Proactively Managing Your Career - MinneWebCon

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Apr. 13, 2015

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Proactively Managing Your Career - MinneWebCon

  1. Proactively Managing Your Career MinneWebCon 2015
  2. What do you want to talk about?
  3. While at #MinneWebCon you receive an email…
  4. You are in line for a promotion… We are bumping up your annual review… We are letting people go today… Funding for this project has been pulled…
  5. Are you prepared???
  6. Churn
  7. • 17+ years as an IT Recruiter • Author of Minnesota Headhunter blog • Frequent local and national speaker on Recruiting/HR, Career and Social Media topics • Founder of Midwest Recruiting Bootcamp • Active in the Minneapolis & St Paul technology, marketing and social media community as a sponsor, volunteer & mentor
  8. Oil change Yearly physical Fix a roof
  9. Maintain your career
  10. Networking… stop hanging out with who you know
  11. I am in Introvert (I get this is hard)
  12. Meet people today Follow #MinneWebCon Find cool kids Introduce yourself to host(s) of an event LinkedIn flirting
  13. Build your portfolio
  14. Brag book Screen shots Metrics Increased “x” Decreased “x” Results, what was cool about the thing
  15. Maintain and learn skills for your current employer
  16. What are the next, next initiatives Employer job descriptions Go to Indeed or any job board
  17. Next step in your career… the path
  18. If tech, learn the business If business, learn the tech Is it management, find a mentor Consulting, find someone with “scars” If you were me...
  19. Negotiating salary and rates
  20. Make a case, you have a portfolio (right?) Glassdoor, consulting firms industry sites 1%-3% average increase internal 5%-10% for a job switch What’s the average increase in the group $5 an hour
  21. The grass is not always greener on the other side
  22. It’s usually better to water where you are You will sit in a chair of someone who went to greener grass
  23. Pipeline: Consultants and Contractors
  24. Future of workplace
  25. Do something!!! (what are you waiting for)
  26. Thank You!