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MOOCs' Next Phase: Global System for Credential Recognition

  1. “MOOCs’ Next Phase: Global System for MOOCs Verified Credentials Recognition” National University Technology Network (NUTN) Board of Directors Presentation MOOCs University (“MOOCs U”) 2014
  2. Table of Contents I. Introductions II. MOOC Criticisms III. MOOCs by the Numbers IV. “From America with MOOCs” V. The MOOC Opportunity for the other 94% VI. MOOCs University – VII. MOOCs University – Profile of Admission Applications from 58+ Countries
  3. MOOCs University Overview MOOCs Directory – Leading Online MOOC Provide Directory segmented by Market Segment Served: Higher Education, K12, Verified MOOCs, & Others & MOOCs University – Organization of Record for serious MOOC students, regardless of MOOC provider/platform & One of the leading MOOC industry Twitter News feeds followed by an organically grown audience of close to 800 mainly industry professionals
  4. MOOC Petition Join Us: Sign & Share with Others The MOOC Petition on “” thru the link below:
  5. “There’s a MOOC for that” • - – Higher Education MOOC Providers • – K12 MOOC Providers • – Other MOOC Providers & MOOC Resources • – ID Verified Certificate MOOCs by Price and Academic Subject Area
  6. II. The Very “Vocal” MOOC Criticisms “MOOCs are doomed” “MOOCs will divide Society: Professors & Screens” “Low Completion Rates” “MOOC students are only reaching top 6%” “Students don’t learn” “Even one of the godfathers of MOOCs has given up on MOOCs” “Faculty are fearful of MOOCs” “No Return on Investment on MOOCs” And many more to come in many languages…..
  7. II. MOOC Criticisms: MOOCs are for the Elite failing-to-educate-the-poor.html • Massive open online courses appear to reinforce the advantages of the elite • More than 80 % of MOOC students surveyed already had a college degree • Better tech access and basic education may help MOOCs fulfil their promise Educating the other 94%
  8. II. “Mobile Phones to MOOCs” • “The first mobile phones I ever saw were toted around by rich people on golf courses in North America. • Now, 30 years later, mobile phones are celebrated as one of the truly democratic technologies around, with the devices increasingly in evidence in some of the poorest communities in the world”
  9. III. 2014 – Total Number of MOOCs by Region • As of April 4, 2014, there were a total of 2,230 MOOCs. 510 European MOOCs with Spain having the most at 198 and UK at 92. 1,720 Non-European MOOCs with the majority being US MOOCs, but Arabic and Chinese MOOC production to ramp up in 2014.
  10. III. MOOCs by the Numbers • MOOCs 1yr Unique Registered Users Growth: – MOOCs Unique Registered users went from 3.6 million in 2012 to 9.7+ million in 2013 – In only 2 years, $200+Millions has been invested in developing MOOC platforms ( • Number of MOOC courses from 200+ in 2012 to 1000+ in 2013 to 1533 by February 3, 2014 ( • “Traditional higher education 29% ONLINE growth vs 1% in ON-GROUND” (
  11. III. Number of Users by some of the leading MOOC Platforms • php Coursera (US), which has 21,000,000 million users in 190 countries • visualization-tools edX (US) with more than 2,000,000 million users... • – February 11, 2014 - Futurelearn (UK) 400,000 course sign ups from over 200,000 registered users in around four months. Six of our first eight courses hit their cap of 10,000. We’ve now removed the limit on places and are seeing nearly 30,000 learners joining some of our latest MOOCs. • – February 19, 2014 – Iversity (Germany) European Online Education Startup, iversity, Gets 500,000 Course Sign-Ups In First 4-Months
  12. III. MOOCs & Return On Investment (ROI) for Universities, States, Governments and Students – MOOCs as International Student Recruitment (Online & On-Campus) Vehicles for US Government, States & Universities: • “International students’ spending in all 50 states contributed approximately $24 billion to the U.S. economy” ( Releases/2013/2013-11-11-Open-Doors-Data#.Ut6JFTMo7mR ) • BIS estimates that in 2011 education exports were worth £17.5bn to the UK economy 1081-international-education-global-growth-and-prosperity.pdf • Size of the potential digital education market in China estimated at £7.4 billion in 2012, which represented a 22 % increase from the year before ( ) • MOOCs Return on Investment (ROI) Example: Syracuse $28,500 MOOC returns $120,000 by converting MOOC students into Paid International/US Students coming to study in New York. Important to note that this is the ROI from only the “first offering” of this MOOC ( • Over 70% of US MOOC providers students and/or inquiries are from International Students: – 72+% of, largest MOOC platform, are international students. – 71+% of, second largest MOOC platform, are international students. – 70% of MOOCs University admission applications are from international students
  13. III. MOOCs & Return On Investment (ROI) for Universities, States, Governments and Students – MOOCs-based Degree Programs: • January 20, 2014 - Georgia Tech begins First MOOC-based Masters Degree Program in Computer Science. 400 Students. $6,600 vs. $45,000 on campus for same program – A MOOC savings of $38,400. If successful, they hope to expand and offer more new MOOCs-based degree programs ( tech-begins-first-mooc-based-degree-program ) – MOOCs as cost-effective International Marketing/Branding vehicles for Universities, States and Governments: • 427,000 have taken Wesleyan MOOCs. “If we spent $25,000 to market Wesleyan overseas, What would we get? Nothing“ ( -
  14. III. States & MOOCs • agenda/ National Lieutenant Governors Association Federal-State Relations Meeting Agenda - “Technology Issues in Today’s Headlines &Governing in the Information Age”…MOOCs • - Tennessee MOOCs: The MOOCs will be financed through a $571,000 grant from the Governor’s Innovation Fund of the Tennessee Higher Education Commission, which funded the development of several other MOOCs across the state in 2013. Increased development of MOOCs statewide is a part of Gov. Bill Haslam’s “Drive to 55” initiative to enhance Tennesseans’ access to higher education. • Feb 2014 - The state Chamber last week said it would like Missouri lawmakers to consider expanding online learning. In the Jan. 31 report, the Chamber said the state should fund a Statewide 100 percent online public school (MOOC School?) • Last year, Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed a law calling for MOOCs to be in place for high school students in 2015, and that those MOOCs provide credits that could be transferred to Florida colleges
  15. III. “MOOCs: The Next Social Network” • MOOCs: The Next Social Networking Platform. The HarvardX for Alumni initiative could pave the way for exclusive MOOCs • – Google & edX Open Source MOOC Platform Partnership. “Help educational institutions, businesses and teachers easily build and host courses for the world to take” • - Google MOOCs: Making Sense of Data • and including MOOC work in user profile • Facebook could become a distribution vehicle for MOOCs, says global policy chief • Facebook reveals online education app for Rwanda.
  16. IV. “From America with MOOCs” lead-expansion/#.Uwu0gDMo7Dd • Multilingual MOOCs expand reach of U.S. idea • U.S. phenomenon becomes international • Increasingly the providers are teaming up with international partners to provide original coursework in languages other than English • Investments in MOOCs aid growth
  17. IV. “From America with MOOCs” • courses/45595 Obama Proposals for Colleges Highlight Online Courses/MOOCs. – US State Department hosts “MOOC Camps” for online learners. State Department MOOC Camps go Global • - France's MOOC Platform "FUN“ – France Universite Numerique. French MOOCs • are-shaking-higher-education - China: Tsinghua launched its own platform, to deliver made-in-China MOOCs • - Arabic MOOCs Platform by Queen of Jordan Foundation to ensure that the Arab world is at the forefront of educational innovation. Platform will broadcast the best Arab professors to the region, offering original Arabic courses. • moocs-in-spanish/49897?cid=wc&utm_source=wc&utm_medium=enexico – Carlos Slim Foundation partners with Coursera to create Spanish MOOCs for Latin America and US Latino Market. Will use 3000+ Telemex Computer centers.
  18. IV. “From America with MOOCs” New Zealand - A “university” that will allow students to study courses from 31 institutions around the world for free online. Study online for free, using open educational resources. Get your study credited towards an academic qualification, while paying significantly reduced fees. Spain (UniMOOC- ) and (MiriadaX - ) Australia (Open2Study) – Australia Open University MOOC Platform. Brazil (Veduca) Rwanda - Kepler from GenerationRwanda is a Rwanda-based MOOC
  19. IV. From Higher Ed to K12 to Vocational MOOCs to Religious MOOCs a. France's MOOC Platform: … "5 million Euros will be invested in the Creation of MOOCs for Vocational Training" b. China MOOC Platform K-12: … SHANGHAI Education Commission working to establish Online platform based on MOOC model for Primary/Middle school students c. Israel MOOCs K12 Current Project with Ministry of Education: … In Israel, and in partnership with the Ministry of Education, 700 High School students (9th/11th grades) taking two MOOCs, Georgia Tech on Robotics & Rochester University on Astronomy..count towards their national high school degree d. Arab MOOC Platform: - Arab MOOC Platform envisions showcasing Arab role models by broadcasting short MOOCs by practitioners and professionals" e. Christian MOOC Platform: Regent University, the preeminent global Christian university launching LUXVERA™, meaning "light and truth," the new platform will offer high quality, Christian higher education courses online to anyone with internet access.
  20. V. The MOOC Opportunity: The Verified Certificate MOOC Credential • - EdX has launched a verified Certificate of Achievement to help you with this. Employers and schools sometimes want proof of what you have achieved in an online course; a verified Certificate of Achievement provides that proof. • certificates/ - Coursera hits $1,000,000 M in revenue through verified certificates from 25,000 signups • Futurelearn: Piloting features that let you take Exams or Buy Statements of Accomplishment as Evidence of new skills • Earn an X Series Certificate from one of the top institutions in the world. You must take and receive a Verified Certificate of Achievement in each MOOC as outlined by the school
  21. V. MOOC Game Changer -The $49 Dollar MOOC Credential 061100790.html;_ylt=A0oG7hEYU9pSmTYAt5pXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTExZnZqcGozBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMQRjb2xvA2FjMgR2dGlkA 1VJQzFfMQ The cost of getting a "Verified Certificate" credential from Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs) by the World's leading Universities at prices ranging from $25 to $195, but averaging $49 per course.
  22. ID Verified Certificate MOOC: Coursera Example
  23. ID Verified Certificate MOOC: edX Example
  24. V. MOOCs impact on the global branding of Universities • MOOCs creating new type of Global “Brand” Rankings with the number of students enrolling and completing their MOOCs • MOOCs creating global “Star” professors: – Tenure, Recruitment, Higher Value of MOOC-proven Faculty. • Universities starting to implement more “direct” control over their MOOC ownership, enrollments, revenues/ROI, completion and Global MOOC Brand Rankings: – Universities starting to use multiple MOOC Platforms: Coursera, edX, own, others, etc.
  25. V. MOOCs – The Next Phase “There is no system of credit recognition between different MOOC platforms the way we know it for instance when you’re on an exchange program with a foreign university.. Such a system would enable students to bring their educational structures to the Next Level”
  26. VI. MOOCs University – Global System for MOOCs Credential Recognition” MOOCs University provides “serious” MOOC students worldwide with a central, permanent, and free University of Record home for all their MOOC work, Transcripts, Assessments, Credentials, Credits, Student Support Services, and MOOCs to Degrees/Certification pathways with select number of Academic Partners - regardless of MOOC platform, provider or language.
  27. VI. MOOCs University Overview The Serious MOOC Learner Serious MOOC learners initially defined as Students requiring a MOOC Credential and taking the optional “Verified/Signature” MOOC Tracks, or the “Completion Certificate Tracks with Skills Assessments Verification”
  28. Requests for enrollment from 50 Countries MOOCs University USA 28.66% India 16.61% China 14.66% Australia 4.23% UK 3.91% Canada 3.58% Brazil Pakistan 2.28% Japan 1.95% South Africa 1.30% 11 Countries .065% Ghana 1.63% 39 Various Countries 0.33% MOOCs University – Pre-Opening Admission Requests from 58+ Countries
  29. What is the profile of the students from 58+ countries applying for admission to MOOCs University? MOOCs University (“MOOCs U”)
  30. MOOCs University - Profile of Admission Applications from students in over 44 Countries – MOOCs University Admission Requests by Country: • The USA is the largest single country-source of MOOC students, but • 71% of students requesting admissions are from outside the United States with India and China being the next two largest sources of student requests – Which Academic Program Areas are they interested in? • “26% in Business related areas and • 24% in Computer Science/Engineering related areas” – Why are they interested in MOOCs? • “60% want to use MOOCs Towards a Degree and Working Professionals looking to Update their skills” – How did they learn about MOOCs University? • “31% Referral by Friend/Family/College Counselor, or Teacher” – What percentage have taken or are currently enrolled in MOOCs? • “23%”
  31. Which academic program areas are they interested in? (%) “26 % in Business related areas and 24% in Computer Science/Engineering related areas” 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 6 6 7 15 19 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 Architechture Audio Literature PublicHelth SocialSciences Travel Chemistry Commuications Design Humanities Law Phyics Advertising Biology&LifeScience Economisc/Finance IT Languages Art Mathematics MBA Education Engineering Medicine ComputerScience Business&Management
  32. - A growing global MOOCs brand Why are they interested in MOOCs? “60% want to use MOOCs Towards a Degree and Working Professionals looking to Update their skills are the top two reasons cited.” 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 (%)
  33. - A growing global MOOCs brand How did they learn about MOOCs University? “36% via online search and 31% via referral by Friend/Family/College Counselor, or Teacher” 1 1 2 5 5 7 7 8 12 16 36 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40
  34. Have they taken MOOCs before? “23% have taken or are currently enrolled in MOOCs” 6 17 77 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 Currently Enroll Y N