Manufacturing Partners, Inc.


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Overview of Manufacturing Partners

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Manufacturing Partners, Inc.

  1. 1. Manufacturing Partners, Inc.
  2. 2. Company Overview Founded in 2002 Operated as 2 separate companies until they merged in 2008 Located in Big Lake, MN Occupy 11,000 ft2 facility Employ Approx. 30 people Production Oriented Contract Manufacturing ISO 9001:2008 14 CNC Machines
  3. 3. Leadership Team Keith Klein – President Brent Knutson – Engineering/Estimating Manager Christopher Schneider – Scheduling / Assembly Manager Brent Betzler – Machine Shop / Quality Manager
  4. 4. Company Focus Production: CNC Milling, CNC Turning, and Assembly  High-Volume Production  Continuous weekly production  Short-Run Production  Lot size of 50-500 pieces or more  Bridge to production  Small lot size of parts that will move to higher production Most Materials; parts up to 16x12” and 2” dia. * MPI can make parts larger than these, ask for details
  5. 5. Business Unit Focus MPI operates as 3 distinct business units Customers fall into one of the 3 business units based on:  The complexity of their parts  Specific requirements/documentation/ certifications  Volume
  6. 6. MPI Business Units High-Volume Production  General Industrial Equipment  Specialized/Regulated Industries Short-Run Production  General Industrial Equipment  Capital Equipment Mfg  Distribution Short-Run Production  Specialized/Regulated Industries  Medical  Aerospace  Extra-ordinary customer specifications
  7. 7. Why A Business Unit Focus? Everyactivity/process undertaken is meant to support & reinforce that business unit’s focus  Equipment type  Equipment capability  Employee capability  Capacity/lead-time management  Amount of internal processes required  Etc.
  8. 8. What does this mean for You?  Lower Prices  By focusing on production volumes only, all of MPI’s attention is focused on delivering these volumes at the best market price.  By not applying any more (or less) processes than what you specifically require we do not make you pay for features you do not need.  By saying “no” to certain activities, we can offer consistent delivery and pricesBell Curve of Market Prices of production quantities.& MPI’s position relative toour competitors
  9. 9. Equipment High-Volume Production  Horizontal CNC machining centers  Pallet changing machines – operator loads/unloads parts while the machine is cutting  Swiss-Style Lathes & Twin Spindle/Twin Turret Lathes  The potential for “lights-out” manufacturing. Machines run bars of material with little operator intervention
  10. 10. Equipment Short-Run Production  Pallet changing Vertical CNC Machining Centers  Machine runs while operators loads/unloads  Twin-Spindle Vertical CNC Machining Centers  Machine cuts 2 parts at the same time  Bar-fed Lathes with Live Tooling
  11. 11. Equipment Bridge To Production  “Traditional” Vertical CNC Machining Centers  Machine doesn’t run while the operator is loading/Unloading  CNC Slant Bed Lathes
  12. 12. Contact Us Manufacturing Partners, Inc. 301 County Rd. 43 NW PO Box 69 Big Lake, MN 55309 763-263-9053