How to Get Amazon to Work for You


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Amazon, along with eBay, is arguably the most popular and extensive online retail site globally. Get your page to stand out on Amazon searches and enjoy huge business benefits.

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How to Get Amazon to Work for You

  1. 1. Tulsa, Oklahoma Call Now: - 1-800-670-2809 Website: - How to Get Amazon to Work for You
  2. 2. It is the pioneer in online shopping and the largest retail online property in the world. Getting your product up here the right way means a million eyes can see it, but only if you’re able to fend off the competition from other equally hungry businesses. And when you manage to pump up your conversion rates, it directly results in high organic rankings for your product or business in Amazon’s searches. So your Amazon strategy must focus on displaying your product as well as on the customer experience you provide when someone buys your stuff through Amazon. This affects conversions directly. Getting the Amazon Features Right First, you need to ensure that the various elements on your page and account actually facilitate greater conversions and higher organic rankings on Amazon. IMAGES
  3. 3. Let’s discuss images first. Now it is important to give the prospective customer as complete a picture as possible of your product. The physical appearance of your product is very important here. So make sure you have adequate photos and even a video or two of your product. It is important to post a minimum of five high quality pictures of your product. But before you think of posting just any image, remember that Amazon has certain guidelines for this: Amazon also recommends a size of 1000 x 1000 pixels for detailed viewing of the product The picture must be a product photo and not an illustration or drawing Around 80% of the image must contain the product The images must be placed on a white, plain background and should not contain any watermarks of text
  4. 4. Reviews have proved to be very important for influencing buyer decisions, which is especially true when it comes to buying online. Customers want to make sure they’re making the right decision by getting the product, so they would want to double check. The more positive reviews you have, the greater are the chances of more people buying your product. However, to get a review you have to make a sale. Still, according to Amazon’s findings, only around 20% of buyers think of leaving a feedback after they have made a purchase. So you need to make sure that the reviews that do come are positive ones. For that you need to put your customer first, as Amazon expects: REVIEWS
  5. 5. Amazon customers have come to expect nothing but the best. So if, you can ensure customers a good experience, it would promote customer satisfaction, which could in turn lead to positive reviews, and eventually, more sales. Remember that a saturation of negative reviews would result in suspension of your Amazon account. MANUALLY REQUESTING REVIEWS While improving service is the most organic means of getting positive reviews, you could also manually access your satisfied customers (not only customers through Amazon) to give some feedback of their experience using your product. You can also request reviews or feedback through the social media. Amazon does offer the provision of giving an unbiased view of the product if you offer them one for free. Make sure, though, that your request for a review does not sound like a plea for a positive review. Amazon buyers can leave product as well as seller feedback, so you can request feedback through your seller account. Reduce chances for negative reviews by offering the best possible service Buyers would normally get grumpy about issues such as late shipments, incorrect shipment, product displayed as out of stock or product not described well, and a return process that is complicated. So take care to avoid such issues.
  6. 6. Directing Your Mobile Users to Your Amazon Page Amazon could also come to your rescue in the event of your website not being very successful in converting mobile visitors. You could direct them to your Amazon page since using a mobile phone to make purchases through Amazon is quite simple. This will help increase your conversions and thereby rankings on Amazon. With an optimized Amazon program, your business can reap the benefits of this retail site’s immense worldwide popularity. Get the aforementioned factors right, and you can expect some serious traffic to your product pages and greater sales for your business. Professional SEO services can help craft successful Amazon accounts for businesses. An experienced SEO company knows the ins and outs of this trade and can be of great assistance in your efforts to rank higher in Amazon searches.