Double Dino Deal


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The Museum of Nature & Science is launching a double dinosaur deal that offers a comprehensive look at the Mesozoic Era, through the opening of a new dinosaur exhibit, Chinasaurs, and accompanying IMAX® film, Sea Rex: Journey to a Prehistoric World. Both open May 26 at the Museum’s Fair Park location and will run until September 5.

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Double Dino Deal

  1. 1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Jennifer Whitus, Communications Manager 214-426-4629 jwhitus@natureandscience.orgMNS Unveils a New Dynasty of Dinosaurs Chinasaurs Exhibit and Sea Rex IMAX® Film Open May 26 for short summer run at Museum of Nature & Science DALLAS (May 26, 2011) – The Museum of Nature & Science is launching a doubledinosaur deal that offers a comprehensive look at the Mesozoic Era, through the openingof a new dinosaur exhibit, Chinasaurs, and accompanying IMAX® film, Sea Rex:Journey to a Prehistoric World. Both open May 26 at the Museum’s Fair Park locationand will run until September 5. This summer at the Museum of Nature & Science in Fair Park the intrigue of theprehistoric past collides with the mysticism of the Far East in an exciting new dinosaurexperience, Chinasaurs. The latest dinosaur discoveries, the newest species and themost-recent evolutionary theories all come from China, and they are celebrated inChinasaurs’ interactive displays. Chinasaurs focuses on recent, thought-provokingdiscoveries from China, the current “hot spot” in the field of paleontology. Dinosaurslike T.rex and Triceratops are household names, but their Asian dino-cousins likeMamenchisaurus and Jingshanosaurus are just as scientifically fascinating and important,as well as more recently-identified. “It’s actually the discoveries made in China that establish the exciting new linksbetween dinosaurs and birds – several feathered dinosaur species were recovered and cont.
  2. 2. Chinasaurs, page 2identified during digs in the Far East,” says Dr. Tony Fiorillo, curator of Earth sciencesand chief paleontologist for the Museum. “Over the last few decades the study ofChinese dinosaurs has skyrocketed. The reasons for escalation in global stature stemfrom a commitment by the government to investigate vast regions of previouslyunexplored rocks in China, combined with discoveries of exquisitely preserved dinosaurremains.” These remains are painstakingly recreated in Chinasaurs through more than 20 full-scale dinosaur skeletons – up to 42 feet long – and fossilized dinosaur nests and eggs. Inaddition, five animatronic Chinasaurs bring the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous Periodsto life. Visitors will meet Mamenchisaurus, the longest-necked dinosaur everdiscovered, the 42-foot-long Jingshanosaurus and the spike-backed Tuojiangosaurusamong many others. “This is a unique chance to simultaneously experience another culture and anothertime,” says Paul Vinson, director of exhibits at MNS. “With Chinasaurs, you’llexperience whole new breeds of dinosaurs that have new things to teach us and beautiful,exotic new names.” The Museum is pairing Chinasaurs with the IMAX® film, Sea Rex: Journey to aPrehistoric World, to introduce visitors to the Chinasaurs’ ocean-dwelling counterparts.This Double Dino Package offers a more complete look at life in the Mesozoic Era, andoffers price reduction when tickets for both shows are purchased together. Sea Rex takes place during a tour of a modern-day aquatic center. Soon the moviewhisks audiences back through the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods to discovercreatures like the powerful Liopleurodon, the long-necked Elasmosaurus, the “eye-lizard” Ophthalmosaurus, the ferocious Prognathodon and the massive Shonisaurus. Along with the Double Dino Package, the Museum of Nature & Science will offermembership specials, thematic birthday parties and an after-hours, adults-only Beer &Bones Chinese-style party on June 16 to celebrate the landmark display. cont.
  3. 3. Chinasaurs, page 3 Chinasaurs is a traveling exhibit that will be on display in the MNS ScienceBuilding at 1318 S. 2nd Avenue in Fair Park from May 26, 2011 through September 5,2011. Admission to the exhibit requires an additional fee, but covers all MNS exhibitsand galleries. MNS members receive reduced admission prices. Chinasaurs admissionis $15 for adults (18-61); $14 for seniors (62+) and students (12-17); $12 for children(2-11). Admission for MNS members of all ages is $1. Children under 2 are admittedfree. Sea Rex and all other IMAX® films also require separate ticket purchases. Ticketsfor the TI Founders’ IMAX® Theater are $7 for Adults and $6 for Students, Seniors, andChildren ages 2-11; Children under 2 are free; Museum members receive a $1 discounton all IMAX® tickets. By pairing both the exhibit and film together, Museum-goers can save money as theyexperience the full reach of MNS’ prehistoric adventures. The non-member cost for theDouble Dino Deal is $21 for adults 18-61, $17 for children 2-11 and $19 for bothstudents (12-17) and seniors (62+). Members have access to even greater savings on theDouble Dino Deal, paying only $9 for adults and $8 for children, students and seniors.Members are also eligible for special advance showings and exclusive events. The Museum is also offering a Chinasaurs membership special. Join, upgrade orrenew a Family or Family Plus membership during Chinasaurs, and receive freedinosaur visors (while supplies last), free passes to Chinasaurs, and exclusive offers fordinosaur-themed birthday parties. Offers vary based on level of membership. But, likeall members, those who join during Chinasaurs will enjoy free admission to the museumgeneral exhibits, guest passes to the IMAX® and Planetarium shows, access to specialmember-only events and discounts on traveling exhibits. Museum-goers can save time and avoid lines by buying advance tickets online Tickets are also available at any MNS box office during extendedsummer Museum hours May 28-September 5: Monday – Saturday 9:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.and Sunday noon - 6 p.m. Further information is available by calling 214-428-5555 orvisiting the Museum online at
  4. 4. ###About the Museum of Nature & ScienceThe Museum of Nature & Science – the result of a unique merger in 2006 between theDallas Museum of Natural History, The Science Place and the Dallas Childrens Museum– is an AAM- accredited non-profit educational organization located in Dallass FairPark. In support of its mission to inspire minds through nature and science, the museumdelivers exciting, engaging and innovative visitor experiences through its education,exhibition, and research and collections programming for children, students, teachers,families and life-long learners. The facility also includes the TI Founders IMAX®Theater and a cutting-edge digital planetarium. The Museum of Nature & Science issupported in part by funds from the City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs, the TexasCommission on the Arts and HP. The Museum of Nature & Science also is building anew $185-million museum on a 4.7-acre site in Victory Park to complement the Fair Parkfacilities. To learn more about the Museum of Nature & Science, please