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Case Studies Banking - by MNI - The Targeted Marketing Division of Time Inc.


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Case Studies Banking - by MNI - The Targeted Marketing Division of Time Inc.

  1. 1. MNI Advertising PartnersBanking
  2. 2. Case Study California and Nevada Credit League Challenge To increase awareness of credit unions in general, and to educate adults on how credit unions can be a good alternative to larger banks. MNI Solution MNI’s ability to reach “influencers,” business leaders as well as educated adults, in the MNI Business and MNI News magazines provided a cost effective media plan. Result The California and Nevada Credit League is very pleased with the MNI program. The editorial environment provides a perfect location for their message in just the markets they need to drive business.
  3. 3. Case Study Community Bank/First Liberty Challenge Promote both consumer banking lines (mortgage and home equity), as well as business banking, to their somewhat “rural” footprint. MNI Solution MNI Digital recommended and implemented various AOL channels, combined with ZIP code-targeting, to overcome the geographical challenge. Different creative was used based on ZIP codes to identify branches in New York as Community Bank, and branches in Pennsylvania as First Liberty. The consumer campaign was behaviorally targeted to homeowners and also ran on AOL News and Real Estate, while the business campaign utilized AOL News and AOL Money and Finance placements. Result The client was very happy with the initial digital campaign, and is planning to expand their initiative by adding a digital ad network with ZIP code and behavioral targeting.
  4. 4. Case Study Country Financial Challenge Reach key Prizm Clusters in a large footprint, to promote branding messages for their financial planning business. In addition to national sites, Country Financial needed to have a big presence on local sites in over 25 markets. The program needed to be planned by market, based on budget levels. MNI Solution MNI developed a two-tier program–including national sites with behavioral targeting and premier local sites─that effectively reached Country Financial’s key targets. Each of the 25 plans was developed based on market lifestyle habits, and top performing sites. Result The program has been successful for the past two years, delivering above-industry standard in click-through rate. The geo-targeted national sites with behavioral targeting reach their target audience and drive Country Financial’s branding message to new prospects. Country Financial continues to add additional campaign initiatives during the year.
  5. 5. Case Study Fidelity Challenge To reach affluent, college-educated women with young children who may be interested in college savings plans. The client also wanted the ability to measure results by market. MNI Solution The MNI Family and MNI News magazine packages, combined with Real Simple, provided Fidelity with a powerful way to reach their target audience. A Business Reply Card, coded by market and month, was a simple solution that provided reliable tracking information. Result The program has been very successful in generating awareness and leads, and Fidelity has been investing with MNI for the past nine years.
  6. 6. Case Study First Tennessee Bank MNI Solution To the left is an example of a banner campaign MNI Digital placed in market for First Tennessee Bank. These banners were presented online to users with the ability to enter a game that would pay them $1,000 a month for life. Through our targeting expertise, MNI Digital helped place these banners in the most engaging environments, which led to consumer interaction with the Game of Life promotion and the brand. These banners played on the familiarity of the popular board game Life, and the incentive to win cash prizes that helped lead to a good market response.
  7. 7. Case Study M&I Bank Challenge M&I Bank needed to execute a retail campaign, promoting a new product offering and quickly increasing all deposits. They needed a local-site partner to manage their complex needs in over 15 markets, with 2-3 sites per market, featuring different creative. MNI Solution Having partnered with MNI in the past, they knew they could count on us to deliver. They handed over the complex details of this local-site campaign, and put our proprietary local-site expertise to work. We helped them secure high-quality placements on top local sites that provided them with premium exposure and guaranteed delivery. Result The campaign has been a huge success and M&I Bank has seen an increase in deposits. The quote from the Marketing Manager says it all: “Thanks to you and your team for navigating these changes. We are so appreciative of the quick turnaround on all of our requests, as well as being able to keep all campaign elements intact. We shared the final online schedule/results with several of our retail product managers and they were very pleased. I have great confidence whenever MNI is involved in our media campaigns, as I know you are professionals from start to finish. Thank you!”
  8. 8. Case Study PNC Challenge To develop a custom, localized magazine advertising campaign to increase brand market acquisition for PNC, and promote business banking in geo-targeted locations. To increase wealth management clients, and build awareness of charities, including Grow Up Great. MNI Solution For the past 18 years, MNI has conveyed PNC’s corporate message with more than 550 pages of geo-targeted advertising. MNIs local market expertise consistently provides PNC with creative, efficient, and effective targeted advertising that meets their specific objectives. Result Partnering with MNI has led PNC to be featured in more than 20 of the nation’s most prestigious magazines, building brand awareness and increasing business. MNI continues to meet PNC’s diverse goals year-after-year, and continually builds on the products and services offered.
  9. 9. Case Study TD Banknorth Challenge To launch TD Banknorth in the Mid-Atlantic marketplace. Create a big impact in an aggressive market, and achieve a high new account goal within a three-month period. MNI Solution An MNI media blitz using all eight of MNI’s lifestyle- defined packages, to reach adults in every life stage. Result TD Banknorth was thrilled with the results of the MNI program. They increased penetration amongst key Claritas audience segments by at least 10%.
  10. 10. Case Study Wachovia Challenge Soften Wachovia’s “Big Bank” image to create a “hometown bank” persona that is friendly, reliable and qualified to provide the best local advice for wealth management clients. MNI Solution MNI News reached the affluent communities in Wachovia’s 42 markets. Wachovia’s local ad execution featuring the local branch’s Director successfully translated the hometown feel they were striving for. MNI’s ability to change creative by market, at no additional charge, made this campaign a “homerun!” Result Wachovia has been extremely pleased with the targeted market and coverage capabilities of MNI News. They strongly believe Wachovia Location By Market that Wachovia’s elevated standing within the community and increased Wealth Management business can be directly attributed to the customized local advertising campaign available by market with MNI. Wachovia has been an active MNI client for the past four years.