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Mopan 2015-2016 Assessments


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Making good use of the 2015-16 report

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Mopan 2015-2016 Assessments

  1. 1. Making good use of MOPAN assessment reports MOPAN assessments of multilateral organisations
  2. 2. Multilateral Organisations Overall Context
  3. 3. • Generates • Collects • Analyses • Presents CREDIBLE information
  4. 4. 12 key multilateral organisations ODA
  5. 5. What do our assessments cover? PERFORMANCE AREAS Strategic Management Relationship Management Operational Management Performance Management Results
  6. 6. PRESENTATION & DISSEMINATION Institutional Leads Secretariat NOTIFICATION & KICKOFF Secretariat Chair of MOPAN PREPARATIONS & DOCUMENT REVIEW (including metasynthesis) Consultants Secretariat REPORT WRITING Consultants Institutional Leads Secretariat Institutional Leads Country Facilitators Secretariat SURVEY & INTERVIEWS Consultants Institutional Leads Country Facilitators
  7. 7. Who can use these assessments? Multilateral organisations Governments Local authorities CSOs Private sector MOPAN members ✓Accountability ✓Communication ✓Learning ✓Direction
  8. 8. What is next? Cross-assessment Report AfDB Gavi Global Fund IDB ILO UNAIDS UNDP UNEP UN Habitat UNICEF UNOCHA World Bank
  9. 9.  Access 2015-2016 assessment reports  Download the cross-assessment report  Learn about the 14 organisations of the 2017-2018 cycle  Find out more