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Wat is included in midyear theory


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Wat is included in midyear theory

  1. 1. MIDYEAR EXAM MATERIALDCP: Lec5: Endo InstrumentsDr.Ammar LEC6: tooth morphology and accessLec5: Occlusion Dr.HasaneenLec 6: Preprosthetic Surgurey Lec1: Endo MicrobiologyLec7: Retension and stability Lec 2: working length estimationLec8: Retension and stabilityLec9: Sequelae of ill fitting denture DHS:Acrylic Resin Dr.AhmedDr.Batool: Lec5: pain assessment and management 1Lec 5: Treatment of perio d (2) Lec6: pain assessment and management 2Lec6: Endo-Perio Lecture Lec7: TMJLec7: Furcation involvement Lec8: L.A 1Dr.Omer Lec9: L.A 2Lec6: Selecting and arranging of teeth Lec 10: Mandibular techniqueLec7: Trial Denture Lec 11: maxillary techniqueLec8: Waxing and Processing Lec12: additional techniquesLec9: Insertion procedure Lec13: Additional TechniqueLec10: post insertion follow up Dr.PriyankerDr.Sheela Lec 1: growth and development 1Lec1: Intro to Endo 1 Lec 2: Development of OcclusionLec2: Intro to Endo 2 Lec3: Assesment of Skeletal ageLec 3: Pulp Therapies Lec4:Study of Human faceLec4: Endo infections Lec 5: Malocclusion 1
  2. 2. LEC 6: Malocclussion 2 c) Moyers AnalysisDr.Saad d) Classification of MalocclusionLec 1: Radiographic survey and localization HB:Lec 2: intra oral radio technique Dr.MahaLec3: Radiographic Anatomy lec4: PharmacodynamicsLec4: Extraoral views lec6: Drug DevlopmentLec5: Principles of RG lec8: ANS 1 (PARA)Lec6: Detection of caries LEC9: ANS 2(PARA)Lec 7: R.G of perio Lec10: ANS3(SYMPA)Lec 8: RG of apical tissues Lec 11: ANS4(SYMPA) rdLec 9: RG assessement of impacted 3 molar Lec12: ADR LEC13: Local anesthesiaDr.Suhail LEC14: General anesthesiaLec1: intro to forensic Dentistry Lec15: Anti-infective agent 1LEC2: Dentistry and law 1 Lec 16: Anti-infective agent 2Lec3: Dentistry and law 2 Lec 17: Anti-infective agent 3Dr.Natheer Dr.DebLec1: Dev defects of oral and perioral struc 1 Lec1: Bacteria structure and classificationLEC2: dev defects 2 Lec2: Bacteria GeneticsLEC3: dev defects 3 Dr.NiharDr.Sasil Lec1: Intro MicrobiologyLec1: Intro to otrthodontics Lec2: Viruses Lec3+4: Host parasite interactions + control of microbesa) Space Analysis and Irregularity Index Lec5: HIV & AIDSb) Bolton Analysis Lec6: TB
  3. 3. Dr.HibaLec1: Fungal structureLec2: ParasitesLec 3: Mechanism of microbial diseaseLec4: innate and humoral immunityLec 5: CMILEC6: HypersensitivityLec7: staphylococciLec8: viral infection of oral mucosaDr.NazishLec1: StreptoccociLec2: Viral hepatitisLec3: oral fungal Doha Mohamed BDS3 Representative