Keeping Your Website's Page Rank Intact


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It is important to be compliant with the frequent algorithmic updates of search engines. This article provides tips on how to maintain good ranking even in the face of algorithmic changes.

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Keeping Your Website's Page Rank Intact

  1. 1. Keeping Your Website’s Page Rank Intact Tulsa, Oklahoma Call Now: - 1-800-670-2809 Website: -
  2. 2. Any business owner with a website is bound to be concerned about the regular updates made to search engine algorithms. For example, the Panda update was a big source of worry for a number of web masters. These updates have considerable impact on the page ranks; and efforts made by webmasters to improve the web rank according to an earlier SEO trend may be in vain. However, there are certain things which you can follow to avoid the plummeting of your page rank. It is important to understand that each fluctuation in traffic is not the result of a search engine algorithm revision. These fluctuations are normal and can happen occasionally. Let’s focus on some of the ways in which the page rank of your website can be kept intact. In order to increase the traffic to your website via various search engines, you need to be aware of your targeted keywords. Before you think about experimenting with new keywords, you must know that the old keywords have already gained attention from the readers and hence, they might be beneficial for your website’s page rank. So, always make sure that you do not remove your old keywords. Although such keywords are often ignored by web masters as they are not well enough to attract traffic, such keywords acts as proof against these algorithm changes. There is less competition for such keywords and they can be really helpful in attracting traffic. Be focused on your keywords Long tail keywords might help
  3. 3. Less competitive keywords are not like the long tail keywords but are pretty good at enabling the websites face the challenge of algorithmic updates. Recruit content writers for your firm if necessary and update the blogs and other content on your website on a regular basis. It is important to show the search engines and human users that you are taking effort to keep your website on top and that you are regular on the web, which means yours, is not a spam site. Link building is necessary but backlinks are good no more and now if you try to get them for your website, make sure that they are from relevant websites, with high page ranks. Any link from irrelevant sites will hamper your website to a great extent/ you can also utilize several tools that can protect your website from getting back links from bad sites. In case you need constant traffic for your site, you could start using PPC. Use less competitive keywords Update content regularly Get back links from relevant websites only Make use of PPC
  4. 4. You must be good at promoting your website in the various social media platforms. This will not only win you more customers but also convince the search engines of your authenticity. Update your social media profiles with content and pictures related to your website. Be regular at social media optimization. Now it’s Easy to Regain Traffic! Don’t be worried about the lost website traffic and try out some of the most trusted ways to bring back the traffic and make your website thrive on the web. So, how is that possible?  Write some pages on your website targeting your keywords.  You need to keep in mind your audience and only then your website content will be appreciated on the web. Do not just write pages for the search engines’ sake.  Do not over stuff your keywords but use them smartly. Use them on the titles and on the various contents.  Make sure that your back links come from reputable websites.  Update your website on a regular basis and you will be able to see a positive difference in just a few days. If you follow the above mentioned simple rules, you will see the page rank of your website improving. Having a website is not enough; you should know how to make it a success on the World Wide Web. Social media promotions are a must
  5. 5. How Effective Content Writing Helps Being a web master yourself, you must possess effective content writing skills. If you own a company and have a website for the same, you may need to recruit effective content writers for it too. You must remember that if your website content is not interesting to read, it will not attract traffic at all. You should also have a blog for your website where you can publish content related to your products. When you have a blog, your readers will be interested in going through the same. You can also obtain the services of an SEO company that provides reliable SEO services to increase web traffic for your website. So, how can you make the content of your website attractive? Make sure that your content writers are doing good research before writing on a topic. Or if you are writing yourself, do not forget to extract as much knowledge about the topic as you can before writing. This will make your content weighty and interesting to the visitors. The contents must not be copied from other sources and should be absolutely original. Copy pasted contents will reduce traffic to your site. Try to maintain authenticity for your work. Effective research Be 100% original
  6. 6. You should be able to deliver the information your readers are seeking. Your content should provide all details about your products/services. You can upload articles, blogs, press releases, etc. Different types of write-up will attract more readers and they will be interested in reading the contents, which in turn will increase traffic to your website. Avoid jargons and use simple words in the content. The writing should be clear and unambiguous and be able to retain the interest of the visitors. Follow the above mentioned content writing rules, include good content on your website and gain attention from the outside world. Also, make sure that you give proper attention to your company’s website on a regular basis in order to make it dynamic and fully functional. Deliver necessary information Different types of write-up Be clear