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Getting to Master the Social Media


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Social media marketing is a hot topic for SEO and Internet marketing firms. But all it takes for businesses to master this is a feel for what drives the audience and a good amount of planning.

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Getting to Master the Social Media

  1. 1. Getting to Master the Social Media Tulsa, Oklahoma Call Now: - 1-800-670-2809
  2. 2. The social media is where the world comes to play, make friends, and set new trends. Undoubtedly that’s where potential customers of businesses hang out. So it’s where marketing should place its focus. Social media marketing is something that can achieve results comparable to what’s possible with large ad campaigns. Planning for a Social Campaign Merely having profiles and posting would not deliver the results. Social marketing needs to be planned in a manner that will give you the most response from your potential customers. First, a thorough market research must be conducted to determine which social networks the kind of people you’re targeting frequent the most. You need to determine the image which your brand or product depicts and get your social media planning heading in that direction. There is nothing like the social media to help build your brand and raise it to the level of a household name.
  3. 3. Sensational Posts One of the factors making social media a powerful marketing medium is its potential to spread the word. Jokes, exciting videos, funny images and humorous or thought provoking posts get shared at an amazing rate, and in no time they become absolute sensations all over the world. A significant example of this is the short summary - that appeared in Facebook - of Sylvestor Stallone’s early struggles and rise to fame through the Rocky I movie. It also included a young Stallone’s portrait with 1970s hair style. It really was a motivational post and showed the importance and power of perseverance. In no time this became a sensation and people were sharing this all over Facebook. News gets spread soon too and many come to know of deaths, memorials or commemorative events through social media rather than the newspaper. Paul Walker’s horrific automobile crash and death was largely made known to one and all the world over through the social media. Images of the wrecked
  4. 4. and burned up Porsche Carrera GT in which Walker and his friend were traveling when it hit a tree and erupted into flames sent shivers down the spine of all who checked them out and shared them. It served as a reminder of the dangers of reckless driving. The point is, if your post is as thought provoking, exciting or news worthy like these posts, it would become a sensation. Since your posts could carry links to your website or specific landing pages in your site, it could really help increase traffic to your site. The more quality traffic to your site, the greater would be your chance of conversions and rankings.
  5. 5. Each Social Network is Unique It is also important to understand the capabilities and USP of each of the networks. Orkut started it all, but now the revolution is led by Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In and Tumblr. Content should be adapted to these networks or conceived specifically for each of these networks. Infographics and visuals work particularly well on Pinterest while Twitter works best for quotes and links to articles or blog posts. LinkedIn works particularly well for more value added and business related content, while Facebook and Google+ are more versatile and can suit all kinds of content. And let’s not forget YouTube as well with its massive video sharing capabilities. If you keep these principles in mind you should be able to exploit the massive potential of the social media and reap the benefits. Plan and execute – don’t do the latter without the former.