A New and Effective Way to Test App Features


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Innovative technologies and services such as Artisan Optimize are helping make apps more and more user-friendly. App developers now have a great tool to help them do their job well.

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A New and Effective Way to Test App Features

  1. 1. www.viralseoservices.com A New & Effective Way to Test App Features Tulsa, Oklahoma Call Now: - 1-800-670-2809 Website: - www.viralseoservices.com
  2. 2. www.viralseoservices.com Apps are all about technology and user-friendliness. App developers now have a great tool to help them do their job well. The Brilliant New App Testing Service Artisan Optimize, a feature that can enable retailers, publishers and marketers to modify and test iPad and iPhone apps, has been launched. Ecommerce companies have always jostled with ideas before designing them as part of their mobile website. Artisan Optimize enables conducting A/B tests by publishers, retailers and marketers on various aspects of their apps. It delivers various app experiences including changes in images or calls to action, trying out different versions of the app and then analyzing which one performs the best. The Test Designer Feature One of the Artisan features is Test Designer through with which app operators can modify or swap out images, layouts and text and begin A/B tests. Artisan Optimize then allows retailers to collect vital data for each of the experiments conducted including information such as number of sessions and users, the consumers who observed each feature split into percentages, and each group’s conversion rate. Companies can implement the testing service through an SDK (software development kit) which can integrate with the app. Tests can also be targeted by type and device iteration. Multiple kinds of tests can be conducted.
  3. 3. www.viralseoservices.com Charges of the Service The public launch of Artisan Optimize succeeds a private beta launch in September and public beta announcement in December. It has already been tried by around 100 companies. The fee charged for the service starts from a monthly charge of $1000 per app covering 25,000 users and 25 tests to $10,000 for 100 apps covering unlimited tests and 5 million users. Artisan has also added its self-developed mobile apple to the App Store of Apple. This app provides potential clients with the opportunity to demo Artisan Optimize. The app can also enable present customers to check out their app analytics from their tablet or smartphone. More App Analytics Services on the Way Artisan also claims that there are other kinds of app analytics services it plans to launch sometime later in the year. These innovations will enable app developers to customize or personalize the apps using an existing customer’s purchase history or past interaction. The developers will then be able to gauge the interaction of users with each function and feature present in an app.
  4. 4. www.viralseoservices.com An Example of a Company that Benefited from the Service One of the companies that checked out Artisan Optimize is one operating a website as well as a mobile app which helps visitors browse through photos submitted by customers of the view from different sections of the audience at various entertainment and sports venues. Photos from various events held at these venues are captured and uploaded by customers. These photos are then categorized by the company and shred through its app and website. The company really needed to have an insight into the way its customers employed its mobile apps. It wanted to know if uploading and sharing photos through its mobile app was easy for consumers. After deploying Artisan Optimize the company was able to conduct A/B testing as a result of which it found that photo submission through the app kept increasing at rate of 3% to 5%. They made the app that much better thanks to the testing.