a student is registered for an event and they cannot attend, that student must cancel at least 3 business days prior to the start of the event.  OR they must find a student to attend in their place. Event Cancellation Policy
    24. 24.  The student (or campus) will be responsible for any costs charged to MSCSA by the hotel.  Can be withheld from the stipend of GC or Platform.  The MSCSA President may waive any penalties a student incurs if extenuating circumstances are met. Event Cancellation Cont.
    25. 25.  Privacy policy ◦ Relates to information requests from external parties ◦ Written by legal council hired by the Association ◦ Updated with the help of our lawyer  Promotional Policy ◦ Related to the selling and giving of promotional items Privacy Policy & Promotional Policies
    26. 26. Diversity Committee
    27. 27.  New Mission Statement: ◦ The Diversity Committee mission is to serve the student body and greater campus community of all public two year community and technical colleges in Minnesota through researching, educating and connecting by providing information on issues of diversity, as it pertains to higher education to include but not be limited to: International, minority, under- served, underrepresented individuals or groups and people with disabilities. Diversity Committee
    28. 28.  Chaired by SAL Platform Rep.  Vice Chaired by SAL GC Rep.  At least 3 At-Large members appointed by president.  Open attendance by anyone else. Diversity Committee Cont.
    29. 29. Report Writing
    30. 30.  Reports should identify both the region and author.  At least a paragraph in length, ideally two or three.  All campus names should be spelled out at first usage.  Reports should illustrate a basic grasp of sentence structure and mechanics. Report Writing Format
    31. 31.  Reports should focus on: ◦ MSCSA campaigns/work/discussion ◦ Regional work/action/meetings ◦ Updates from regional meetings ◦ Research items  Not a place for “trash talk”  “Nothing is going on” is not good enough  Not an activity report Report Writing Content
    32. 32. Questions?