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MNI Banking Module

  1. 1. Banking Module The source for targeted advertising.
  2. 2. Banking in 2012 and BeyondThe banking and finance industry is rapidly evolve with the mostrecent technological advances. Here are a few predicted trendsthat will enhance and effect the Banking/Finance industry in 2012and beyond.Digital MoneyAccording to AC Nielsen, 90% of transactions in the U.S. will be cashless bythe year 2020. PayPal already has 63 million accounts, making it larger thanmost national banks, prompting the question, “Will physical money soon be athing of the past?” Most observers say yes, but don’t underestimate the powerof human nature and tradition.Smartphones Become WalletsMobile phones are replacing traditional items people usually carry, such awatches and wallets. Smartphones are turning into virtual wallets and willsoon replace traditional wallets as people find it more convenient to carry theircash digitally.Acquire More Profitable CustomersThe “profitable customer” is no longer the one who falls behind on hispayments. Similar to their tactics with checking accounts, banks are startingto roll out premium travel rewards on credit cards with higher annual fees,targeting those consumers willing to pay. We may also see them diversifyrevenue streams by increasing reliance on less-regulated products likemedical credit cards and business services.Source: , 2012.
  3. 3. Consumers Banking State of MindWhile the economy is slowly bouncing back from the recession, the mark the recession lefton consumers heavily influences the banking/finance industry.Risk Remains Top of Mind• 76% say that what a company must do to earn trust includes “treat all customers fairly.”• 75% agree they are “constantly aware of the need to identify and manage the risks that surround me.”• 72% agree that the economic downturn has helped them prioritize what’s important in life.*Reassess, Reconsider, Remake• Consumers are more cautions, with 70% agreeing they have become a much more cautious person as a result of the economic downturn.• Consumers are more disciplined, with only 46% agreeing that they do not have as much discipline as they would like when it comes to how to spend money, down from 55% in 2008.• Consumers are more fiscally responsible, with 72% agreeing they are spending more responsibly than they were before the recession.*Spending More, Saving Less, Working LongerAs a result of the economic recession,• 48% of consumers reduced or stopped saving in general• 34% reduced or stopped contributing to retirement savings• 25% reduced or stopped contributing to education savings• 13% gave up “down time” in retirement to work longer±Source: *Yankelovich Monitor, 2011; ±TD Ameritrade Investor Index 2011.
  4. 4. How Investors Use Multi-Platform MediaAdvertisers Spend Where Investors Aren’t Looking Consumers Advertisers Use TV 5% Advertising 21% Internet ($1.11 billion) Use Internet Publications 48% 38% Advertising Use Publishing ($2.53 billion) Advertising TV 57% ($1.61 billion) 31%Source: “Personal Investing: How American’s Make Decisions”, November 2009
  5. 5. The Power of Magazines• 82% of adults read a magazine last month.• 80% of adults with household incomes of $100,000+ read magazines.• The average number of issues read a month is 10.• On average, 43 minutes are spent reading a magazine.• More than two-thirds (67%) of readers act on magazine ads.• Magazines build buzz. Readers are more likely than users of other media to influence family and friends on products and services.• Magazines remain the number one medium for driving purchase consideration and intent.Source: Fall 2011 GfK MRI; MPA 2011/2012.
  6. 6. Magazines Are a Smart InvestmentAdults who read magazines and go online are more likely to be financial influentials. Internet Users 152 Magazine Readers 138Business Influential Newspaper Readers 113 Radio Listeners 107 TV Viewers 63 Magazine Readers 150 Newspaper Readers 133Insurance Influential Internet Users 131 Radio Listeners 117 TV Viewers 77Source: GfK MRI, Doublebase 2011, Quintile I.
  7. 7. Affluent Investors Rely on MagazinesHeavy users of magazine are most likely to be affluent investors. They indexhighest for having used any full-service broker in the past year, and for owningfinancial accounts with a total value of $500,000 or more.Affluent Investors Read MagazinesIn Past Year Magazines Television RadioUsed full-service broker 134 119 105Value of total financialAccounts $500,000+ 127 114 101Source: Ipsos Mendelsohn Affluent Survey, 2011.Heavy Media Users, Indexed to Heads of House, HHI $100,000+
  8. 8. You Choose. We Deliver.
  9. 9. MNI businessMNI Business readers are influentialdecision makers who invest for success.Reader ProfileMedian Age: 50Male/Female: 64%/36% MNI Business Readers are More Likely toMedian HHI: $153,700Median Net Worth: $713,600 • Make 20+ security transactions in the past year • Have influence over others when buying and selling securities • Be a business decision maker for financial services • Have a household income of $500,000+ • Have liquid assets of $1,000,000+ • Be Alpha Affluents, those age 40 – 64 with a household income of $250,000+ Target: Investment Influential MNI Business 248 Composition Index Adults = 100 Radio 135 Internet 129 TV 114 Source: 2011 Ipsos Mendelsohn Affluent Study, Quintile I.
  10. 10. MNI newsMNI News readers are influentialconsumers who stay informed.Reader ProfileMedian Age: 48Male/Female: 62%/38% MNI News Readers are More Likely toMedian HHI: $147,100 • Have a household income of $500,000+Median Net Worth: $638,700 • Have liquid assets of $1,000,000+ • Be Alpha Affluents, those age 40 – 64 with a household income of $250,000+ • Make 20+ security transactions in the past year • Have influence over others when buying and selling securities • Use a full service broker Target: Household Income $500,000+ % Reach 44% 6x Schedule MNI News 13% The Economist 3% Robb Report 3% The Atlantic *Bloomberg Businessweek is not available in all markets. For more information please contact your MNI Account Executive or visit Source: 2011 Ipsos Mendelsohn Affluent Study.
  11. 11. MNI thought leaderThe MNI Thought Leader audience isauthoritative and influential.Reader ProfileMedian Age: 50 MNI Thought Leader Readers are More Likely toMale/Female: 58%/42%Median HHI: $149,400 • Make 20+ security transactions in the past yearMedian Net Worth: $723.800 • Have a household income of $500,000+ • Have influence over others when buying and selling securities • Have liquid assets of $1,000,000+ • Be Alpha Affluents, those age 40 – 64 with a household income of $250,000+ • Use a full service broker Target: Have $1,000,000+ in liquid assets % Reach 38% 6x Schedule MNI Thought Leader 7% SmartMoney 6% Kiplinger’s Personal Finance 3% Barron’s Source: 2011 Ipsos Mendelsohn Affluent Study.
  12. 12. MNI entertainmentMNI Entertainment readers are red-carpet consumers with spending power.Reader ProfileMedian Age: 40Male/Female: 33%/67% MNI Entertainment Readers are More Likely toMedian HHI: $68,114 • Pay bills online • Have a household income of $150,000+ • Obtain financial information online • Have a 529 savings plan • Have a personal money manager • Use ATM/Cash Machines Target: Pay bills online % Reach 45% 6x Schedule MNI Entertainment 20% US Weekly 16% Rolling Stone 12% Star Source: 2011 Doublebase GfK MRI.
  13. 13. MNI luxuryMNI Luxury readers are affluentconsumers who live the good life.Reader ProfileMedian Age: 49Male/Female: 28%/72% MNI Luxury Readers are More Likely toMedian HHI: $146,700 • Be Alpha Affluents, those age 40 – 64 with a household incomeMedian Net Worth: $659,700 of $250,000+ • Have a household income of $500,000+ • Be a business decision maker for treasury/banking services • Have liquid assets of $1,000,000+ • Use a full service broker • Be a business decision maker for financial services Target: Alpha Affluents % Reach 40% 6x Schedule MNI Luxury 12% Martha Stewart Living 4% Robb Report 2% Veranda Source: 2011 Ipsos Mendelsohn Affluent Study.
  14. 14. MNI familyMNI Family readers are householddecision makers with purchasing power.READER PROFILEMedian Age: 35Male/Female: 88%/82% MNI Family Readers are More Likely toMedian HHI: $59,294 • Have a 529 savings plan • Pay bills online • Obtain financial information online • Use ATM/Cash Machines • Have overdraft protection on bank accounts • Prefer to bank in person (over 50%) Target: Have a 529 College Savings Plan MNI Family 129 Composition Index Adults = 100 Newspaper 114 Radio 108 TV 99 Source: 2011 Doublebase GfK MRI, Quintile I.
  15. 15. MNI style & designMNI Style & Design readers arecontemporary women withsophisticated style.READER PROFILEMedian Age: 50 MNI Style & Design Readers are More Likely toMale/Female: 25%/75% • Be Alpha Affluents, those age 40 – 64 with a household incomeMedian HHI: $72,504 of $250,000+Median Net Worth: $637,700 • Use a full service broker • Have a household income of $500,000+ • Have liquid assets of $1,000,000+ • Be a business decision maker for treasury/banking services • Be a business decision maker for financial services Target: Use a Full Service Broker % Reach 36% 6x Schedule MNI Style & Design 13% Martha Stewart Living 10% Architectural Digest 3% Veranda Source: 2011 Ipsos Mendelsohn Affluent Study.
  16. 16. Increase Ad EffectivenessDon’t miss your chance to really get noticed with MNI’s on-page products.Eye-catching, attention-grabbing creativity that makes function fun.• Deliver memorable messages with unique ad formats.• Increase readership and response by providing a powerful call-to-action.• Allow for easy tracking to measure the success of your ad. Post-it® BRC Laminated Card Gatefold
  17. 17. Online BankingThe internet is an integral part of everyday banking. Online bankingvolume across top 10 banks grew to 65 million customers.Source: comScore, February 2012.LDA Customers = Liquid deposit account customers include users of checking, savings, and money market accounts.
  18. 18. Online Ad Spending Projected to IncreaseBank spending online is projected to reach $5.54 billion by2015, doubling the category spending since 2009.
  19. 19. Banking & Finance Advertising Thrives• The banking industry spent more than $321 million on display advertising in Q4 2010 alone, generating 90 billion impressions.• Financial services ad revenue increased by 33.5% between the first half of 2010 and the first half of 2011.• One-third of respondents believe they will be increasing their banking and finance ad spending in 2012.Source: eMarketer, 2012.
  20. 20. MNI Digital• Hyper-targeting expertise with a full service, in-house team of digital experts.• 8,000+ site partnerships with over 9.5 billion impressions purchased in the past five years.• Branded, trusted national and local sites.• Proprietary Omnipoint system for campaign creation, research, reporting, and optimizing.• Best-in-class service with proprietary ad tracking systems.
  21. 21. 8,000+ Partner Sites Targeting and creative make online more effective. • IP address • Destination • Search Retargeting • Geographic • Contextual • Spongecell • Day-part • Behavioral • Linkstorm • Custom Audience • Retargeting • Oggifinogi • Weather-Triggered • Demo • PointRoll Rich Media
  22. 22. Agency Partnerships
  23. 23. Customized Online Display CampaignsMNI delivers highly customized campaigns to exceed your objectives through our targetingcapabilities, dedicated team of digital experts, and plethora of historical knowledge.From local, scalable online display campaigns andtop-tier digital networks, to local search and effectivemobile ads, MNI Digital offers the ideal solution forgetting your ad noticed by the right audience at theright time. Our extensive client roster shows ourexpertise in providing results for ad agencies, smalland large businesses, and everyone in between.With More than 8,000 Online Partners,MNI Digital Makes it Simple to Connectwith Your Audience.• Expert market analysis and campaign strategy• Full-service media planning and buying• Ad trafficking, serving, reporting, and optimization• Post-campaign analysis and recommendations• Reliable reconciliation and a single invoice
  24. 24. MNI Ad NetworkA Simple Solution to Reaching Your Audience in theMarkets You Want, at a Cost-Effective PriceMNI has been the targeting expert for more than 40 years, and in addition totop data providers and retargeting technologies, MNI can also improve yourcampaign’s efficiency with demographic and behavioral targeting, or developa custom channel to reach the consumers you need to grow your business.Performance MNI Ad Networkand Transparency Fast FactsThe MNI Ad Network combines the • Reach 69% of the totalbenefits of a network with the online audiencetransparency of a custom site-by-site campaign for maximum ROI. • 150 million monthlyGet the traffic and reporting you unique visitorsneed, and the performance you • 17 billion monthly pagewant, all in one simple buy with viewsMNI’s proprietary ad network Source: comScore November 2011.
  25. 25. MNI Ad Network The Best Data Providers, Smart Solutions MNI partners with the best data providers in the industry to offer advertisers enhanced targeting and campaign efficiency. MNI’s dedicated team of media professionals makes sense of the data and makes complex campaigns simple.Advanced Targeting CapabilitiesTake advantage of MNI’s history as advanced targeting experts with these proven techniquesfor making campaigns more effective:Behavioral Demographic Contextual Geographic By Daypart Retargeting
  26. 26. MNI Local Site NetworkA Simple Way to Reach Consumers Close to Home.With local site networks, MNI Digital makes it easy to connect with consumerswhere they live, work, and travel to. The internet is a powerful resource forconsumers, and savvy marketers know they need to be where their customersare—on local media sites.Benefits of the MNI Local Site Network• Broad reach across market-specific sites• All the benefits of a network buy, with the reporting of a site-by-site campaign• Strong performance to maximize ROI• Competitive and efficient CPMs Get Your Business on the Map Advertising on local media sites with MNI allows marketers to target audiences with relevant local content in highly-defined geographical areas. Local Ads Mean Business Instantly increase awareness and relevance with your localized ad message on trusted local sites. All Advertising is Local Advertising Local, geo-targeted digital campaigns are ideal for isolating key audiences and markets, providing potential customers with specific hometown information that meets their needs.
  27. 27. Research Trends: Local Advertising• Investment in U.S. online advertising is growing and is projected to enjoy double digit growth through 2014. BIA/Kelsey estimated U.S. Local Online Ad Spending to be $23.3 billion in 2011.• U.S. agencies surveyed stated that 90% of clients ask for geographically targeted ads.• Local search, mobile devices, hyperlocal communities and daily deals are growing in popularity with consumers, each offering on- demand access to community news and information.• Targeted display ads dominate local online advertising; by 2015, targeted display ads are projected to grow to $11 billion. Source: eMarketer, December 2011.
  28. 28. MNI Local SearchMNI Makes it Easy for Local Consumers to Find You with aSearch Campaign that’s Turnkey and Effective.If used properly, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can be a valuable lead sourcewith incredible ROI. Without the right information and resources, SEM can also bea time and money drain. MNI makes SEM simple and effective by providing solidlocal advertising strategies that get results!Successful Local Search Campaigns Start with MNI• Reaches 94% of web searchers in a given market Reach 94% of• Provides geo-targeted advertising to specific local markets Web Searchers• Builds a comprehensive list of relevant and locally modified keywords• Partners with leading search engines: Google, Yahoo!, and Bing• Tracks post-click actions (e.g., phone calls, emails, and other online activities)• Optimizes your campaign, and monitors bids to maximize leads, increasing ROI• Provides transparent results by keyword and search engine Source: comScore.The Power of SEM• 46% of all U.S. online ad spending for 2011 was on search.†• B2B and B2C marketers believe that, respectively, 57% and 41% of their leads come from SEM.*• 53% of B2B and B2C marketers will increase their SEM budget in 2012.* Source: comScore. Source: †September 2011 eMarketer, *October 2011 eMarketer.
  29. 29. Research Trends: Local Search• Local online and mobile search offer consumers on-demand access to information; 53% of U.S. internet users sought local community information on search engines.• 70% of consumers checked out local businesses or restaurants online before shopping. 17% of these consumers relied on the first listing on the search engine results page, highlighting how convenience trumps relevancy.• 41% of marketers believe that having a local search presence was important, if not critical, for achieving search marketing objectives. Source: eMarketer, December 2011.
  30. 30. SpongecellMNI provides vibrant, rich media that transforms a standard display ad into an eye-catching, interactive opportunity. This treatment is ideal for direct response orbranding campaigns, as increased interactivity improves effectiveness and ROI.Spongecell interactive options include• Test special offers• Sign up for a checking account• Branch locationsRobust, easy to use reporting collectsconsumer action data right inside the ad.These unique metrics provide more datathan click-through alone.• Real-time reporting• Detailed metrics• Download XLS or share reports Capabilities are dependent on goals and objectives of campaign.
  31. 31. Behavioral TargetingBehavioral targeting tracks the action of thousands of users as they surf the web andaggregates them for trends, becoming the basis for targeting.This online technique that serves ads based on algorithms and behavioral targeting shares some key elements withpaid search advertising. Information can include purchase trends or be merged with visitor demographic data suchas age, gender and ZIP code.Behavioral targeting segments the audience basedon observed and measured data, including• Page/site users visit• Content viewed• Search queries• Ads consumers click on• Information they share on social sites• Product(s) consumers put in online shopping carts Capabilities are dependent on goals and objectives of campaign.
  32. 32. MNI RetargetingMNI Retargeting allows advertisers to reach consumers whohave already visited your site with a retargeting network.Retargeting encourages users to:• Complete a form for more information• Answer a survey• Enter a contest/sweepstakes• Purchase a product or serviceRetargeting Increases ROI and Online Conversion RatesMNI Retargeted display ads are available on thousands of sites across the web. Retargeted adsget served for 30 days, or until the user returns to the site and converts.• On average, 98% of prospects leave a site without converting. MNI Retargeting allows you to raise awareness and stay top-of-mind with these potential customers.• Retargeted customers are five times more likely to convert than new customers.• Retargeted customers typically spend more per conversion than non-retargeted customers on where your lost prospect goes. Source: Imedia Connection, 2010. Capabilities are dependent on goals and objectives of campaign.
  33. 33. MNI Digital and OggifinogiMNI Digital’s partnership with industry expert Oggifinogi provides highlyinteractive rich video campaigns in real time, with extensive optimization andanalytics.MNI Digital and Oggifinogi offer cutting edge technology, including• Impressive reporting techniques to help create a deeper analysis than basic impression and click through tracking.• Creative unit design with Oggifinogi’s patent pending wizard and orb technology to create campaigns quickly with much richer features.• Full video management system for campaigns featuring multiple commercial, webisodic and branded videos, dynamic playlists, branching video, transcoding and syndication support.• Flexibility making it easier to modify ad units to include additional features. Capabilities are dependent on goals and objectives of campaign.
  34. 34. Floodlight TaggingFloodlight tags help advertisers track how consumers are using their website.Floodlight Tagging tracks the number of times individuals click-through to advertiser’slanding pages after seeing the ad, helping advertisers track how consumers are usingtheir website at no extra charge.Tag activity is reported in DART only if it is triggered by a user who• Clicks an ad and is sent to the website, or views an ad and accesses the website sometime in the future.• Performs an activity on a web page containing a tag.• Performs this activity within 30 days of clicking and/or viewing a tagged ad. Capabilities are dependent on goals and objectives of campaign.
  35. 35. Best-in-Class ServicesMNI Digital provides one resource for expert online planning, negotiating, buying, reporting,optimization, and billing. Nielsen//Net Ratings Critical internet media and market research and analysis for optimal site selection. comScore, Inc. A global internet information provider for consumer behavior insight. Spongecell Rich Media with innovative ad engagement and interaction opportunities. DoubleClick MediaVisor The planning and operations center for your online campaign. DoubleClick DART® A reliable, scalable tool for serving and analyzing online campaigns. PointRoll Innovative, rich media technology solutions.
  36. 36. Measurable Results Reliable and measurable data guaranteed to maximize your online buy. DART Frequent reports on campaign performance by site and placement; detailed optimization analysis with actions taken. Post-campaign performance analysis with site summary, campaign learnings, and recommendations for future schedules. Dedicated analytics team to support, analyze, and optimize.Example Report: Online Media Campaign Performance Report Reporting Period: 10/14/2011-11/21/2011 Dollars Delivered Impressions Clicks Index to Index to Clicks Planned Actual Planned Actual Click Rate Actual Actual Recorded Site MNI Digital Ad Network_InMarket MBA_Flt1 $ 10,000 9,973 100% 1,176,471 1,173,292 100% 304 0.03% MNI Digital Ad Network_Business/Finance_Flt1 $ 8,700 8,518 98% 1,087,500 1,064,802 98% 438 0.04% MNI Digital Ad Network_InMarket MBA_Flt2 $ 8,000 - 0% 941,176 - 0% 0 MNI Digital Ad Network_Business/Finance_Flt2 $ 8,000 - 0% 1,000,000 - 0% 0 Totals 34,700 18,491 53% 4,205,147 2,238,094 53% 742 0.03%
  37. 37. New Age of Tech Adoption
  38. 38. Mobile Finance Has Come of AgeNearly one in five mobile device owners accessed financial info from their phone.Source: comScore, February 2012.
  39. 39. Consumers Act on Mobile AdvertisingMobile’s ability to reach consumers in-market, coupled withemerging trends such as geo-location, can help advertisersmake an immediate impact.After viewing a mobile ad, consumers take the following actions• 63% browse a website• 56% download a mobile app• 45% watch a video• 43% redeem or download a coupon• 30% request more information• 29% purchase a productSource: eMarketer, September 2011.
  40. 40. MNI MobileMNI Mobile helps advertisers take advantage of the growing mobilemarketplace with location-based consumer targeting and top qualitynational brands.MNI has a dedicated team of digital targeted market experts who are well-versed indeveloping full-service, robust, customized solutions for your business. From strategicdevelopment and implementation to optimization, reporting and post-campaign analysis,making mobile simple.MNI Mobile Networks Provide• Access to your audience wherever they go• Opportunities to offer coupons and promote sales• Eye-catching and memorable rich media creative
  41. 41. Reach Your Audience & ObjectivesAdvertisers are increasingly turning to mobile marketing as adynamic solution for reaching consumers efficiently and effectively.Ensuring that advertisers get their message in front of theirideal audience, MNI Mobile can target consumers by• Geography• Demographics• Channel• Carrier• Handset model• Handset features• Manufacturer• Operating system• Location-Based/Geo-Fencing• And more…
  42. 42. Tech Savvy Meets Tech SimpleWith our exclusive partnerships and full-service team of dedicatedtargeted advertising experts, MNI Digital is fully-equipped to develop arobust, customized solution for your business.MNI Digital delivers turnkey mobile campaigns, including• Strategic development• Implementation• Optimization• Reporting• Post-campaign analysis
  43. 43. Creative ExecutionsGo local, Get results.MNI Digital offers flash and rich media options across everymajor carrier, with expert partnerships that deliver thelargest reach and most diverse solutions.Reach your marketing objectives withcreative executions that are• Perfect for building brand awareness• Cost effective• Available on a massive scale• Universally available on any mobile device• Interactive and engaging to a tech-savvy audienceMNI Offers a breadth of creative opportunitiesto reach your target audience• Static Ads• Standard Flash/HTML5 Creative• Rich Media including expandable and videos• Click through or click to call functionality
  44. 44. SMS/Text MessageVisibility is valuable.Benefit from the billions of text messages sent every dayby adding an SMS/Text messaging component to yourMNI Digital campaign.MNI Digital makes it easy for you to gain greater brand visibility andinteraction with your audience, which translates into a measurableincrease in your ROI.• Personal, opt-in communication• Highly interactive• Localized messaging• Direct response driven• Drive sales and track responses
  45. 45. Research Trends: Mobile Marketplace• Search is predicted to account for the largest share of total U.S. mobile ad spending in 2015 at 40% followed by banner ads and rich media at 36%.• Local mobile advertising is predicted to account for 70% of mobile ad spending in 2015.• 90% of U.S. mobile users age 18-39 looked up local retailer information on their local device; more than half also researched an online purchase or sought out a coupon.• 56% of mobile users are searching through apps, a noteworthy increase from 2010’s 42%.• Geo-targeting is on the rise showing a 24% growth from Q1 to Q2 2011 for local-targeted display ads.Source: eMarketer, December 2011.
  46. 46. Research Trends: Mobile News• Local news is going mobile with nearly half of Americans getting some local news information from their cell phone or tablet.• 42% of mobile device owners report getting weather information on their cell phone; 37% say they get material about restaurants or other local businesses on their phones.• Mobile news consumers are younger, live in higher income households, and are newer residents of their communities.• One fourth of mobile local news consumers report having apps to help them get information about local news.• Most local news consumers participate in local news by sharing or posting links and stories. Source: Pew Research Center; State of the News Media 2011.
  47. 47. MNI’s Powerful PartnershipsAmegy Bank Fidelity Investments Lakeland Bank SuntrustAmeriprise Financial Fiduciary Trust TD BankAssociated Bank-Corp. Fifth Third Bank/OH Lowry Hill TD Bank/NJBB&T First Bank M & I Bank Texas Capital BankBlackhawk Network First Bank/CO M&T Bank Texas Dow Employees Credit UnionBOK Financial Corporation First Choice Bank Missouri Bank The Education PlanCalifornia Bank & Trust First Citizens Bank/NC Montgomery Bank The PrivateBankCapital One First Niagara Financial Group National Penn Bank TIAA-CREFCharles Schwab & Co. First Republic Bank NBT Bank Tompkins Financial CenterChase Card Services First Tennessee Bank Nevada State Bank UBS Financial ServicesChase Card Services/AARP Fisher Investments New Alliance Bank UHY Advisors LLCChase Card Services/United Mileage Plus Visa Florida Prepaid College Program North Carolina Savings Plan UnibankChase Retail Harris Bank National Association One West Bank Union BankCitibank, N.A. Harris Trust PNC Bank Corp. US Bank-MinneapolisCoastal Federal Credit Union Harris Trust/Savings PNC Financial Services USAACole Taylor Bank Huntington Bank Propel Financial Services Utah Educational Savings Plan (UESP)Community Bank IBC Bank Provident Loan Society Virginia College Savings PlanCountry Financial International Monetary Fund PSECU Wells Fargo - WIEastern Bank Intrust Bank RBC Bank Wells Fargo Bank - SfFannie Mae John Hancock Schneider Downs & Co Wells Fargo Funds ManagementFenimore Asset Management Johnson Bank/Johnson Financial SMART Wintrust FinancialFidelity Homestead Savings Bank Key Bank StellarOne Corp Zions National Bank