Improve Local Search Rankings by Optimizing Your Business Logo


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Most businesses are unaware about the search engine optimization benefits they can achieve through optimizing their business logo.

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Improve Local Search Rankings by Optimizing Your Business Logo

  1. 1. Improve Local Search Rankings by Optimizing Your Business Logo Tulsa, Oklahoma. Call Now: - 1-800-670-2809 Website: -
  2. 2. There have been various articles and blogs about how to attract visitors to business websites and the search engine optimization (SEO) tactics that are used to fulfill those objectives. There have been many developments in the field of SEO following the strict content guidelines put forward by various search engines including Google. With search engines such as Yahoo and Google revamping their image search, many businesses focus on providing image content relevant to their business. According to SEO experts, there is one SEO tactic that is not well utilized or businesses are not aware of, and that is logo optimization. A well-optimized business logo can help increase search rankings and thereby bring more search traffic. Logo Optimization Tips for Gaining Local Search Rankings If you are a local business owner and want to gain more local search traffic, implement effective local SEO strategies that contain strategies for optimizing your business logo. Don’t forget that your logo is one of the significant images associated with your website and your business venture. So you must give high priority to your logo when it comes to optimizing images present in your site. Here are some basic logo optimization tips for improving your local search visibility. Inserting anchor text in your logo on different web pages of your business site that are linked to your home page can help in boosting your homepage relevancy in terms of used keyword phrases. As you can provide text to any image through ALT text, you can include a relevant ALT text to your logo and instead of adding a just ALT text, insert your business name or brand name.
  3. 3. When it comes to logo optimization, try to avoid inserting low quality content and keyword stuffing. If your logo image doesn’t contain any text or contains a single word then you can insert more words into the image itself, which in turn will help in extending the ALT text as well. To display your logo image in Google’s Knowledge Graph Box, you can utilize Schema markup offered by Google. By using this tactic, you can enhance click through rates as well as search engine visibility and thereby increase your SEO rankings. For added keyword association, you must ensure that your logo file contains your business or brand name. You can achieve better optimization if you link back your logo to your site’s homepage and make it a canonical link. You can gain better search engine optimization if you add a Title attribute to that canonical link and make sure that the Title text is similar to the ALT text. Effective social media optimization for your logo image can be done through popular social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest and Google+. Optimize EXIF data of your logo image and try to provide geo-location to the logo since Google, Yahoo and other search engines can now read EXIF data. In addition, you can include Facebook’s Open Graph coding for your site since you will be able to use your logo image in several interfaces contained in the social media site. You Need Professional SEO Assistance A professional SEO company offers affordable and customized social media marketing services. Reliable providers enable client websites to achieve more search engine visibility in local searches. Before outsourcing your tasks to the company you chose, make sure the local SEO services they provide are fully compliant with Google’s Penguin and Panda algorithm updates.