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Managing Your IT Career: MinneBar 8 Presentation


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Managing Your IT Career: MinneBar 8 Presentation

  1. 1. Managing Your IT Career v5MinneBar 8 April 6, 2013
  2. 2. • 15+ years as an IT Recruiter• Author of Minnesota Headhunter blog• Frequent local and national speaker on Recruiting/HR, Career and Social Media topics• Co‐Founder and Advisory Board of Minnesota Recruiters• Active in the Minneapolis & St Paul technology, marketing and social media community as a sponsor, volunteer & mentor
  3. 3. If you leave here today and upon arrival to the office you were downsized, right sized, reorg’d, acquired, funding cut, project stopped... would you be ready for a job search or have new clients ready to go?
  4. 4. Don’tGophersuck_Badgerules@xxx.comDoFirst.Last@email.comPreferred
  5. 5. How To Add Social Networking Buttons To Your Outlook Email SignatureIcon Archive (one of many, many sites)
  6. 6. Getting Started: Do An Online Audit Of YourselfWhat can you (others) find about you?Use Google | Pipl | 123PeopleIn Google, if you have a common name you may need to do limit your search:Paul DeBettignies“Paul DeBettignies”“Paul DeBettignies” AND (MN OR Minneapolis)
  7. 7. For most of us it will look like this:HubLinkedInSpokesFacebookTwitterGoogle Profile (profile) (profile)Emurse (resume)Visual CV (resume)eFolioMinnesota (portfolio)Online Identity: Hub And Spokes
  8. 8. Be specific about your location and industry (add city of not inthe nearest metro area)Use the “Headline” as a way to attract visitorsInclude what you do or what you are looking forAdd a photo (professional, not casual)
  9. 9. Tell A StoryInclude: Keywords – Buzzwords ‐ Acronyms
  10. 10. Experience ‐ Resume
  11. 11. Advanced SearchHR OR “Human Resources” OR Recruiter OR “Hiring Manager”CIO OR “Chief Information Officer”C AND UNIX AND SQLRefine by categories
  12. 12. LinkedIn Groups‐ You can belong to a maximum of 50 groups‐ Local, regional, (inter)national‐ Industry‐ Special interest and causes‐ College and school alumni‐ Increases the size and scope of your network‐ Create a group ‐ Free
  13. 13. Company Page
  14. 14. Twitter• Include “real name”, nearest large city, keywords, buzzwords • “Follow” local “cool kids”, industry leaders, groups, those in the know• Search/follow Skill Sets, Titles, HR & Recruiters• Add yourself to directories• Find others lists• Groups: #tchra #smbmsp ‐ #mnrec ‐ #minnebar #mnshrm• Twitter Search
  15. 15. Minnesota Recruiter & HR List 1Minnesota Recruiter & HR List 2
  16. 16. Facebook• Include resume• Follow other company pages• Join/participate in groups• Connect with your network• Consider making “Education and Work”public
  17. 17. Linkedin, Facebook & Twitter UpdatesShare links to:Events/conferencesSeminars/webinarsIndustry articles/news/statistics/blog postsLocal business articles/news/statistics/blog postsAsk/give adviceAsk/answer questionsReply to othersForward others updates
  18. 18. Think about your online profiles…
  19. 19. Would you connect with you?Would you call you back?Would you recruit you?
  20. 20. Seriously???NinjaGuruMasterMavenWarriorJediRock StarExpert and Authority*
  21. 21. STOP waiting for people to find you
  22. 22. Find The “Cool Kids”
  23. 23. Networking Is A Contact Sport
  24. 24. Invest before making a withdrawal
  25. 25. Networking, Job Search And Dating...Do they like meUnreasonable expectationsBaggagePlaying hard to getWhen to call backSet expectationsBlind date and being set upMaking a commitment
  26. 26. Network Gravity
  27. 27. Who do you know who…?
  28. 28. You Likely Don’t Need More Contacts...You likely need deeper relationships!
  29. 29. Find Their Email Address“*”email*
  30. 30. Future of workplace
  31. 31. Learn the business side of things(please… please… please)
  32. 32. What are you worth?(Salary negotiation, raise ‐ annual review)
  33. 33. Job vs Contract/Project
  34. 34. Create your “portfolio” as you go(career maintenance)
  35. 35. Source of HireCareerXroads 2012 Sources of Hire: Channels that Influence
  36. 36. Help your friends
  37. 37. Thank You!