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  1. 1. Pavilions Introduction Map Events Transportation Place of Interest Shanghai Expo 2010 The Iphone App Provides Information about the expo Objective of this Iphone App To enhance visitor’s experience during their visit to expo. Users who have miss out the expo can use this app to get info on the expo. It saves tress(printed maps/ daily news) which results in promoting “going green”
  2. 2. Top 10 Pavilion All the Pavilion Pavilion IntroductionMain Menu In just clicks away, users will be able to get info on all the pavilions in the expo Information such as: Pavilion Design Pavilion Theme Pictures of interior Food in the Pavilion Queuing Time Merchandise Products Simple Phrases Technology Others
  3. 3. 10:32 AMCarrier3G P A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Pavilion Of City Being Theme: The City Like a Living Being.. Pavilion Of Footprint Theme: Footprint Left as a Result of.. Urbanian Pavilion Theme Pavilion Theme: Urbanian, City Being, Urban.. Theme: Overall Human Development.. U T Theme Pavilion B A C A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Australia Pavilion Theme: ImagiNation Brunei Pavilion Theme: Now For The Future DEVNET Pavilion Cambodia Pavilion Theme: Cultural Life in the City Theme: City Rescue and Harmonious.. D 10:32 AMCarrier3G Zone B Users can scroll down and view pavilion from all different zone.
  4. 4. Theme Pavilion Zone A Zone B Zone C Zone D Zone E Shanghai Expo 2010Main Menu The Pavilions Classified into different zone Users are able to select which zone they are interested in.
  5. 5. 10:32 AMCarrier3G Back Main MenuTop 10 Pavilion Pavilion ReviewTheme: The Living City, Inclusive, Sustainable, Creative Highlights: C-Shaped Structure National Pavilion Day: 1st July Pavilion Area: 6000 Sq m Location: Zone C Canada Pavilion China Pavilion Japan Pavilion Back Top 10 Pavilion Pavilion Features The Canada Pavilion is shaped like a looped ribbon or the “C”. Visitors will enter through an open-air public square, the pavilion’s centre piece, and then circulate through the larger structure that houses the public displays. drag drag Scroll down to select other pavilions. Pan After Panning, it goes to second page Queuing Time 3 Hr 40M Users can plan their journey better. Users can get info on any pavilion on the app in just clicks away. Refresh Page to get Updated Queuing Time
  6. 6. Q RW E T Y U I O P space @ . #+= AB C return A FS D G H J K L Z VX C B N M Key in “Singapore Pavilion” Here Shanghai Expo 2010Main Menu To Locate where Singapore Pavilion is: A Zoom-In Version In just One simple step, user can locate any pavilion they wish
  7. 7. Looking to collaborate with application developer, Matthias Melitzer who created Locr@tes. We are looking to integrate Locr@tes (GPS) into our mapping system. With Locr@tes With Locr@tes, you can look for expo volunteers easily and seek further assistance when you join the expo group. 姓名:张晓慧 来之:上海 1)You can easily connect with other people, showing where they are and what they are up for. 2)Only you regulate who can see your information and who is able to contact you.
  8. 8. Primary Shanghai Expo 2010Main Menu To check if there’s any Special Event up ahead so you will not miss out the fun. Visitors are able to pre plan their journey Hence enhance visiting experience. Get the latest update on expo in just a click away
  9. 9. TaxiTrain Bus Search Share Shanghai Expo 2010Main Menu Routes Fares We will be collaborating with Shanghai Metro to allow users to purchase tickets on their phone. Above is a simple animation of how the system work 1st Tap on the station you are at 2nd Tap on your destination 3rd Finally click on the fares to check your payment
  10. 10. Restaurant Shopping Mall Historical Places Place of Interest B A A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q Y Azul Restaurant Azul is a Tapas Restaurant.. Beijing Roast Restaurant None. Bi Feng Tang The McDonalds of Dim Sum… C RestaurantMain Menu Big Bamboo Sports Bar.. A great place to hang out and grab.. Sample search text Top Rated By Cuisine By Alphabet Most Popular tap The Restaurant are all classified to fit your selection Users do not have to worry where to dine Booking can be done on app as well.
  11. 11. Address:69 Jiu Jiao Chang Lu (Yu Garden) Phone: 61932909 Nearest Metro: Yu Yan Garden Cuisine: Neo Shanghainese Restaurant Description Kriston Shanghai – Yu Shanghai Yu Shanghai - Leading the Trend of Experiential Dining and Creative Multi-media Entertainment A scrumptious feast for all of your senses; a … You can add feedback or rate online on this restaurant. You can view other’s feedback and rating on this restaurant. You can your text your friends that you are heading to this restaurant. Restaurant can use our application as a Marketing Tool. Kriston F&B Pte Ltd (Our attachment Company) is being marketed on our application.