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2012 Spring Breakfast Table Notes


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Published in: Education, Technology
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2012 Spring Breakfast Table Notes

  1. 1. May 8th Mentoring Breakfast Forum “Relational Aggression”Thank you for the rich and lively table discussions. Here are a fewnotes:Bullies: - Help them gain more empathy through role play - Widen exposure - Teaching empathy - Looking at the bully’s needs - They need mentors too - Help them find the gratification in “doing right” - Benefits of not being a bully - Improved social skillsVictims: - Not to cry (proven to reduce bullying) - Yoga breathing or counting - Discussing why they’re being bullied - Talking about hygiene  workshops and toiletries - New social activities and clubs mixing groups - Reporting to adultsKids In the Middle (KIM): (The observers) - Increase staff - Understanding fear - Changing norms - Not friends - Work as a group - Taught empathy