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Make the Most of MOOCs


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How can organisations make the most of MOOCs?
Get beyond the hype and discover three practical ways to put them to good use.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Make the Most of MOOCs

  2. 2. WAKE UP TO THE POWER OF MOOCS High quality learning experiences* Low and even no cost Connect people and ideas to foster innovation *when they’re done well! Massively scalable Image by: Bethan
  3. 3. WHERE DID MOOCs COME FROM? The evolution of distance learning and eLearning Image by: /
  4. 4. EVOLUTION OF DISTANCE LEARNING Workbooks through your letterbox… Image by: gr0uch0
  5. 5. EVOLUTION OF DISTANCE LEARNING Instant content straight to any device Image by: tribehut
  6. 6. EVOLUTION OF DISTANCE LEARNING Remembering to set the video recorder for Open University shows at 3am Image by: College of William & Mary Law Library
  7. 7. EVOLUTION OF DISTANCE LEARNING Streaming videos, Google Hangouts and global discussions Image by:
  8. 8. EVOLUTION OF ELEARNING Spending all your money on mediocre multimedia Image by: ThinkPanama
  9. 9. EVOLUTION OF ELEARNING Curating quality content for nothing
  10. 10. EVOLUTION OF ELEARNING Stale scenarios and “click next to continue” Image by: ThinkPanama
  11. 11. EVOLUTION OF ELEARNING Genuine social interaction between peers and experts Image by:
  12. 12. HOW TO MAKE MORE OF MOOCs Curate free courses Make your own private MOOC Build a Marketing MOOC for customers and partners 1 2 3 Image by: >~FreeBirD®~
  13. 13. CURATE FREE COURSES Find relevant courses on MOOCList Market them internally Facilitate study groups to help build internal communities of practice Use them as free team development or team building exercises 1 Image by: estaticist
  14. 14. MAKE YOUR OWN MOOC Curatr is an innovative, cost effective tool, ideal for building MOOCs of all sizes Choose the right platform 2
  15. 15. MAKE YOUR OWN MOOC Who is the audience? Design the Structure What should they get out of the experience? How long is the course going to be? 2
  16. 16. MAKE YOUR OWN MOOC2 Mix your media – use video, articles and infographics Curate or Create Great Content
  17. 17. Help people learn from each other as well as the content Make it Social MAKE YOUR OWN MOOC2 Image by: Jose Ole
  18. 18. Curatr uses game like features such as points, levels, badges and leaderboards Create a Compelling Experience MAKE YOUR OWN MOOC2
  19. 19. MAKE A MARKETING MOOC Build stronger ties with customers and discover their needs in new ways 3 Image by: origamidon
  20. 20. MAKE A MARKETING MOOC Educate your business partners or supply chain and help them learn from each other 3 Image by:
  21. 21. MAKE A MARKETING MOOC Identify and connect with top talent to build your recruitment brand 3 Image by: rik-shaw
  22. 22. We can help you find effective ways to use massive open online courses We design and deliver MOOCs for learning, marketing and recruitment We also curate and recommend MOOCs relevant for organisations 1 2 3
  23. 23. MOOCs don't have to be Massive or Open. Learn more at or follow @moocpro on Twitter They're about creating rich digital learning experiences that work just like the web.
  24. 24. Learn more at