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To save: go to “My FDO” in the header where you'll see the list of tag terms. Click on
       yours, select all, then “pri...
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Ann Gladwin Foundationdirectoryonline Search Tips


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Ann Gladwin Foundationdirectoryonline Search Tips

  1. 1. Foundation Directory Online (FDO) Search Tips This is written for the Platinum version, subscribed to by NEW (Nonprofit Enterprise at Work). The Professional version has more bells and whistles, but Platinum includes the top number of funders and grant records (over 95,000 and a million and a half respectively). 1. Get familiar with the Grantmaker search function first When you click on a field's name, you get an index of what is appropriate to that field.... choose from this list by clicking on terms. Field of interest is best place to start. More than one term can be chosen; the database will put in OR by default. That can be changed manually to AND if you want to find funders that give to the intersection of both topics. Geographic focus is usually more telling than grantmaker state (usually Michigan or national). Including “national” can often give too many results. Use the grant search function to find national funders who have given in Michigan. See below. Text field: use for specific terms. Check the box “exclude those funders not accepting applications” if you want them to fall out of your search results. Grantmaker type: choose “community foundation” from the index and add NOT before if you would rather not see these records that are so geographically specific. Types of support: use to narrow your search, though leave blank if it gives too few results. Your proposal, matching mission to grantmaker priorities, will cover all kinds of support. Hit search 2. Strategy View a record in the results list by clicking on it. It will open in another window, and can sometimes be hidden by the results list window, which always stays open. Go first to limitations field to immediately tell if you should look elsewhere. If ok, check purpose and activities for a possible good fit with your mission. You can always return to your original search page by clicking on the back button on the results list window. It will give you a blank form, but clicking on “load last search” on the bottom restores your criteria. Tweak your choices and hit search again. You can progress through the list by clicking on “next record” at the top of the funder profile. 3. Saving records For the first record you wish to save, choose a short “tag” word of your own (your initials, perhaps) and hit submit. After that, you can choose that tag name from the list of tags. (Those of other searchers are likely to be there, but ignore them.) Be sure to hit SUBMIT, or it won't register! If you are searching for multiple purposes, you can create multiple tags... just remember to save all the results. M:DepartmentalCapacity DevelopmentSuperConference2009WorkshopsPresenter materialsAnn Gladwin-foundationdirectoryonline search tips.doc March 2009
  2. 2. To save: go to “My FDO” in the header where you'll see the list of tag terms. Click on yours, select all, then “print/save records.” {Print/save list can be handy, too, as a work sheet of sorts, but it won't give you the full text records.} A pdf will be created. Give it a new name and save it to the desktop. Then, open your own email account and create a new message to yourself with your file(s) appended, and send. 4. More strategy: Search the grants file This other database provides actual factual results on gifts of money. The Subjects field is very similar to the Fields of Interest headings you are familiar with. Choose Recipient state (MI as an example) to find groups that have gotten funding on that topic in the state of Michigan. Choose County and State to find recipients closer to home. The results list shows the funder, the recipient, the date and amount. You can sort by the amount, though it is often easier to leave it alphabetical by the funder name, as you can skip over multiple results from the same funder. Clicking on a record gives information on that one gift; see the tab for grantmaker to take you to information on the funder... you're now in the database you got familiar with first. You have 3 windows open and it can get confusing. You may want to close the windows as you're done with them and just work from the grants search results list. You can tag individual grant records. It might make sense to save the results list, but it's really the information on the grantors that you want... be sure to click through to the grantmaker database to get the funder profiles. Have fun! Be inventive! Call Ann Gladwin 734-998-0160 x 218 if you need help. Detroit office: 313-887-7788. FDO available at Cooperating Collection Libraries of the Foundation Center M:DepartmentalCapacity DevelopmentSuperConference2009WorkshopsPresenter materialsAnn Gladwin-foundationdirectoryonline search tips.doc March 2009