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Overview of the site refresh program that my digital marketing team did for the Webtrends.com site

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  • Instead of smashing on Hope I am simply going to say that we had some struggles with our web properties which provided us with some great opportunity. Since we are selling to Digital Marketers we need to be awesome at Digital Marketing. This is where I will start to outline our plan beginning with the Refresh and Rebuild plan.
  • This is where I will discuss this difference between the full on Rebuild VS the Refresh and how we will be using our Refreshed site as a runway to adopt our new Digital Marketing disciplines.
  • Since we have shifted to a Solutions company the best way to highlight the success of our solutions is by highlighting our Customers Success. This will be the forefront of our Digital Marketing efforts moving forward. We are using the new Refresh site as a testing ground for setting a cadence and guide as to how we will role these out.
  • Part of this is to use Webtrends Optimize to test our hero banners to see what is working, what is interesting to our customers and prospects and what is not. Also, a major piece of this is to keep things fresh by collecting and showcasing as many customer success stories as possible. I am just waiting on the Lastminute.com banner to add to this slide. Should have it soon.
  • I will quickly mention that we have made some updates to our Mobile and Social solutions pages to align with all of the changes that have been taking place with our companies direction and product capabilities.
  • Same thing with Optimize. Putting a focus on the customer success element.
  • This is just a super quick update on the iPad App.
  • This will be a quick slide to mention that we are seeding Engage aggressively and to encourage everyone to do the same. This is when I will conclude by having the studio team stand up so they can take credit for all this great work.
  • Webtrends Website Update

    1. 1. Our Challenge. Our Opportunity.© 2012 Webtrends, All Rights Reserved. | 1
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    4. 4. Customer Success. Front & Center.© 2012 Webtrends, All Rights Reserved. | 4
    5. 5. Social & Mobile Refined.© 2012 Webtrends, All Rights Reserved. | 5
    6. 6. Optimize Optimized.© 2012 Webtrends, All Rights Reserved. | 6
    7. 7. “Drinking our own Champaign”  Enhanced our Social Sharing capabilities  Using Optimize on our website to run tests  Weekly Analytics Reports to Executive Team  Using our unique Mobile Hybrid SDK on our iPad App  Initiatives to embrace Video and leverage Social Measurement© 2012 Webtrends, All Rights Reserved. | 7
    8. 8. Webtrends Today iPad App  Launched August 10th 2012  1,500 downloads to date  4.5 Star Rating  New version coming by end of year  Your feedback is appreciated  Another App is in the works© 2012 Webtrends, All Rights Reserved. | 8
    9. 9. Ramping up Engage.© 2012 Webtrends, All Rights Reserved. | 9