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Wat we took so far


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Wat we took so far

  1. 1. BDS3 (First semester)DCP: Lec8: Processing of denturesDr.Ammar Lec9: Wax up of CDLec1: preliminary impression and custum trays Prof. RaniLec2: Record bases & occlusal rim Art of history takingLec3: Maxillomandibular relationship Dr.Natheer:Lec4: Articulators Lec1: Soft tissue examinationLec5: OcclusionDr.Batool: DHS:Lec 1: models pf periodontal diseases Dr.AhmedLec2: Clinical periodontal examination Lec 1: orofacial sensationLec3: Localized periodontitis Lec 2: orofacial sensation 2LEC4: Treatment of perio disease(1) Lec 3: Pain 1Lec 5: Treatment of perio d (2) Lec4: Pain 2Lec6: Endo-Perio Lecture Lec5: pain assessment and management 1Dr.Omer Lec6: pain assessment and management 2Lec 1: Intro and terminology Lec7: TMJLec 2: Anatomical landmarks Dr.PriyankerLec 3: Complete denture diagnosis and Lec 1: growth and development 1treatment planning Lec 2: Development of OcclusionLec4: Border moulding and secondaryimpression Lec3: Assesment of Skeletal ageLec5: Posterior Palatal Seal Lec4:Study of Human faceLec6: Selecting and arranging of teeth Dr.SaadLec7: Lec 1: Radiographic survey and localization
  2. 2. Lec 2: intra oral radio technique Lec2: Bacteria GeneticsLec3: Radiographic Anatomy Dr.NiharLec4: Extraoral views Lec1: Intro MicrobiologyLec4: Principles of RG Lec2: Viruses Lec3+4: Host parasite interactions + control of microbesLab1: R.G and xray machine Dr.HibaLab2:Processing of film Lec1: Fungal structureLab3:Digital Films Lec2: ParasitesLab4: Extraoral-viewsLab5:OPG (Last update-18/10/2012) Doha MohamedHB: BDS3 RepresentativeDr.MahaLec 1: intro to pharmaLec 2: pharmacokinteticslec 3: pharmacokinetics 2lec4: Pharmacodynamicslec 5: Kinetics 3lec6: Drug Devlopmentlec7: Prescription Writinglec8: ANS 1 (PARA)LEC9: ANS 2(PARA)Lec10: ANS3(SYMPA)Dr.DebLec1: Bacteria structure and classification