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LinkedIn Profile and Connection Best Practices


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Your LinkedIn profile is the first window people have into who you are, what you do and your accomplishments. Learn best practices for building out a detailed and LinkedIn profile. Once on LinkedIn, connecting and engaging is a key strategy to use. In this presentation, you will learn best practices for use of Status updates, recommendations, skills and expertise, Groups and engagement in general.

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LinkedIn Profile and Connection Best Practices

  1. 1. Founder of MOSTraining, Incorporated
  2. 2. • World’s largest professional network. • More than 400 million members LinkedIn Company Quick Facts
  3. 3. Do you know why you want to be on LinkedIn?
  4. 4. First Steps: gather you data Linked Job History Certifications Specialized skills Memberships Videos Presentations
  5. 5. The First Window Your LinkedIn Profile
  6. 6. Optimize Your Profile for Exposure
  7. 7. LinkedIn Profile Anatomy Professional Headline 120 characters Who are you? What do you offer? Custom URL Appropriate Photo Profiles with photos receive 14 times more profile views.
  8. 8. Make Use of Your Background Profile Image
  9. 9. Website Field: label with a call-to-action Use the ‘Other’ category to create a label as a call-to-action
  10. 10. Are you findable in LinkedIn Advanced Searches? • Fill out your Profile in detail. • Use keywords strategically but sparingly. Don’t be guilty of keyword stuffing
  11. 11. Tips to Improve Your Ranking in LinkedIn Search Results • Complete Profile • Current and past positions • Schools attended • Areas of study • Add skills • Use conventional job titles • Don’t get cute. People don’t search ‘cute’ titles.
  12. 12. • What you do • How you can help Accomplishments • Use bulleted lists Summary Section 2000 characters to say more..
  13. 13. Summary Section: include video and publications
  14. 14. Join LinkedIn Groups • Be helpful • Engage • Learn
  15. 15. Boost Your Professional Brand via Groups Choose based upon your industry and/or interest. Contribute to your Groups. Groups appear on your Profile.
  16. 16. Join the conversation and participate in Groups CONVERSATION TIPS Ask helpful questions Share helpful content Answer questions Be relevant to your group Focus on being helpful. Share content and questions that aren’t self serving. BENEFITS Showcase your expertise Network with industry leaders Boost your professional brand
  17. 17. Getting Started With Groups
  18. 18. Increase Your Visibility Status Updates * LinkedIn Publisher • Regular Status Updates • LinkedIn Publisher • A blogging tool on your profile.
  19. 19. Status Updates Tip: Plan status updates to coincide with your LinkedIn goals. Goal Examples • Gain visibility • Subject matter expert • Share information • Attract new clients
  20. 20. LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform BENEFITS • A blog within your Profile • Showcase your expertise • Content becomes part of your profile • Follow members NOT in your network • Reach a larger group • Build your own group of followers • Photos • Videos You have valuable experience to share and now you can!
  21. 21. Recommendations
  22. 22. Recommendations – reach out and recommend Be genuine and ethical. • Recommend people who you truly know their work. • Don’t ask anyone to recommend your work if they don’t know your work.
  23. 23. Show Your Strengths: Add Skills • Show your strengths • Keep your skills list updated • Reach out and thank people for skills endorsement • Don’t endorse people for skills you have not seen demonstrated.
  24. 24. Connection Strategies
  25. 25. Grow Your Network Business colleagues People your meet at events Connect with customers Use LinkedIn’s Advanced search
  26. 26. Endorsements - the mini recommendation Up to 50 skills can be placed on your Profile. Reach out and thank those who endorse you. Don’t endorse the skills of people you don’t know. Don’t ask people to endorse you if they have not witnessed your work.
  27. 27. Follow LinkedIn Company Pages • Stay on top of what your competitors are doing. • Great source of information for a possible interview. • See your degrees of separation. • Follow your customer’s pages. • Follow your vendor’s pages.
  28. 28. Mobile apps to keep you LinkedIn connected on-the-go LinkedIn App * LinkedIn Groups * LinkedIn Pulse
  29. 29. ACTION ITEMS FOR YOU Write your goals. Gather your profile data and update. Join a Group and participate. Start publishing your content. Follow Company Pages Create a calendar of daily LinkedIn activities and do them!
  30. 30. Let’s stay connected… LinkedIn: Follow on Twitter: Facebook: Subscribe to my YouTube channel: Web: