Hello meet MODx Revolution


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Description of new version of MODx CMS

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Hello meet MODx Revolution

  1. 1. Hello: Meet Revolution Why MODx Revolution is Relevant to You
  2. 2. The Evolution of MODx
  3. 3. The Evolution of MODx MODx Evolution fit a niche market - designers/ devs in tandem However, had tons of legacy code, cluttered, fast but not abstracted Hacks had to be done to add new features, rather than true scalability
  4. 4. The Revolution of MODx
  5. 5. The Revolution of MODx Completely rewritten OOP core, based on xPDO Completely redesigned mgr UI in ExtJS Over 3 years in the making More powerful, scalable, flexible API and core A solid foundation to build from. 2.x, 3.x! Targeted at designers/devs who want power and flexibility with ease of use
  6. 6. New Features
  7. 7. New Features Contexts ABAC Security Property Sets xPDO DB ORM Lexicons Custom Manager Pages Content Types New Resource Types Package Management MgrMgr in Core New Manager UI Custom Settings AND MORE!
  8. 8. Ground-up Rewrite xPDO DB Object Relational Model - tables are objects OOP Core, MVC2 standards Source-order parsing, flexible caching system Increased stability and security Much faster and far more scalable Rename core, manager, connectors, directories
  9. 9. Contexts
  10. 10. Contexts Extensible, can be used for multi-site, subdomains Language translation subsites Web Services Member only sites Restrict user editing to only one context Possibilities are endless
  11. 11. Property Sets [[!getResources? &parents=`2,3` &depth=`1` &showHidden=`0` &tpl=`blogPost` &includeTVs=`1` &includeContent=`0` &sortby=`publishedon` &sortdir=`ASC` &limit=`5` &hideContainers=`1`]] TURNS INTO: [[!getResources@blogList? &parents=`2,3`]]
  12. 12. Lexicons Easy translation ability for any Extra Easy manager translations Lexicon tags: [[%welcome? &name=`John`]] With the entry being: “Welcome, [[+name]]” turns into: “Welcome, John” Combine with Contexts for multi-lang sites
  13. 13. Content Types Add any extension to any Resource, will render with FURLs sitemap.xml, blogfeed.rss, style.css Can easily add your own Content Types
  14. 14. Installing an Extra?
  15. 15. Package Management Point-and-click installs of any Extra Install entire sample sites, core extensions, addons, translations Connect to modxcms.com, or even other Providers In the future: password-protected providers (sell access!)
  16. 16. New Security Model
  17. 17. ABAC Security Access Policies, Permissions, Access Control Lists (ACLs), User Groups, oh my! Add a custom access policy to anything Use custom permissions in your Extras Restrict nearly anything in the manager
  18. 18. Custom Manager Pages Out are modules, in are CMPs Allow you to place them anywhere Can use MODx mgr headers or be a clean slate Have full access to MODx API Can be packaged in to Transport Packages
  19. 19. Other New Features Custom Settings Form Customization (MgrMgr in core) Weblink, Symlink, Static Resource
  20. 20. Common Q’s Upgrade from Evo? Yes. But not as you think. PDO/PHP Support? 5.1.1+ and PDO required. Documentation? Loads. Far more than Evo. http://docs.modxcms.com/ - Official Docs http://api.modxcms.com/ - API Docs http://bugs.modxcms.com/ - Bugtracker
  21. 21. Timelines 2.0.0 RC-1 - March 23rd, 2010 2.0.0 RC-2 - June 15th, 2010 2.0.0 GA - July 22nd, 2010 All dependent on community involvement! Let’s get it out earlier!
  22. 22. How Can I Help? Report bugs: bugs.modxcms.com Help with Documentation! Promote it! Blog posts, screencasts, tutorials Translators needed Write Extras for Revolution Become a core code committer ALL ROLES ARE VITAL AND NEEDED!