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TEXTMOBiLi Brochure


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TEXTMOBiLi Brochure

  1. 1. Client retention solutions through mobile marketing TEXTMOBiLi 9 Devonshire Square London EC2M 4YF United Kingdom Tel: +44 020 7184 6901
  2. 2. TEXTMOBiLi’s unique client retention platform enables companies to grow and retain revenues by using the mobile to deliver unique and specific SMS or MMS content direct to the client. We are an innovative mobile marketing company which provides strategic customer retention solutions that integrate seamlessly with mobile telecommunications technology. It allows inbound calling customers into a feature rich IVR platform and the option of automatically receiving an SMS or MMS. It’s a permission based marketing tool, aimed directly into the mobile telephony space. Today’s Challenges – Does this sound familiar? Global Economic Crisis How do I retain my Client base when the competition is discounting? Where can I get a good investment return that is quantifiable? What can I do to increase customer revenues? Abandoned Calls An abandoned call is a missed opportunity Can you manage abandoned calls now? Do you have a customer retrieval process in place? Customer Attrition Is this a concern or problem? Why do customers leave, can this be limited? How will you invest to reduce this problem? Dynamic Changes How quickly can you react to customer or market changes? How do you incentivise customers old and new? How well can you measure success?
  3. 3. Plaform Overview TEXTMOBiLi’s unique platform provides a cost effective, rapid deployment solution that enables its clients the ability to create and manage call flow, call abandonment and customer incentives through SMS and MMS. The modular capabilities of the platform Alternatively Textmobili’s platform can be enable Textmobili’s clients to leverage any used to provide the full functionality of existing telephony asset, removing the a feature rich IVR solution from an initial need for expensive technology upgrades. inbound call through to its successful Whether it is used just as an overflow IVR or completion, whether that is the redirection for its SMS and MMS capabilities. of the call to an agent, the sending of mobile content, the delivery of information verbally or simply the ability to leave a message. Client Telephony Infrastructure (TDM/IP) Telephony Providers Platform Internet Connection Client Management SMS and MMS to Mobile Customer
  4. 4. How can we help? Your Business Call Management • Reduce your TCO and improve your ROI • All calls are managed in real time. • Inbound Call Management. • Online tools for planning and management. • Proactive customer offers and promotions. • Dynamic changes to match your business • Maximise existing staff selling time, better profile efficiency. • Can be managed anywhere, anytime via • Abandoned calls are managed in a customer secure web login. friendly manner. • Give the customer a reason to stay, hold their attention. Increase Revenues • Incentivise with mobile SMS vouchers. • Promote and educate with MMS campaigns. • Direct mobile marketing to customers who called you. • Build a database of mobile device numbers who have opted in to receive content. Take control of your customers
  5. 5. SMS Messaging Marketing Perspective: Imagine no more Deliverability: As 94% of all text messages are wasted paper on a traditional printed coupon; read, your marketing message will be seen by Imagine a low cost, yet highly attentive and virtually all of the subscribers in your campaign. personal way in getting your promotion out in the face of your valued customers. Qualified Recipients: Since your subscribers have opted-in to receiving your offers and SMS coupons are replacing the traditional clip promotional messages, you know they have and save coupons. Younger consumers don’t an active interest in your business, and your like to clip coupons like their parents did but products. they still love a good deal and they never leave home without their mobile phone. Now you can Flexibility: With text messages sent and reach them with promotions that they’ve opted received within minutes of starting your in for and send them exactly what they need campaign, you can use mobile marketing and want. for ad-hoc purposes, or sustained marketing programs. All this is now possible with SMS technology, which can help you to reach your customer Range of Use: Mobile marketing can be used base fast, easy and cheaply. One of the best for a wide range of purposes: announcing new ways to encourage more repeat purchases from product, one-day specials, new store openings, customers is to give them some current deals special events etc. Subscribers can be treated via SMS coupon code and make them ask for as an exclusive group for offers and information more. that only they have access to, increasing loyalty, purchases and speed of communications. The benefits of including mobile marketing in your overall marketing strategy are numerous: Other SMS Voucher & Coupon Benefits: • Excellent way to promote your products & services. • Generates you an additional revenue stream. • Reduced handling costs compared to hard copy tickets. • Reduction in fraudulent transactions. • Encourages customers to visit you if they have a promotional offer. • Real time reporting. • 24/7/365 support. • Reach 94% of the World’s mobile population. International - operation in any language with language of choice 24/7/365 support.
  6. 6. MMS MMS is a rich multimedia messaging technology, including options for audio, video, images and thousands of characters of text within a single message. Why use MMS? Mobile vouchers are usually used to generate sales, however other objectives can include: Increasing product sales is the main objective of MMS vouchers and discounts, but marketers • Product information also have a number of specific uses for them • Repeat business including: • Promote new products or service • New marketing campaigns • To introduce new products or services • Cross selling similar products/services sampling is the most precise way to get your new product to your customer or prospect, however this is expensive. MMS vouchers and discounts are an alternative. • Even if you are promoting an existing product or service or new, MMS vouchers and discounts can create a need or desire to trial a product to a new target audience. • By offering a MMS product discount you can capture your prospect information before a sale and increase your database of individuals for future marketing. • MMS is an excellent way to entice people to events, exhibitions or trade shows. The direct media and content allow for a personal look invitation. • You can enrich your messages with images, sound and video.
  7. 7. Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) An IVR, or Interactive Voice Response, is usual for consumers today. Most individuals get the ben- efits of IVR daily in their interactions with many different companies. IVR is used in industries like: insurance, car sales, banking and telephone services etc. A key benefit of IVR is that it is allows skill based routing to be introduced enabling callers to be routed directly to the most appropriate agent to take the call. This reduces call transfer times and agents are free to take more calls thereby increasing call centre capacity. This is enhanced still fur- ther by routing appropriate calls to multi-skilled agents to handle the more complex transactions. Reduced costs and improved service levels naturally result from these benefits either in the form of reducing the number of agents needed to handle the calls to the same level of service. Other benefits include: • SMS/MMS – Immediate delivery of customer required content • Quality – Each question perfectly recorded for emphasis and tone. • Control – Set up and administration centrally controlled. • Speed – Immediate data capture, reporting and email alerts . • Security – Tier 1 data centre and 24/7/365 management. • Pre-coded and open-ended response. • Routing by response. • Rotation of questions. • Replay under the respondent’s control. • Email Alert – Immediate flash reporting of events as they occur. • Voice of the Customer – access to verbatim comments. • Web Reporting. • International - operation in any language/ language of choice. • 24/7/365 support
  8. 8. TEXTMOBiLi’s Partnership Program The TEXTMOBiLi Partnership Program is a dynamic, efficient and cost effective way to work with TEXTMOBiLi. There are various options available with our service in a box methodology, which can be tailored to suit a specific country or region. These include the ability to have exclusive rights to sell all of the services available. The key benefits include: • Country or Region Exclusivity. • Full Technical Support. • Managed Deployment. • Intensive Training. • 24/7/365 support. Reseller Agreements • All system updates. Flexible reseller agreements are also available for companies wishing to resell the TEXTMOBiLi service portfolio to their clients and prospects. Full support and training is also provided, however access to the trained team of delivery professionals at TEXTMOBiLi is also available. Resellers receive no exclusivity and may need to work with Partners in particular countries. If you would like further details on becoming a Partner or Reseller then please contact TEXTMOBiLi 9 Devonshire Square London EC2M 4YF United Kingdom Tel: +44 020 7184 6901