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Cortana Analytics Workshop: Azure Data Catalog


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Julie Strauss. This session introduces the newest services in the Cortana Analytics family. The Azure Data Catalog is an enterprise-wide metadata catalog that enables self-service data source discovery. Data Catalog is a fully managed service that stores, describes, indexes, and provides information on how to access any registered data source in your organization. This session presents an overview of the Data Catalog and how โ€“ by using it to register, enrich, discover, understand and consume data sources โ€“ you can close the gap between those seeking information and those creating it.

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Cortana Analytics Workshop: Azure Data Catalog

  1. 1. Users spend more time looking for data, than they do analyzing it Data is sitting in multiple sources, but no insight into which data sits where Need data consumption in multiple different tools, but no common way of enabling discovery and access to data sources across them Many different data ecosystems, but no way to share data artifacts across them Users are busy re-producing data assets that already exist Do You Recognize Any of These Challenges?
  2. 2. What is Azure Data Catalog? An enterprise-wide catalog in Azure that enables self- service discovery of data from any source A metadata repository that allow users to register, annotate, discover, understand, and consume data sources
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  4. 4. How is Azure Data Catalog Different? Annotation crowdsourcing Empowering any user to capture and share their knowledge about data sources and their usage Data source discovery One-stop shop for all enterprise data sources No data movement or heavy up-front investment Time to value in minutes Consumption through any tool Enabling publishing, discovery and consumption of data sources through your tool of choice Data from any source Cloud and on-premises data sources Structured and unstructured data sources Microsoft and non-Microsoft data sources
  5. 5. Publish Understand Discover Enrich Analyze Govern What Can I Do With It? Register Data Sources Browse -Search Apply Policies -Control Access Categorize โ€“ Annotate Get context โ€“Identify Intent Track and monitor usage Publisher Consumer IT Admin Extend Use open REST APIs to integrate data publishing and discovery into existing applications and processes
  6. 6. Interested in Providing Feedback? Contact: Interested in Trying it out? Go to: AzureDataCatalog.Com
  7. 7. The Enterprise Data 1 2 DATA PRODUCERS โ€ข Refine โ€ข Combine โ€ข Produce โ€ข Annotate โ€ข Share โ€ข Discover โ€ข Understand โ€ข Connect โ€ข Consume INFORMATION CONSUMERS IT ADMIN โ€ข Secure โ€ข Monitor โ€ข Operationalize โ€ข Provision โ€ข Configure โ€ข Certify โ€ข Categorize โ€ข View usage analytics and feedback DATA STEWARDS โ€ข Discover โ€ข Combine โ€ข Clean โ€ข Annotate โ€ข Publish/Share The Public Data Publish Discover Enrich Understand Analyze Enabling the Entire Enterprise Data EcosystemFostering a collaborative virtuous cycle for the Data Value Chain