Why you should have a presence on Google+


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Google is one of the world’s top searched networks. Why not add Google+ to your social media strategy? Check out our infographic for more on Google+.

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Why you should have a presence on Google+

  1. 1. Perks of Google+ Google is one of the world’s top searched networks. They own YouTube, Chrome, Android, Gmail, Picasa, Google Maps and more. All of these products are widely successful and used by millions throughout the world. Why you should have a presence on Google+ Service benefits of using Google+ One of the best things about setting up a Google+ profile is that it’s FREE. If you already have a YouTube Channel, you can integrate the two accounts to showcase your videos. Not to mention any comment that is made on a Google+ video automatically transfers over to that video on YouTube. Google+ Hangouts work as a free webinar tool that is broadcasted live to both your Google+ and YouTube Channels. Last but certainly not least, is the ability to improve your search engine optimization (SEO). By connecting your website, locations, hours of operations and contact information, the data is indexed faster and has a positive impact on your SEO results within Google. Marketing benefits of Using Google+ 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. 80% of users log in at least once a week and 60% log in every day. Integrate YouTube Channel Google+ Hangouts Sessions Improve SEO Ratings Ability to format your posts Segment your audience Unfiltered Post Updates 1 - http://zvisual.ly/social-media-facts-2013 2 - http://www.google.com/+/business/ 1 500+ million total users. 1 +1 button is clicked more than 5 billion times per day. 12 Unlike most other social networks, Google+ offers the ability to format your post content in order to make it stand out. By adding a few punctuation combinations you can make your content stand out with bold, italics, and strikethrough formatting. When people follow your page, they have the option to add you to their “circles”. These circles contain segments such as, “friends”, “family”, “colleagues”, “acquaintances” and more. From here you can tailor messages to specific people, circles, email addresses, etc. Finally, posts within Google+ are more likely to reach all of your followers unlike on other social media networks where filters are applied to give advertisement posts a higher viewing. This is due to Google’s source of income stemming mainly from search advertising rather than ads within the social media networks. Steps for Setting up your Profile Set up a Google account. Create your Google+ profile. Add a profile picture and description. Connect with people you know. There are many more benefits to be discussed on the Google+ network, but this is the next social network to master for any social media strategy. Use this in combination with your other network strategies and compare the benefits mentioned above. 1 2 3 4