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MPLS.TV presents 78.5 ways to make the best of Minneapolis’s most precious resource: Summer! 
We've curated 78.5 events, festivals, ideas & secrets to help you enjoy every last summer day & night. Use the the #mplssummer hashtag to share your experiences on Twitter, Instagram, & Flickr all summer long.

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  1. 1. PRESENTS 78.5w ys to make the best of aminneapolis’s most preciousresource: SUmmer
  2. 2. Don’t waste your summer.MPLS.TV has curated 78.5 events, festivals, ideas & secrets to helpyou enjoy every last summer day & night. Use the the#mplssummer hashtag to share your experiences on Twitter, =Instagram, & Flickr all summer long.78.5 average dail temperature y in Minneapolis from June to September
  3. 3. 1 VisitMinnehaha Falls Home to numerous concerts, weddings, and many a picnic, Minnehaha Park offersa disc golf course, river views, limestone bluffs and trails. As if thatisn’t enough to warranta visit, how about a 53- foot waterfall? 78.5
  4. 4. 78.52 Como Zoofor donations when you visit, This zoo quietly asks which means that its FREE if you’re cheap! Check out some exotic tigers and maybe some sloths while stopping to smell the roses in one of Como’s parks.
  5. 5. 78.5 3 BYOB Show debuts and ends Art Show The Bring Your Own Beamer Arton June 25. Artists show up with their own projectors to display their work in a temporary pop-up exhibit in the Thorp Building in Northeast Minneapolis.
  6. 6. 78.5 4 TWIN CITIES IMPROV FESTIVNow AL I’m a crocodile! I’m a rabbi! And you stole my bicycle! Take a workshop or see a show at the HUGE Improv Theater from June 23-26.
  7. 7. 5Minneapolis Pride Parade The largest parade in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest drew 125,000 spectators last year. Snag a spot along Hennepin Avenue on June 26 for afront-row seat to the lights, glitter and spectacle of the Minneapolis Pride Parade. 78.5
  8. 8. 6 Cinema and Civics Labyrinth and Mystery Science Theater 3000? This summer film series has more to offer than just cinema gold: locally relevant social discussions, short local films, and musical guests. Bring a blanket and some snacks to Steven’s Square Park on Wednesdays in June and 78.5 July for socially- conscious entertainment.
  9. 9. 7 78.5 Buy IllegalFireworks fromWisconsin Everyone has a little pyro in them. Pick up something Captain Buzzkill Minnesota would disapprove of.Just don’t get caught by the cops...
  10. 10. Under wear 8 78.5Bike Ride Get naked; or, as naked as legally acceptable. Theskin-bearing bikers leave the Soap Factory at 6 p.m. on the Fourth of July. Ah, sweet freedom.
  11. 11. 9 Diamond Dog Eating Contest Diamond Dog: meat wrapped in meat; or, a hot dog wrapped in bacon. Watch contestants inhale as many of these bad boys as they can at First Avenue on the Fourth of July to win tickets and gift cards for upcoming shows.78.5
  12. 12. 78.510 Ten Second Film Festiv al Head over to the Soap Factory right after the St. Anthony Main fireworks on the Fourth of July to catch 100 films, each 10 seconds long. Enjoy a cold beer and celebrate our right produce and watch silly, raunchy, awesome films.
  13. 13. 78.5 Pla bean bags y atdown the Xbox controller and Summer means putting the Herkimerheading outdoors for some classic hand-eye coordination.Prove that CoD hasn’t killed your motor skills by joining a bean bag toss game at The Herkimer in Uptown. 11
  14. 14. 78.512 Sommerfest Minnesota Orchestra is stewarding “Three Weeks of Music Aplenty” from July 8 to 23. On their Peavey Plaza, the music is free before all Sommerfest concerts and after Friday and Saturday evening shows.
  15. 15. 78.5 13 Mill City on its 8th Live The Mill City Museum is putting outdoor concert series in an effort to represent five decades of Minneapolis music history. Theshows are spread out on seven Thursdays in July and August, each for only 5 bucks.
  16. 16. 78.5 Gastro Non 14 Grata Latin...what? Gastro Non Grata means unwelcome gastronomy. Gastro Non Grata seeks to exclude unworthy food, drink and music by hosting events with real music, real beer, and a really good food from Grand Cafe and Haute Dish.Hit up First Avenue on July 9 for a reason to end your microwave dependency.
  17. 17. 78.5 15ADAM GARCIa: Trust Me! An exhibition based on trust and deception... Garcia takes images his fellow artists have donated and stealthily reworks them in private in an interesting take on collaboration and theprocess of creation. The exhibition opens on July 9 and runs through August 6 at CO Exhibitions.
  18. 18. 78.5 Play BOcce At Nomad Need a little more stress relief than just a beer at happy hour? Hone your throwing and rolling skills at Nomad for the chance to win the Gonad Cup. 17
  19. 19. 18 Bastille Da y Block Party Celebrate the French by heading to Barbette’s party at Irving & Lagoon on Sunday, July 18 for bière, pommes frites et musique including78.5 Brass Messengers and The Magnolias.
  20. 20. 78.5 19Dakota Street Festivflute al Get jazzy. You’ve seen Ron Burgundy’s jazz solo. Now wander over to Nicollet Mall on July 16 for some real, fire-free jazz and local music along with food, drink and kids’ activities.
  21. 21. 78.5 20 MILK CARTON RACES Instead of putting kids’ faces on the back of themilk carton, Kemps is putting actual KIDS on theback of the milk carton. Check out these floating sculptures race on July 17 at the Aquatennial.
  22. 22. 78.521 PALMFEST live music and brews at Palmfest revolves around Palmer’s on July 23 from noon to 2am.The annual shindig finishes off the West Bank Blues Festival and once again showcases the past and present of the West Bank music scene.
  23. 23. 22 Bearded Lady Motorcycle Show Let your freak flag fly! Hit up the 5th annual Bearded Lady on July 23: enter your bike or just admire the cycles while listening to live music and revving your engine at the burlesque. 78.5
  24. 24. 78.5 23 Highpoint Free Ink without DayGet some homemade (well, self-made) art elbowing people at art fairs. Highpoint Center for Printmaking and Open Eye Figure Theatre areteaming up on July 23 to offer free screen printing and a Puerto Rican themed puppet show.
  25. 25. 24 Caffetto Craft Fair Who needs Etsy when you an go outside and buy goods from local artists? Check out Caffetto Cafe on July 24 for their annual craft fair. Be on the lookout for cat towers and coin purses. 78.5
  26. 26. BicycleFilm 78.5FestivalDo you love yourbike? Make it feelspecial by taking iton a romantic dateto the Bicycle FilmFestival to see itskind honoredthrough music, artand on the bigscreen from July 2521-24.
  27. 27. 78.5 26 Art Car throws candy? A Parade What’s better than a parade thatparade that throws crazy art into your eye sockets. Watch cars and bikes, ahem, mobile art, cruise around Lake Harriet on July 23.
  28. 28. 78.5 Spend the Da y at HIdden woods to find Take the adventure through the Beach Cedar Lake’s hidden beach. Take a dip in thefamous mud pit or play a game of rock golf with the self-proclaimed Beach Commander. 27
  29. 29. Red Stag Block 28 party Eat and drink until you’re fat and happy at Red Stag Supper Club on July 31. Oh, and watch some cool street performances by the North Star Roller Girls, dance groups and musicians outside at78.5 the block party.
  30. 30. 78.5 29 See some Hottea Minneapolis’s hottest street artist is a duo that has been working with thread and fiber to createinteresting and imaginative works across the city. Keep your eyes peeled for pink letters.
  31. 31. 78.530 LARP AT THE SOAP FACTORY Role Play. Get practicing! LARP: Live Action The Soap Factory and the Walker Art Museum are hosting a weekend LARP event July 29 to 31. Sew your outfit, dig out your rubber elf ears and LEVEL UP!
  32. 32. 78.5 31 RED HOT ART Art doesn’t have to be fancy schmancy:Red Hot Art is a grass roots art festival out to prove that art should be and is accessible to everyone.  Steven’s Square Park is taken over by emerging artists and musicians on July 30 and 31.
  33. 33. 78.532 MusicCenter offers free music followed by and Movies Walker Art free movies in Loring Park on Monday nights starting August 1. Grab your blanket and sneak some wine in for cheap entertainment.
  34. 34. 33Pizza farmIt’s really, really, REALLY goodpizza. Otherwise its devoteeswouldn’t drive two hours to anunmarked farm in Stockholm,Wisconsin. The farm grows allof its ingredients on-site, fromwheat to tomatoes. They onlydish out pizza on Tuesdaynights, so bring a blanket,utensils and drinks becauseyou won’t find any at the farm. 78.5
  35. 35. Avoid theUptownArt FairTraffic. Steepprices. Congestion.A million carscircling a one-square mile area forparking. Traffic.Clustercuss. Get asfar from Uptown asyou can fromAugust 5 to 7. 34Why don’tyou do oneof the other77.5 thingson this list? 78.5
  36. 36. 78.535 Fringe Festiv from August 4 to 14. al 11 days. 15 venues. 160+ shows 50,000+ tickets issued. Be in one of those seats and see uncensored, lottery-chosen artists on the “fringe” of performing arts tradition. Also, make sure to use your Fringe button for discounts all over town.
  37. 37. Manifest Destiny Do you have anything better to do with your time than compete in a western-themed bicycle scavenger hunt on August 6? OF COURSE YOU DON’T. You just don’t think you can win. We’ll see you at Loring Park at 5 p.m. Giddy up!78.5 36
  38. 38. 78.5 37 Eat from a out when there’s snow on Food trucks don’t come foodtruck the ground. Hop on this limited-time culinary scavenger hunt for the few months its available!
  39. 39. 38 PaddleBoat Lake Calhoun The biggest puddle in the Chain of Lakes is just begging to be explored on foot-powered plastic. Think of it like a bike on water, or an homage to Fred Flinstone.78.5
  40. 40. 39 See a Twins Game You can’t win them all, but everyone’s a winner at Target Field. Killer views ofthe city, peanuts and improved seating make watching the 78.5 Twinkies oh-so- enjoyable.
  41. 41. 78.5 40 Powderhorn 24 Based on the popular Milwaukee race Riverwest24, Powderhorn 24 is the first 24 hour bike race in Minneapolis. Find a team and whip yourselves into shape for cruising all around South Minneapolis from August 12 to 13.
  42. 42. Pizza Luce Block Party Hang out in the sun and await this year’s headliners: P.O.S. and Communist Daughter.Nosh on some delicious pizza and enjoy a few beers in Uptown on August 13. 41 78.5
  43. 43. 42 Sneak Into a Swimming aPooloasis from the It’s hot out. Pools are heavenly suffocating humidity. Problem: all you have is a deflated kiddie pool and it’s 2 am. Solution: find a big blue rectangle and get at it. 78.5
  44. 44. Ride the78.5 Harriet Streetcar Although it lacks a flux capacitor, you can still travel back to the beginning of the 20th century in the Minnesota Streetcar Museum’s 15-minute ride between Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet. 43
  45. 45. 44 SEA SALT as delicious and EATERYSeafood has a special double duty a reminder that some bodies of water don’tfreeze over. This seasonal restaurant is only open for a limited time each year. Don’t miss it! 78.5
  46. 46. 78.5 45 Japanese Lantern LIghting Learn about Japan at Como Zoo on August 16 at a festival that involves music from Japanese sitar and bamboo flutes, martial arts and flower arranging. Find your inner peace...
  47. 47. 78.5 Soundtown The Somerset Amphitheater in Wisconsin is reopening its doors under new management with a 46 two-day indie rock festival August 19 and 20featuring The Flaming Lips, The New Pornographers, Doug E. Fresh and a handful of local bands. Camp overnight and tube down the Apple River.
  48. 48. 47Give & TakeGive & Take thrives as anopen forum for a widerange of insightfuldiscussions. Its the kindof setting that combinesthe  academic with thepractical; a bit high brow,a touch punk rock  and universally rewarding.This is what high schoolSHOULD have been like. 78.5
  49. 49. 78.5 48 Eat Ice Creamery or a Cream Sebastian Joes, Pumphouse McDonald’s cone?  Doesn’t matter.  Ice cream isthe ultimate reward for surviving a hot day, and hot days in Minneapolis don’t grow on trees.
  50. 50. 78.5 49Jim Lupient W that. Park ater Who knew Water Park of America? Forget that Northeast Minneapolis was hiding a water park with four water slides, log water walk and water volleyball? You! Now go cool off.
  51. 51. 50 State Fair Eat . . . eat . . . EAT! EAT! EAT! Pronto pups, Martha’s cookies, fresh lemonade and most importantly, cheese curds.Get your nom on from August 25 to Labor Day at the fairgrounds. If you get full, you can also get on a ride in the Midway, check out some farm animals or see Def Leppard in the Grandstand. 78.5
  52. 52. 78.5 Critical Mass ride the last51 Stick it to the man. Join a ginormous Friday of each month at 5 p.m. in Loring Park to send a street-clogging message to drivers and demonstrate the joys of a pollution-free mode of transportation.
  53. 53. 78.5 Vali-Hi Drive In SaAAAaaAAAnnnndy, SaaaAAAAndy!The Vali-Hi Drive In shows three movies in a rowfor just $8. If you can, throw an old sofa into the bed of your pick up truck. Insta-cozy. Just don’t mess it up like Danny Zuko did. 52
  54. 54. 53 Take a Segw y Tour a reason toGhost tours, history tours, city tours...anyget on a motorized roller, put on a bright helmet and stalk around the city in a pack is a good reason. 78.5
  55. 55. 78.5 Canterbury Canterbury Live horse racing and poker make Park Park a gambler’s dream. For the not-so-wild betters, machines make it easy to place bets assmall as $2 on your favorite horse. The park also occasionally races ostriches and camels. 54
  56. 56. 78.555 get youranother man’s treasure. on yard sale One man’s trash is Nothing proves that conventional wisdom like wandering the haphazard piles of yard sales and bargaining for your prize.
  57. 57. 56 Rent a Camper Cabin Get away to the beautiful Minnesota wilderness, wooden bunk beds and a pyro-ready fire pit for the low price of $50 a night. Make78.5 reservations with the DNR.
  58. 58. 57 Bird Sanctuary Stop by the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden andBird Sanctuary in Theodore Wirth Regional Park to enjoy peaceful, mostly quiet (damn birds) beautiful scenes of nature.78.5
  59. 59. 78.558 Tin FIsh pavilion over Fresh fish tacos + a picture-perfect Lake Calhoun = trouble finding a reason to leave.
  60. 60. Lawn Bowling at Brits Pub Join a league or show up to Brit’s Pub on the weekend to play a game of no-skill-required lawn bowling on the roof. Just make sure you roll, not toss, the ball, or it’ll burst into flames and tell everyone your biggest secrets.78.5 59
  61. 61. 60 Babes In Bikeland Biking and racing aren’t just for testosterone-filled fellas. Babes in Bikeland is an informal race of ladycyclists on September 10 leaving from theSoap Factory. And no, they won’t be riding side-saddle. 78.5
  62. 62. 78.561 $99 Soap Factory Sale Hundreds of artists donate 5x7” works of art up for sale at the Soap Factory on September 9. It’s sort of like art Russian roulette: the artists only sign the back of the piece, so you won’t know if you’re buying the work of a renowned artist or a newcomer.
  63. 63. 78.5 62 RENT A CANOE Explore the river like Lewis and Clark with a canoe rental. It’s also a subtle way to give your date two tickets to the gun show. Especially if you paddle into the wind.
  64. 64. 63 78.5 Valleyfair No summer is complete without multiple rides onthe Wild Thing perfecting your clever souvenirpicture. If you can’t get it right on the Wild Thing, you can always try the Corkscrew or Renegade.We suggest getting to the park after 5pm for a sweet starlight discount.
  65. 65. 78.5 64 Take a PedicabMaybe you had too much to drink. Maybe you have a debilitating injury in your lower extremities. Maybe you crashed your bike.Maybe you are a kept man with a superiority complex. All roads lead to pedicabs.
  66. 66. 78.565 Uptown Market Sundays in Uptown brings in local farmers, food vendors, craftspeople and artisans. In case Whole Foods just isn’t organic enough for you, you can do your grocery shopping for some locally-grown produce from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  67. 67. 78.566 Renaissance Festiv 2, al Starting August 20 and running through October you can watch live armored jousting while eating a giant turkey leg. Wenches, knights and fairies really round out the raunchy yet whimsical Middle Ages.
  68. 68. 67 Lyndale Park Rose Garden The Lyndale Park Rose Gardenshowcases over 3,000 plants in 100 diverse varieties. Try a relaxing stroll or a picnic amongst thebeauty and fragrance. 78.5
  69. 69. Psycho Suzi’s 68You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you can give an old favorite a new location with a sweet patio. It’s still tacky. It’s still delicious. Now with closer proximity to an actual body of water in order to legitimize your ‘tropical’ drink. 78.5
  70. 70. Pla Disc y Golf 78.5 Love the strategy ofgolf but hate dragging around those dumbbell-like clubs and wearing argyle? Make the transition into disc golf, since Minneapolis has one of the highestconcentrations of disc golf courses in the69 country.
  71. 71. 70 Take a and Monday, you can Dam Tour If it’s between Thursday take a dam tour leaving from the dam UpperSaint Anthony Falls Visitor Office. While you’re at the dam office, take in a beautiful dam view and read some dam information. 78.5
  72. 72. 78.5 71Fosha Observ y ation Deck For almost 50 years, the Foshay Tower was the tallest building in Minneaoplis. Now it’s a museum with a killer view from the top deck. CHALLENGE: Can you count all of the water towers and lakes?
  73. 73. 72See a movie 78.5at TrylonCinemaCatch a classic film thissummer at the Trylon, amicrocinema with onlyfifty seats.Series this summerinclude Pirates!,Homicide, SoundUnseen, and TheDefenders.
  74. 74. 73 Bicycle Polo Who needs a horse when you have a bike? Minneapolis is home to an active bicycle polo league. Check out @pickuppolo on Twitter to find a78.5 game.
  75. 75. 78.5 FarmersaMarket 74 With one market seven days week in Lyndalefrom 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. and all day on Thursdays atNicollet Mall and over a dozen more neighborhood markets, there is no excuse to buy produce from anything other than a farmer in a tent.
  76. 76. 78.5 Broken Crow Muralduo who are Broken Crow is a street art Tour trying to reintroduce wildlife back into urbanspaces by painting crazy-colored, crazy-huge murals wherever possible. Bike around and admire them for yourself. 75
  77. 77. 76 Rooftop Dining 78.5 Maybe UV rays arecosmic seasoning or tree pollen is the new salt because food always tastes better when eaten in the great outdoors. And rooftops are just outdoors enough for it to kick in. May we suggest Crave or Joe’s Garage?
  78. 78. 78.577 Grill Outis a big roaring fire. Tame Nature’s microwave that fire with some coals, a grate and a sturdy grill. Then throw something meaty and bad for you on it.
  79. 79. 78.5 78 Guthrie’s Endlessso it’s a bit of a Bridge You can’t keep walking forever, misnomer. The folks at Guthrie are too proud oftheir architecturally magical cantilevered lobby tochange it. Still, it makes a perfectly magical place to watch the summer wind down.
  80. 80. 78.5 78.5 Land a hotGame ynx dog at the Enjoy a beer Target Center while watching Minneapolis’s lovely lady Lynx hit some baskets.
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