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Ihe digital revolution and the fecesston have failed to kill off the face-to-face event as a mafketing channel, according to new lesearch. Joel Harrison examines the results for an events survey taken in June 2010 sponsored by Marketing Options International

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B2 b marketingmag-eventsurveyarticle-june

  1. 1. I1 30 survey June 2010( WLTM: Events femain attfactive Ihe digital revolution and the fecesston have failed to kill off the face-to-face event as a mafketing channel, according to new lesearch. Joel Harrison examines the results he recession has had little impact generating sales leads which was cited by effective at targeting this audience. on the use of events as a marketing 53 per cent. However, surprisingly in the Conversely, respondents suggested that tool, or channel, with a third of current environment, building/raising events were much less effective at reaching companies ircreasirg t heir brand awareness was still cited by 45 per junior level executives, perhaps because investment in events in the last 12 cent of respondents as the most important this audience are less able to attend months (against only 23 per cent who objective from an event, which industry events. decreased it). A similar number expect it to demonstrates that events are not all about increase in the nexl year (whilst only l0 harder business objectives. A digital horizon per cent expect it to decrease). As regards to mea^surement of success, The surwey also confirmed that digital This is according to a new surwey by however, number of leads generated was events remain in their infancv in the B2B B2B Marketing, ln association with the most popular response (37 per cent) sector, with only 30 per cent of Marketing Options, which underlines the closely followed by number of sales organisations either using them regularly impofiance of B2B events, with just under ultimately generated (36 per cent). or sometimes. The largest group of 70 per cent of respondents describing them Events are most effective at targeting respondents (47 per cent) have not used as either critical or very important. middle-management employees, according digital events at all. This result is surprising given the recent to the results, with 44 per cent of There is much interest in digital events, recession and the investment in both time respondents describing them as very although marketers remain rightly sceptical and money to make events work effectively effective at reaching this audience that they will take over completely from the Also, the increasing migration towards Fufthermore, and very surprisingly given face-to-face varietSr Rather they will be a digital communication would suggest that the increasingly time-poor nature of senior different option in the fnture, suggesting face-to-face inreraction is guhg oul of management, almost 40 per cent of that the medium would mature and that it fashion. respondents believed evenLg remain very r.vould be viable ir certain instances. Despite this - or perhaps because of it - as demonstrated by the survey, B2B brands appear to be increasing their focus on, and Sponsors comment investment in, face-to-face events, rather than reducing it. Relationship buildrng is best conducted rn a person-to- According to the research, events take a pefson situation, says [ilah Walker, drrector of events at signiflcant portion of many brands Marketinc 0otions International marketing budgets, with almost 40 per cent spending at least a quarter of their total At a time where traditional forms of marketing recognise the value ol maintaining the budget on them. Almost 20 per cent spend are being substituted for digital alternatives, it communication with delegates after the event at least 50 per cent oftheir budget on is reassuring to see that face-to-face events still has finished to effectively nurture any events. whiist a further 20 per cent had no have an important role to play for the modern relationships developed during the event formal budget or were unable to disclose 82B marketer. Whilst the survey results clarify the innate their spend. With 92 per cent of those surveyed need for people to have face-to-face currently executing marketing events, it proves interaction and networking opportunities with Mixed event profile that relationship building is best conducted in a their peers or suppliers in order to secure In terms of the type of events used by person-to-person situation. lt is, however, business deals, there does appear to be a rising respondents, the majoriry fiust under 60 imperative that marketers and event managers demand to explore new innovations within I per cent) said they used a mixlure of arent complacent during this changing event campaigns. Ihis is particularly the case generic industry events (e.g. trade shows) landscape and embrace emerging initiatives to around the area of social media for audience and their own bespoke events (e.9. Iaunch ensure the best R0l from their events. generation and digital/virtual events for pafties). A third of respondents said their Face-to-face events a[e most successful securing a wider reach of audience. i focused on one tlpe or other: 23 per cent when executed within an integrated marketing It is those organisations that are able to ,I on bespoke events, whilst 12 per cent campaign that ensures that visitors are well design hybrid events that encompass both aI focused on general industry events. briefed and truly engaged with the message of the event. This also helps sales teams to be physical, as well as online marketing presence before, during and after an event that are rq Branding stilla key objective equipped with the background knowledge of likely to see the greatest levels of audience As regards to objectives for events, the each delegate, as well as the objectives of the engagement - and ultimately convert the most important objective was building event, in order to achieve maximum benefit. pipeline into actual sales. customer relationships cited by 59 per Furthermore, it is critical that marketers Li I a h. w a I ke r @ m a r ke ti ng - o pt i ons. c o m cent of respondents, followed by Fof mofe information go to www.b2bm.biz/survey-events
  2. 2. June 2010 Survey SPONSORED BYFigure 1. Figure 2.q. How important would you describe lace-to-face events as part of Q. lf you run bespoke events, which of the following your marketing stlategy? do you use? Of limited interest 4olo 100 lmportant 230/o I I 80 I 60 -c8)cgA o -c i: € x9 c .: - F q s> h; l9 F .! C0,, : q 3 6* !-9 .o* s :a P-.- F i .s* ir-E- * -E d coa sE€ Very important 380/0 zFigure 3. Figure 4.Q. How do you measure the success of events? q. Do you run digital events? Yes,we use them regularly 120/o Number of attendeesNumbet of sales ultimately (at conference orgenerated 360/o stand) 230/o To download the full fesults go to www.b2bm.biz/survey-results