Wat we took so far


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Wat we took so far

  1. 1. BDS3 (First semester)DCP: Lec 3: Complete denture diagnosis and treatment planningDr.Ammar Lec4: Border moulding and secondaryLec1: preliminary impression and custum trays impressionLec2: Record bases & occlusal rim Lec5: Posterior Palatal SealLec3: Maxillomandibular relationship Lec6: Selecting and arranging of teethLec4: Articulators Lec7: Trial DentureLec5: Occlusion Lec8: Waxing and ProcessingLec 6: Preprosthetic Surgurey Lec9: Insertion procedureLec7: Retension and stability Lec10: post insertion follow upLec8: Retension and stability Prof. RaniLec9: Sequelae of ill fitting denture Art of history takingDr.Batool: Dr.Natheer:Lec 1: models pf periodontal diseases Lec1: Soft tissue examinationLec2: Clinical periodontal examination Dr.SheelaLec3: Localized periodontitis Lec1: Intro to Endo 1LEC4: Treatment of perio disease(1) Lec2: Intro to Endo 2Lec 5: Treatment of perio d (2) Lec 3: Pulp TherapiesLec6: Endo-Perio Lecture Lec4: Endo infectionsLec7: Furcation involvement Lec5: Endo InstrumentsDr.Omer LEC6: tooth morphology and accessLec 1: Intro and terminology Dr.HasaneenLec 2: Anatomical landmarks Lec1: Endo Microbiology Lec 2: working length estimation
  2. 2. Lec4: Extraoral viewsDHS: Lec5: Principles of RGDr.Ahmed Lec6: Detection of cariesLec 1: orofacial sensation Lec 7: R.G of perioLec 2: orofacial sensation 2 Lec 8: RG of apical tissuesLec 3: Pain 1 Lec 9: RG assessement of impacted 3rd molarLec4: Pain 2Lec5: pain assessment and management 1 Lab1: R.G and xray machineLec6: pain assessment and management 2 Lab2:Processing of filmLec7: TMJ Lab3:Digital FilmsLec8: L.A 1 Lab4: Extraoral-viewsLec9: L.A 2 Lab5:OPGLec 10: Mandibular technique Lab6: Practicing RGLec 11: maxillary technique Lab 7: PracticIng RG 2Dr.Priyanker Lab8: Bitewing+periapicalLec 1: growth and development 1 Dr.SuhailLec 2: Development of Occlusion Lec1: intro to forensic DentistryLec3: Assesment of Skeletal age LEC2: Dentistry and law 1Lec4:Study of Human face Lec3: Dentistry and law 2Lec 5: Malocclusion 1 Dr.NatheerLEC 6: Malocclussion 2 Lec1: Dev defects of oral and perioral struc 1Dr.Saad LEC2: dev defects 2Lec 1: Radiographic survey and localization LEC3: dev defects 3Lec 2: intra oral radio technique Dr.SasilLec3: Radiographic Anatomy Lec1: Intro to otrthodontics
  3. 3. Lec2: VirusesHB: Lec3+4: Host parasite interactions + control of microbesDr.Maha Lec5: HIV & AIDSLec 1: intro to pharma Lec6: TBLec 2: pharmacokintetics Dr.Hibalec 3: pharmacokinetics 2 Lec1: Fungal structurelec4: Pharmacodynamics Lec2: Parasiteslec 5: Kinetics 3 Lec 3: Mechanism of microbial diseaselec6: Drug Devlopment Lec4: innate and humoral immunitylec7: Prescription Writing Lec 5: CMIlec8: ANS 1 (PARA) LEC6: HypersensitivityLEC9: ANS 2(PARA) Lec7: staphylococciLec10: ANS3(SYMPA) Lec8: viral infection of oral mucosaLec 11: ANS4(SYMPA) Dr.NazishLec12: ADR Lec1: StreptoccociLEC13: Local anesthesia Lec2: Viral hepatitisLEC14: General anesthesia Lec3: oral fungalLec15: Anti-infective agent 1Lec 16: Anti-infective agent 2 (Last update13/12/2012)Lec 17: Anti-infective agent 3 Doha MohamedDr.Deb BDS3 RepresentativeLec1: Bacteria structure and classificationLec2: Bacteria GeneticsDr.NiharLec1: Intro Microbiology