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Beypazari Can Akin

  2. 31. Beypazarı Beypazarı, on the way of the historical Silk Way, is a place of full of cultural richness and natural beauties. According to official records, the population in Beypazarı in 1573 was 10000 people, and this shows the historical importance of Beypazarı. Today Beypazarı is a city that reflects the beauty, the pleasure of the Turkish Culture with its historical remainings and houses out of Seljuks and Ottoman times, hand works, traditional foods of the palace kitchen. Our ancestors left us wooden houses at a number of over 3000, a market place dating up to back 200 years, and an appearance without any disconcerted. Just even Beypazarı Houses, coming from the 1800's, show how big our debt of gratitude to our ancestors is. Therefore our main aim is to protect and carry from present, our houses that present the architectural properties of the Turkish cultur and life style of the Turkish, to future. We have been in effort to make our wearing like chevre (an embroidered handkerchief), yazma (a special handkerchief on head), bindalli (a local garment the fabric of which is velvet), our handworks like silver filigree, cupperwork, yemeni (a special handkerchief on head), our traditional foods like dolma (grape leaf stuff), kuru (a hard biscuit pecular of Beypazarı),guvech (a cooked special bakery in souil dishes), kapama (a dish with meats), hoshmerim ( a special desert) to survive. Our aim is to turn out Beypazarı to an open air museum, non similar to other ones. Both our citizens and guests visiting Beypazarı would have chance to get in touch past 150-200 years they will live the close friendshiep with its air, water,traditions,food and wearing. Therefore we name it as journey to the past. We prepared this guide to let you know about to invite them to the journey to the past in Beypazarı. Our Beypazarı is waiting for you with our traditional hospitality and its historical properties, hand works, special foods, its houses of Gusgana and Canti and İnözü Valley DANİMARKA’DA EN ÇOK BAKILAN BEYPAZARI FOTOĞRAFLARIM.. LÜTFEN TIKLAYINIZ. http://www. fotokritik . dk /?x=/kritik.html_ pic =173670
  3. 33. TIKLAYINIZ… Can AKIN ŞAİR VE FOTOĞRAF SANATÇISI Mr _ canakin @ yahoo . co . uk Mr _ canakin @ hotmail .com