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CDE Marketplace 2016: PacTec


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Presentation from PacTec at the Centre for Defence Enterprise Marketplace held

Published in: Technology
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CDE Marketplace 2016: PacTec

  1. 1. Marketplace 2016 Paul McCormack PacTec
  2. 2. SPIN is a unique technology platform that provides real time three-dimensional situational, navigational and positional awareness for the dismounted foot soldier specifically within GPS denied or ‘spoofed’ areas. PacTec - situational, navigational and positional awareness SPIN Squad Position Intelligence Network  Situational  Navigational  Positional Secure 3D Awareness
  3. 3. LocAlert – SPIN Squad Positioning Intelligence Network SPIN designed for dismounted soldiers operating in situations where absolute navigation and relative positioning to others is vital.
  4. 4. Success to date We have demonstrated: • situational, navigational and positional awareness in cluttered and congested environments to an accuracy of <0.5m • the provision of secure data communications and navigational 2D positioning, particularly in GPS weak / denied areas • an improvement in geolocation reliability for the soldier deployed on foot in a localised radio- hostile environment
  5. 5. What next? Enhance current methodology to provide enhanced ground-team and multi-local environment intelligence. Development features: • personal awareness and direction facing functions • voice and grid reference data generation for emergency response teams
  6. 6. We’re looking for… • partners to accelerate the commercialisation of the SPIN technology to military and civilian markets - target is 2018 • further technology-sharing opportunities and/or financial support as our research and development proceeds
  7. 7. Contact CONSENS - situational, navigational and positional awareness PacTec Pairc Sheain Mhic Choileain Mullavat Road Newry N. Ireland BT34 2QB tel +44 (0)2830261925 mobile +44 (0)7872837939