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In chile 2011 (en version)

  1. 1. YOUR
 Invitation 2011Another 

summer in winter?COMPADRITO,
Wow, we are already in 2011. It has been 8 years since westarted our history here in Chile, that 2003. When wearrived to Santiago after hardly saving up our money (for awhole winter), we understood that what we did was thebest choice. Reaching 60 cm of fresh snow on the arrival SKI IN CHILEday! The first days were hard! Trying to figure where were LET YOUR DREAMthe best lines, the best happy hours, the best restaurants…well, the best setup for us! Two months after from our BEGIN!
return to Canada we realized that we loved our trip so 
much that we didn’t’ spend a day without talking about it! 
It was done: we were addicted to it. We had to come back 
and never miss a ski season in Chile ever! 
For the past 5 years we decided to share with the snow 
fanatics to come and discover one of the best skiable 
terrain that we had the chance to ski in our lives! So for 
SKIING IN CHILEyou: fans, professionals, and snow lovers, we invite you to 
 The best snow in Chile 
see the lodgings that we offer for 2011. Register in 
 is from early July to lateadvance for this coming season might be the best decision 
 September.because for certain accommodation there may be limited 
Here you will find all the details to make or re-experienceyour dream to come and ski here in Chile!
  2. 2. Services on Snow InChile 2011 Fully editing video & photos: Take a morning or afternoon session with Sam and record the best turns, and the best moments of your vacation! Believe us, this little video will make excellent souvenirs of your wonderful trip! Advantage InChile Book your video right now, for your next trip, and save $ 50.Video, guide 
 Photo: Camera in hand, Daniel will capture your top 
Sam Charles expression from the best ride and give you a great memory 
 of your trip. Guide Service: In order to optimize your trip, InChile offers a guide service on snow with guides experienced on the huge ski area. Our guides will adapt to your level and show you the best skiing around. Please, if you want to come with us in backcountry you must have all your avalanche kit (transceiver, shovel, probe). Please see with Sam for more details. The cost and details of this activity will be provided during the checkout process. Some conditions apply!Photos, guideDan
 Advanced Skiing: For the second year we’ll have Pierre Godbout, instructor and trainer Level IV CSIA, which will be available for an on snow development skill session. The dates, cost and other details of this activity are available under request. Some conditions apply!
Serge Berthiaume 

  3. 3. 2011 Lodging and Special 
Here are the places and advantages 
that we offer for 2011Casa AzulCasa Azul: 5 minutes walking from ski lifts, the "CasaAzul" is perfect for those who want a warm place withprivate toilet, but no meal plan included. La Casa Azul "is 
divided into 7 small studios, and includes a common living 
 Casa Azulroom. It’s excellent for 2 people. Each room comes withkitchenette and toilet. Perfect for anyone who wishes to 
make his own food and run under his own schedule. 
Includes: Wi-Fi, washing & drying machines, shared cable For someone looking for aTV. economical accommodationAccommodation for 2 persons: $ 125us per night per with the freedom to cookroom. itself!
InChile advantage: Room to $115us per night per room. 
Book before April 15 2011, with a non-refundable deposit 
of $300us per room and then deposit the rest of the first 
have by May 1st 2011 the rest one month before yourarrival! There is a method of repayment in case ofcancellation of your reservation. We will send you thedetails!Hotel FarellonesHotel Farellones: two star Hotel, perfect for those whodon’t expect to have a phone or radio in the room, also for Hotel Farellonespeople that doesn’t have a problem to wait 5 minutes for 
hot water at the shower. The food is good and the great For someone looking for abeauty of this hotel is that it is located within 10 meters economic hotel at 10 mfrom the ski lift! So the morning when there’s a fresh from the ski lifts, with foodsnowfall, youll be the closest to the ski lift! service: lunch & dinnerAdvantage InChile: $ 96us per person per night fordouble occupancy, breakfast and dinner included. NormalPrice $ 105us! 


  4. 4. 
 El Lodge Cartes 
 Lodge Cartes Nice little hostel, thought in function for teams who come to train in Chile. Also an excellent choice for someone who’s searching for a good, pretty and cheap set up with food service (lunch and dinner are included). Rooms are available in double, triple and quadruple occupancy, with private bathroom for each bedroom. Close from the runs, this choice is for someone who likes to stay in a hostel that is a El Lodge Cartes 
 comfortable and quiet place. The hostel is equipped 
For someone looking for a place with a big ski room for those who wish to wax and near the runway, beautiful, good and cheap! This option will meet sharp his skis or snowboard. If you are alone, the your request! Very good choice for lodge is reserving the right to match you with money Value someone else. Each evening, youll have good meals like home. Included: Wi-Fi, Price: $ 80 us per person per day, breakfast and TV, and cable dinner include. 
 Payment Method: To make a reservation a deposit the 
 50% of your total bill, and the remaining 50% one 
 month before your arrival! There’s a method of 
 repayment in case of cancellation of your reservation. 
 We will send you all details! 
 El Pichon Located at the entrance of this little village 
 of Farellones, this refuge belongs to one of the oldest 
 mountaineering club in Chile. Over the years this club 
 has adapted the refuge to the traveler or athlete, 
 looking for something good at an economic price. If 
 you are this person, this is the place you’re looking for. 
 Also the refuge is receiving many Chilean’s who come 
 to ski over the weekend. Friend since the beginning, 
 the manager of this refuge PICHON (said pigeon) will 
 be happy to receive you and make you live an 
 enjoyable and unique, time you wont forget anytime soon! The room capacity is 1 to 6 people. EL PICHON Price: $ 71 us per person per day Includes: WiFi and El Pichon is located 10 to 15 shared cable TV. minutes walk from the lifts of El 

  5. 5. CHICO’S APARTChico apart: All new and hot, located 8 minutes walkingfrom the slopes, the two Chico apartments are currentlyunder construction and will be ready for this coming 
winter season in Chile. The apartments will be fully luxuryequipped and is an excellent choice for small groups of 3or 4 people looking for luxury in a private atmospherewithout food package included.Apart#1 (biggest) good for 3-4 people ** $ 1.560 usper week (7 nights)Includes: WiFi, towels, TV and cable.Apart #2 (smallest) good for 3-4 people ** $ 1.410 usper week (7 nights)Includes: WiFi, towels, TV and cable. 
The apartments are currently under construction. And it CHICO’S APART are located at 8impossible to have pictures for now! min walking from the ski lift of El** The rates are taken from Chilean pesos converted to us Colorado, for 5$ per day a shuttledollars with the rate of the day. Rates are subject to change in services would be organize for youforce on the day of booking. Rates are per apartment per week to drive you on the slope in the morning(7 nights) 
La Cornisa Very nice little 4-star hotel with the food 
service included, lunch and dinner. The rooms are single,double, triple and quadruple occupancy, with private orshared bathroom. This is an excellent choice for someonewho wants a half-board with comfort. The hotel providestransportation to the mountain each morning and evening,this is a good asset at 2400 m. Each evening, youll haveexcellent meals prepared by a Chef. The hotel also has avery good Chilean wine selection.Single occupancy with private bathroom ** $ 1.790 usSimple occupancy with shared toilet ** $ 1.385 usDouble occupancy with private bath ** $ 1.125 usDouble occupancy bed room with private bathroom **$1.045 usDouble occupancy with single beds shared toilet **$ 850 usTriple occupancy with private bath ** $ 875 usTriple occupancy $ 755 ** shared toilet habits LA CORNISAQuadruple occupancy with private bath ** $ 755 us Enjoy the low season discount,Quadruple occupancy with shared toilet ** $ 655 us before July 15, 2011 and afterLow season double, triple, quadruples occupancy ** September 10, 2011. Which are 2 excellent periods of skiing.$ 745 us** Low season single occupancy $ 1.485 us** The rates were taken from Chilean pesos then converted tous dollars with the rate of the day. Rates are subject to change 
in force on the day of booking. Rates are per person per week(7 nights). The prices are also available daily. Includes: WiFi,towels, telephone, television, and cable.
  6. 6. Loma Del Viento
Loma Del Viento Nice little auberge, very private withfood service (lunch and dinner). The rooms are single, 
double, triple and quadruple occupancy, with private orshared bathroom. This is an excellent choice for someonewho wants to stay in a nice, comfortable and very quietplace.Each evening, youll have excellent meals prepared by aChef. Includes: WiFi, towels, TV and cable.- ROOM SELECTION -Classic double: ** $ 675 us per person double occupancy.Comfortable room, toilet shared room on the ground floor, 
price per person for 7 nights in double occupancy. Loma Del VientoClassic double over: ** $ 751 us per person double Ideal for someone who’s lookingoccupancy. for a comfortable, and quiet, withComfortable room, toilet shared room on the first floor, a very Professional and personal services! Laura the owner andprice per person for 7 nights in double occupancy her team would be proud to giveBilingual education: ** $ 901 us per person double you a first class experience!occupancy.Comfortable room, private bathroom, first floor room, 
price per person for 7 nights in double occupancyDeluxe Double: ** $ 1.126 us per person doubleoccupancy.Comfortable & private bathroom, incredible views,bedroom on the second floor, price per person for 7nights in double occupancy.Payment Method: Book before April 15 2011, with anon-refundable deposit of $ 300 us per person, and thendeposit the remaining 50% of your bill by may 15 2011,and the rest of your bill one month before your arrival!There’s a way of refund in case of cancellation on yourreservation. We will send you the details!** The rates are taken from Chilean pesos converted to usdollars with the rate of the day. Rates are subject to change inforce on the day of booking. Rates are per person per week (7nights). The prices are also available daily. 
 Loma del Viento is located at 10 min walking from the ski hill and El Colorado chair lift. For only 5$ per day per people a shuttle can be organize for you to get to the hill in the morning! 

  7. 7. CASA SIR WILLIAMCASA SIR WILLIAM: Large, and luxurious house, locatedin Farellones. Divide into 2 large apartments of 4bedrooms with private bathrooms, can accommodatecomfortably up to 8 people. The house comes with dailymaid service, but does not provide food. Each apartmenthas a large terrace with an amazing view of theoutstanding sunsets and the city of Santiago. In addition,each apartment is equipped with a BBQ and outdoorJacuzzi. It’s the perfect place for people who want tospend a quality time together and take it easy in a luxuryapartment. Includes: WiFi, towels, telephone, TV and Casa Sir William 
cable. Ideal for a couple a family or a- Middle Apartment: $ 4.750 us for 7 nights; from friend group, who’s looking for aMonday to Monday only. comfortable, very luxury, all equip apartment, without food- Lower Apartment: $ 5.250 us for 7 nights; from package.Monday to Monday only.Payment Method: Casa Sir William operates quietly the Casa Sir William is located 10 minutes walk from El Coloradosame as from other options weve presented. The mode of ski lifts. For $ 5 per person perpayment for the Casa Sir William is a 50% deposit when day shuttle service will bebooking and the remaining 50% one month before organize for you to take you there in the morning!
arriving. There is a method of repayment in case ofcancellation on your reservation. We will send you all thedetails!

Transport & ski package 
Transportation Service: Make sure you have transportation 
waiting for you to do this and leave us the mandate to carry you. 
We have drivers who know the roads and making transportation 
and professional manner in complete tranquility 
Ski ticket: We are talking with the mountains to ski to have prices 
for 2011; however, we estimate the cost for 5 days 
 Transport and 5 days of skiing has approximately 475 U.S. 
• 5 days of skiing at El Colorado 
 • Round-trip transfers between airport and Farellones Mode de paiement 
 • Map Customer INCHILE (Up to 25% discount on food and drink in some local restaurant and 
*** The price of 475 us is based on one week from Friday to Friday (arriving in Santiago on Friday Am) and likely a change
 Responsabilités & ConditionsINCHILE acts only as an agent for the passenger in In no case INCHILE is to be held responsible forregards to transport, by car, rail, bus, boat or other lack of snow or non-operation of lifts at ski resort,mode of transportation. He shall not be liable of any 
 or for other reasons beyond their control; nor areinjury, damage or loss occasioned by the neglect or 
 they to be held liable for payment of any refunddefault of any company or person engaged in 
 for unused hotel accommodations or mealsconveying the tour, or any hotel proprietor or car occasioned by such late arrivals, the hotel holding 
 rooms as per confirmed itineraries.
rental, or organization or other person supplyingservices or materials in connection with the tour sold 
 Travelers engaged in winter sports do so at their INCHILE reserve unto himself the right to cancel or 
 own risk. By engaging in one or the otherwith draw a tour, to refuse to accept or to retain any 
 destinations of organized sports by INCHILE,person as a member of a tour and/or to make changes customers INCHILE waive any and all of their 
 rights to claim compensation for any damages orin the itinerary at any time and for any reasonwhatsoever which INCHILE shall return all monies held 
 injuries suffered in the performance of theseand all uncashed checks and it is necessarily 
 activities.understood that the tour member(s) shall have no 
recourse whatsoever against INCHILE. 
 Tours participants engaging in winter’s sports activities do so at their own risks. By the act of 
All prices are based upon rates and exchange rates in joining any of INCHILE activities, tours and 
 Packaged, the customers of INCHILE relinquisheffects at the time of publication of this flyer and aresubject to reconfirmation when final payment is made. 
 any and all rights whatsoever to make any claimsPrices, given by the rates and the exchange rate 
 for any damages or any injuries that may beprevailing at the time of publication of this document 
 sustained while engaging in these specificmay be a change in booking and final payment. 
 activities.Transport companies in question could not be heldliable for any act, omission or incident that may occurwhen passengers are not aboard the transport vehicle..
  9. 9. Payment methodYoure ready to make your payment or give your deposit! But you do not know howto do here are 3 options we offer! Please be sure to clearly identify yourBY BANK TRANSFERT By cheque via Sam Per Credit Card Caisse Desjardins To INCHILE Via PayPal For that option communicateINCHILE. Daniel Lachance ski service with Serge via email:# Institution : 815 2245 Ch. du Village sergeinchile@hotmail.comTransit of the Bank: 90044 Mt Tremblant, Qc For this option services feesFolio -account #: 142452 J8E 19E will be charge and add to youVerification Number: 2 account.