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Newsjacking: A content guide by MRM Manila


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Newsjacking: A content guide by MRM Manila

  1. 1. #MAYANS#Endoftheworldconfessions#OnlyGod#ThankyouLord#doomsday
  2. 2. #MissPHILIPPINESforMissUniverse2012#MissUniverse2012#1stRunnerUp#CongratsJanineTugonon
  3. 3. 1 2 3An approach best applied in the real-time context of Social Media
  4. 4. When news of Prince Harry’s LasVegas scandal broke, Lynx immediately created content around the story, naturally inserting the brand into the conversations
  5. 5. After reports came out that FelixBaumgartner successfully completedhis “space jump”, Kit Kat launched itsproduct with a balloon and camera – using the photos as content for their social platforms
  6. 6. Creating content around a predicted news-worthy event.Anticipating news that may come out of those events.
  7. 7. JetBlue decided to take advantage of the recentoutburst of voters who planned to leave the country if their candidate lost . By voting in a simpleapplication, “losers” would get a chance to fly in anydestination carried by JetBlue.
  8. 8. Sting Energy Drink jumped on Manny Pacquiao’s doping allegation news by planting a fabricated news conference supported by digital PR that revealed it was Sting and not steroids that was behind Manny’s power punches.
  9. 9. Even simple Newsjackingcontent for your community can generate higher levels of engagement than previous posts.
  10. 10. Because the brand is in syncwith popular conversations – itcan spill over into your brand’splatform , which has proven tobe pivotal in spiking your brand community’s engagement metrics