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Manifestations of prejudice & Discrimination


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Published in: Education
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Manifestations of prejudice & Discrimination

  1. 1. Manifestations of prejudice & DiscriminationTEAM GROUP:MARIAM AL ALI (H00132772)MOHAMED AL HOSANI (H00202844)FATIMA AL ALI (H00236878)TARIQ SAIF (H00232679)SECTION: CETCOURSE CODE: LSS 2053TEACHER’S NAME: ALIX SUDLOW
  2. 2. Ableism ExampleMy friend is disabilities she didn’t complete studying in the school.
  3. 3. Why Her family can not afford the costs of study. SolutionThe government should provide budget for them to study and improve them in work aria Opinion She should try teach something from her family like reading and get some general information
  4. 4. Ageism Example:Government gives my grandfather a monthly salary called salaryaffairs.
  5. 5. WhyOld people can not Absorption. They forget quickly SolutionThey give them salary to afford Requirements of life like spend money tobuy a food or clothes. OpinionI think it is good idea because some old people can not working becausethey have a problem in their health.
  6. 6. Classism ExampleDistinction between urban and Bedouin. For example, my friend isBedouin and lived in a tent while my other friend the urban lives in avilla, and he says that he is better than his friend, who lives in a tent.
  7. 7. Why Urban people think they better than Bedouin becouse they live in villa Solution If they be fair with all people the classism will disappear because all people will be the same. OpinionI think all people should have same treatment because all the same if notthere will be problems and difference.
  8. 8. RACISIMExampleIn Europe has racism of black skin.
  9. 9. WHY Because they think badly of black skin. SOLUTIONInstead of the older people being a negative influence to the younger kids, we will be a positive influence. OPINIONI once thought that racism would stop if every person from every race think positive of the others and the views of people will change.
  10. 10. Religious bigotryIn Lebanon a lot of innocent people died in the Civil War because ofReligious bigotry
  11. 11. WhyBecause he think of intolerance and a means of self-defense andsectarian defense of self-love and Hating others. SolutionRespect for other religions and non-discrimination OpinionThat religious intolerance does not achieve a harmonious societyEveryone must respect the other for his doctrine to be a better life
  12. 12. SexismIf we were out and its time to pray, there are a lot ofmosques for men, but some of them does not have aplace for women to pray.
  13. 13. WhyMaybe because they thing that the women should stay at home!! SolutionBuild or customize a place for women. OpinionI think that the women nowadays almost have works and maybebusiness for that they need mosques.
  14. 14. ConclusionEvery problem has a solution so we should not bebothered and tried to solve the problem.