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Poetry by Grade 3/4M, 2012

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  1. 1. This term grade 3/4M have beenlearning about different types of poetry. We have learnt about- • Acrostic poems • Alliteration • W poems • You poems • Cinquain poems • Haiku poems Joshua
  2. 2. Acrostic PoemsAn acrostic poem uses one word as a topic andyou write the letters down, each letter of theword is the start of another sentence. Jacob
  3. 3. FruitFruit is healthy.Red, green, yellow and blue.Unbelievably tasty. Some fruits areInteresting shapes.Tangelo, apple, banana and grapes.By Grade 3/4M Josh
  4. 4. BlogsBlogs are big blobs of writing.Log onto our blog.Of course you need to read our blog.Go onto grade 3/4M’s blog.By Domhttp://contact.global2.vic.edu.au/
  5. 5. AlliterationA sentence with the same sound or letter at thestart of most words. Percy
  6. 6. Written and illustrated by Dom
  7. 7. Written and illustrated by Sol
  8. 8. Written by Domand illustrated by Tara
  9. 9. W PoemFive line poem using the W’sLine 1 – Who (the subject)Line 2 – What (what happened)Line 3 – Where (did it happen)Line 4 – When (did it happen)Line 5 – Why (did it happen) Colt
  10. 10. F Frankenstein Found a frog in the Field At five o’ clockBecause he wanted frog legs By Clayton
  11. 11. H Heidi Hates ugly horses In hippy vans Hours agoBecause Heidi hates horribly ugly horses By Jeremy
  12. 12. Q Queen Eating Quails In Queensland At lunchtimeBecause it was quiet By Colt
  13. 13. T TimPlayed tiggy with tigers on tambourines At a Thai restaurant On Thursday ten weeks ago Because Tim wanted to tango By Dom
  14. 14. You PoemYou poems are when you state five facts aboutsomething. Ethan
  15. 15. Bear! You roam in the deep dark forest. You feed on frantic fish. You climb up trees with ferocious claws. You stand big and tall, never backing down.You have a roar as loud as an exploding meteor. Bear! By Ethan
  16. 16. Cheetah! You have a loud roar. You are fuzzy, brown and black. You roam around super-fast. You chew meat.You are the fastest cat I’ve ever seen. Cheetah! By Aharon
  17. 17. Panther!You have a frightening roar. You are hidden well. You are scary. You are skinny and black. You are rarely seen. Panther! By Jeremy
  18. 18. Wolf!You are white and black. You have tall ears. You love to eat meat. You live in the snow. You have big teeth. Wolf! By Jacob
  19. 19. Dingo! You have teeth like razors. You are a fast runner. You hunt in packs.You look furry and like sand. You howl like a dog. Dingo! By Cole
  20. 20. Echidna! You have deadly spikes. You suck up tiny ants. You are brown, black and white.You make the leaves crunch under your feet. You move very slowly. Echidna! By Colt
  21. 21. Cinquain PoemCinq is the French word for “five” so a cinquainpoem is a five lined poem.Line 1 – a noun or subjectLine 2 – Two adjective that describe 1Line 3 – Three –ing wordsLine 4 – A phrase or sentenceLine 5 – Another word for 1 Thor
  22. 22. Trees Trees Green, leavesSwaying, growing, fallingPart of the environment Plants By Thor
  23. 23. Dolphin Dolphin Blue, fastJumping, swimming, flipping Catching fish underwater Mammals By Thor
  24. 24. School School Big, smallAnnoying, learning, writing Teaching children Kids By Jeremy
  25. 25. Sun Sun Burn, hot Burning, exploding, pullingAttracting everything nearby Star By Tara
  26. 26. Pencil Pencil Pointy, woodWriting, drawing, colouring Used for many things Grey lead By Justin
  27. 27. Storm Storm Bad, blackLightning, flying, sinking Annoying people Hurricane By Percy
  28. 28. Sea Sea Blue, greenWatching, growing, hiding People snorkelling Ocean By Percy
  29. 29. Boat Boat Big, smallTravelling, floating, paddling Floating very fast Raft By Jacob
  30. 30. Anaconda Anaconda Green, huge Devouring, shredding, stranglingDestroying their enemy with venom Snake By Cole
  31. 31. Haiku PoemHaiku poetry is a very short form of Japanesepoetry. Traditional Japanese poetry had a totalof 17 syllables divided into 3 lines.Line 1 – 5 syllablesLine 2 – 7 syllablesLine 3 – 5 syllables Aharon
  32. 32. Tiger Eating fresh meatsFierce and terrifyingRipping and tearing By Tara
  33. 33. Manticore Raiding villagesScorpion tail and claws Ready to kill now By Percy
  34. 34. Lego Designing legoMaking cats out of lego Lego land fun house By Josh
  35. 35. Chocolate Ice-cream It is very coldIt is good on summer days It is refreshing By Joshua