HD Legacy Library Partnership


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NHD in Minnesota and CRPLSA are working together to provide funding support for HD research opportunities and library programs.

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HD Legacy Library Partnership

  1. 1. History Day Project Engaging libraries
  2. 2. Engaging Students History Day students are some of the most dedicated researchers you are likely too encounter!
  3. 3. Who would think microfilm could be so fun?
  4. 4. Group Projects work well for some students
  5. 5. Getting the Students Started What resources does your library have that would help students? Books & encyclopedias Databases Computers for accessing other libraries and the internet resources
  6. 6. Students using local resources Digging into those books and journals in the library
  7. 7. Promoting History Day-on your website
  8. 8. Subject Guides are useful for the students . . . and . . . library staff
  9. 9. And, it can be a good way to reach out to teens.
  10. 10. Your tax dollars at work!
  11. 11. Resources found at MN KNOWS
  12. 12. ELM Databases open doors for HD students
  13. 13. Historical Mpls Tribune & Frederick Douglass
  14. 14. Going to the resources!- Library visits
  15. 15. Resources in the area—special libraries, organizations and institutions
  16. 16. Finding the goods! What resources does a library in your area have to offer that you don’t have? Books, journals, other resources Databases Computers-catalog & Internet Subject Guide for History Day Special History Day handouts? Connections to other libraries
  17. 17. Special collections and special resources
  18. 18. Check out your local academic libraries
  19. 19. Some academic libraries have strong History Day ties
  20. 20. Building Library Connections With the financial support of MN Legacy funds for History Day projects We hope to build stronger connections to the various libraries
  21. 21. History Day Research Funding   In 2008, Minnesota voters passed the Minnesota Legacy Amendment creating an Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. With these dollars, the Council for Regional Public Library Service Administration (CRPLSA) has partnered with History Day (HD) to provide financial support for student research.
  22. 22. To qualify for program dollars Please submit the following information: • Primary contact • School or Library • Proposed destination • Number of impacted students (estimate) • Participating School(s) with school contact • Nature of your event • Complete a program survey
  23. 23. Schools, Libraries, Staff-can be reimbursed for: Time (substitute or stipends) Transportation Training History Day staff programs around the state Special events
  24. 24. www.mnhs.org MN Historical Society
  25. 25. Librarian’s Toolbox
  26. 26. Again…monies available to promote- Class visits to libraries-public and academic Special History Day events Hullabaloos
  27. 27. •Helping to make it fun for your students  •Helping the students be successful 
  28. 28. What is a Hullabaloo? A fun History Day event!  Formula: Minnesota Historical Society Staff University History Day Mentors Extra library staff  Library volunteers Extra resources—like laptop computers
  29. 29. Minneapolis Central Library partners with MHS to target students in the metro area for History Day
  30. 30. Students consult with university HD mentors
  31. 31. Library History Day Hullabaloos are promoted to students with help from the MHS staff
  32. 32. Students in grades 6 through 12 participate in History Day events
  33. 33. These could be your students going to the Nationals!
  34. 34. Let’s work together!
  35. 35. Schools contact- Naomi Peuse Minnesota Historical Society Email naomi.peuse@mnhs.org Tel. (651) 259-3435