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Some SEO Copywriting Basics


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SEO copywriting involves producing quality content with the right keyword density and placement. Competent SEO companies provide professional copywriting services to enhance the online image of all types of businesses.

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Some SEO Copywriting Basics

  1. 1. Some SEO COPYWRITING Basics Tulsa, Oklahoma. Call Now: - 1-800-670-2809 Website: -
  2. 2. SEO copywriting involves producing quality content with the right keyword density and placement. Competent SEO companies provide professional copywriting services using the latest techniques to enhance the online image of both large and small businesses. Here are some of the basics involved in content writing for search engine optimization. Content: The content has to be interesting and unique, with proper focus on the subject. It should be rich with relevant information that interests the reader, with the main keyword well researched and used. Good SEO content writing assigns importance to other significant keywords that must be neatly spread throughout the content, while maintaining the natural flow. Title and Title Tags: A keyword rich title is important. It is also crucial to have the right target keyword in that can be included as the target keyword in the title. From the search engine point of view, the title is „clickable‟ if the number of characters used is within 72. is visible on search. This would ensure that the entire title The title should be novel and convincing to attract more viewers. Meta Description: Meta description tags advertise the content of the article to browsers. It‟s the snippet that appears as a blurb below the title. Ideally, this short description should have about 150-160 characters to be visible to viewers. This will help them understand if this is what they are looking for. It is also important that this description is attractive and accurate to gain click-through in search engine result pages (SERPs). Keyword frequency: This is the number of times the keyword is used on a page. If the keyword is used too many times, it would have an adverse effect on SEO. “Keyword stuffing” is therefore a bane that has to be avoided in SEO copywriting.
  3. 3. Page links: Adding page links are vital as it helps users easily explore your website. Use these links to provide the visitor with more information. The links also enhance the chances of your site gaining visibility on search engines. It is advantageous if the link is made early in the content and at every 120 words. Internal links preferably with a keyword is essential to link all pages in the content. An SEO company with its team of skilled content writers and SEO specialists can provide your business with quality web content. Outsourcing to the right company would ensure a service package designed to increase traffic to your website:  Content development  Quality web content writing services  Editing, rewriting or upgrading content on your existing website  Marketing copywriting including sales letters, brochures, catalogs, newsletters, press releases, PPC material, and more  Review writing Partner with a professional SEO company that provides customized solutions in fast turnaround time and at competitive rates.