Pinterest Marketing - A Comprehensive Strategy to Convert Leads to Your Customers


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Pinterest marketing is an effective tactic to increase the sales of a business. This article focuses on why it is considered so and tells about the best marketing strategies applicable today.

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Pinterest Marketing - A Comprehensive Strategy to Convert Leads to Your Customers

  1. 1. Pinterest Marketing A Comprehensive Strategy to Convert Leads to Your Customers Tulsa, Oklahoma Call Now: - 1-800-670-2809 Website: -
  2. 2. Being a popular social media networking site, Pinterest is on its way to evolve as an incomparable marketing tool. Not only does it provide several features for promoting products such as Pin It button, Boards, and Repin, but also offers an exclusive marketing platform ‘Pinterest for Business’ Page. The latest analysis made by BloomReach, a reputable data marketing firm shows that Pinterest traffic converts into sales at 22% more than that of Facebook. Thus, Pinterest Marketing remains as a powerful, yet cost-effective tactic for businesses, especially small businesses to improve their sales and generate better ROI (Return on Investment). Pinterest is a safe platform for online marketers to build trust in their customers and allure them to buy the products online. Imagine that you are selling jewelry online. You can pin attractive pictures of necklaces and earrings on boards in your Pinterest account so that your customers can be encouraged to buy them and your pictures won’t get shared illegitimately. Pinterest online marketing is thus emerging as a boon for online marketers. So, how do Pinterest-based marketing techniques help a business attain its goals? Let us have a detailed look. Drives More Referral Traffic Pinterest is one of the most popular social media networking sites which relies much on referral traffic (traffic that arrives at your site through a link or another website). The 2012 report by Shareaholic, a company that has earned a name for making content discovery and sharing on the internet quite simple and delightful for readers, points out that Pinterest can drive more referral traffic than that generated by Google +, LinkedIn and You Tube combined.
  3. 3. At that time, there were more than 10 million unique visitors for Pinterest. Now, Pinterest has declared that they have more than 70 million unique visitors as of July 2013. Hence, it is obvious that the referral traffic to Pinterest may have increased at a higher rate. Once a business website gets more referral traffic from a marketing campaign on Pinterest, there is a good chance that it will come up on the top search engine results and drive the attention of customers who search for a product online (if that business website offers such a product). Increases Inbound Links to Your Website Suppose you have started a marketing campaign on Pinterest. Then, each pin on the board will include a link to the image source. So, whenever someone pins your images, that person will link back to your website automatically. In this way, your website can earn a large number of inbound links. You can also
  4. 4. include links in the pin description to increase inbound links as shown below. Easy to Connect with Customers Pinterest provides an easy platform for businesses to engage with their customers. It offers the facility to socialize with customers (with ‘Follow’ option) and make them post comments on products. Another way to lure customers and increase sales is by creating boards featured for a particular group of customers. For example, you can find separate boards dedicated to document scanning, medical transcription, data entry and document conversion services on the Pinterest account of Managed Outsourced Solutions as given below.
  5. 5. I t is also possible to conduct contests for re-pinning an entry, similar to Facebook contests. Integrate with Other Websites Easily You can integrate your Pinterest account with other social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter and gain maximum benefits from social media marketing. This allows you to share the pins on Facebook and Twitter, which will drive more traffic to Pinterest boards and eventually to your business website. To share the pins, you can simply log into your Pinterest account with Facebook or Twitter username and password as shown below.
  6. 6. Great Pinterest Marketing Strategies to Improve Conversions Create Pins with Less Description – When you create pins, give minimum details so that customers will visit your website for more information. Use Rich Pins – Using rich pins (product pins featuring price, availability and where to buy; recipe pins featuring ingredients, cooking times, and serving info; movie pins featuring ratings, cast members and reviews) on your Pinterest board can help customers gather more specific information about your products or services. This makes it easy for them to make the choice. Rich pins also make the content engaging and shareable to earn more repins and likes and thereby increase the conversions. Have a Pin It Button on Your Website – Placing ‘Pin It’ button on your website will allow your website visitors to pin the content on your site easily on their Pinterest account. Reduce Price Occasionally – Pinterest introduced a new drop price alert feature recently. This feature will alert Pinterest users whenever the price of an item they have pinned gets reduced. People are more likely to choose affordable items. Hence, drop the prices of your items intermittently.
  7. 7. Even though these strategies are highly effective, thorough knowledge and research is required to understand which Pinterest marketing strategy will be suitable for your industry. The best approach is to get help from a professional SEO company that offers reliable Pinterest marketing services and effective social media optimization techniques. Such a company can provide customized services for your industry, monitoring its progress and taking appropriate steps for increasing conversions.