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Photos for Being Human Gallery


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The Being Human gallery in the Perot Museum of Nature & Science, which will open in early 2013, will help people understand what aging is and why it happens. And we need your help to provide real-life examples of different life stages.

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Photos for Being Human Gallery

  1. 1. Do you know someone whose face tells the story of a long and interesting life? Were lookingfor portrait subjects to feature in the BEING HUMAN gallery of the new Perot Museum ofNature & Science.From the moment were born until the time we die, our bodies undergo tremendoustransformations. Its striking to compare someones baby photos with pictures of him or herjust five or ten years later. And the change in appearance between young adulthood and anolder age is equally dramatic. In the exhibit, visitors will see twelve beautiful studio portraits ofDallas citizens holding images of their earlier selves. Illustrating the intricate process of growingolder, one person might hold up a photo of herself as an infant, while another might show us aportrait of himself during his rebellious teen years. A tabletop graphic in front of the portraitscalls out milestones of aging, and a nearby computer component explores the science of aging:what is it, and why does it happen?We need a diverse range of individuals who have photos from their earlier lives and who arewilling to sit for a new portrait in the autumn.If you or someone you know is interested, please send your submissions to Rebecca Martinez