Stary Browar 50 50 Background Info


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Stary Browar 50 50 Background Info

  1. 1. Stary Browar 50 50 is unique place where art meets business and life meets art. Here you can touch art, experience art, enjoy art, and be part of its creation. All, in surroundings of architecture with historic context stemming from 19th Century Huggers’ Brewery, of almost 150-year tradition. Unique Architecture conspicuous for its beauty and functional diversity. The expansion of Stary Browar 50 50 has only started. The next stages will be: Art Stations 50 50 - already initiated with exhibition “It from bit” and Blow up Hall 50 50. All captured beneath umbrella brand of project 50 50.
  2. 2. Stary Browar 50 50 iS unique place Stary Browar 50 50 Retail, Art and Business Centre is merger of art and commerce, the past and the present. The place that upgrades routine to the rank of art. „I came here on a sunny day and saw the magic; I was in the city centre but moved to another world. Dogs and cats run, laundry hung on washing lines. It looked exotic. I felt the place had its soul. From the very beginning I knew this place should be given to artists” Grażyna Kulczyk Creator and Owner of Stary Browar 50 50
  3. 3. Where art meets business Stary Browar 50 50 is the flagship expression of the idea 50 50, constituting philo- sophical foundation of all Grazyna Kulczyk’s ventures. art is the core element of any enterprise balanced by its individual specifics. the proportion is always 50% of art and 50% of the complementary element. stary browar 50 50 is 50% of art and 50% of business. Photo:Leon tarasewicz’s pillars
  4. 4. WHeRe lIfe meeTS ART the core of the place is to join everyday pleasures of shopping, meeting in a café with exceptional and inspiring art. Life and art come closer here. Photo: adam Garnek’s metal eastern egg, igor mitoraj’s moon’s smile
  5. 5. here stary browar 50 50 the place living the art of life. there are plenty of works you can of art, featuring the most picturesque meeting touch spots. art Photo:mr. Kozouzu’s Penyo – henyo – myomyonmyo
  6. 6. exPerience art stary browar 50 50 is a venue of important cultural events: exhibitions of modern paintings, photography, and promotion of modern sculpture. stary browar 50 50 stages modern dance performances, promotes the off — cinema pictures, music and theatrical perfor- mances. • Polish Dance Platform — • matthew barney, cremaster cycle 10. 9 — 11. 2008 11. 13— 15. 2007 • old brewery – modern Dance on the • exhibition of eija-Liisa ahtila’s malta theatre Festival Private stories - sensory surroundings 06. 23– 28 2008, • yvonne rainer on malta theatre • art stations Preview-it From bit- Festival — 06. 25– 29. 2008 05. 30- 09.30.2008 • GK collection #1- exhibition of • Focus:one- o5. 15/16. 2008 Grazyna Kulczyk’s private collection of • Dada von bzdulow theatre - Faktor t. contemporary art 03. 18– 06. 16.2007 03. 1. 2008 — first performance • neW yorK experimental 12. 15 – 16. 2007
  7. 7. enjoy art art is immanent element of all marketing events in stary browar 50 50. • fashion show of ewa minge by Porsche 04. 21. 2007 • made in Japan Peny-henyo-myomyonmyo in Stary Browar 50 50 06. 15 — 17. 2007 • emmanuelle Seiger’s concert 07. 21. 2007 • Ale Kino! – 08. 2007 • Art & fashion festival (fall in fashion fire) — exhibitions, shows, workshops, and Grand final on 12. 11. 2007 • Design and craft in Stary Browar 50 50 creates space — 03. 2008 • Summer on the Courtyard of Art – open air cinema, concerts 07./08. 2003-2008 • Art & fashion festival – 2nd edition – 09. 2008 • ING Art exhibition in the com- mon spaces of Stary Browar 11./12. 2008 • Christmas with Climate in Stary Browar & fifth edition of Christmas Tree of Good Wishes.
  8. 8. be Part oF its creation art stations Foundation 50 50 operating in stary browar 50 50 inspires, co-ordinates and finances projects promoting contemporary art. the Foundation supports and promotes young, local artists exhibiting their works along the renowned ones. “All activities share common determinant — the sincere zest to give unforgettable artistic experiences to the audience, the city, and Stary Browar 50 50. It is our true passion and ardent commitment.” Grażyna Kulczyk, Founder of art stations Foundation 50 50
  9. 9. all in the activities of Foundation stunning architecture adds concentrate on the courtyard magic to all events. art stations surroundings of art. the Gallery and the Foundation 50 50 is a non-profit of architecture malthouse host numerous organization funded to pursue exhibitions of contemporary conviction that art has a posi- art, photography and design, tive impact on the society and theatrical and dance perfor- people exposed to art have mances, film shows and chance of better, more creative concerts. surrounding of and conscious life.
  10. 10. stary browar 50 50 is a perfect example of the modern use of old industrial buildings. Place where beer was brewed is right now taken by retail and art. stary browar 50 50 is composed of grand buildings, modern in their spirit, traditional in their form, sound but cosy. nowadays, stary browar 50 50 is landmark of Poland. HISToRIC CoNTexT
  11. 11. stemminG From 19th century huGGers’ breWery at the beginning of the century, not many heard of the former huggers’ brewery in Poznań. red- brick buildings constructed in the 1870s were partly destroyed during the 2nd World War, following their partial recon- struction beer production was conducted till 1980 and then replaced with mineral water production. in the end of 1990s, Grazyna Kulczyk grew interested in the place and decided to convert deteriorat- ing buildings in to vibrant art centre. huggers’ brewery was expanded and altered, and the change affected the place itself as well as the adjacent district.
  12. 12. Almost 150-yeAr trAditions History of Stary Browar 50 50 • 1876 — huggers’ brothers came to Poznan from Wirtemberg (Germany) and started construction of the brewery • To 1905 — systematic expansion of the huggers’ brewery • The Second World War — the brewery managed by Germans, but brewing continued till 1944 • 1944 — the brewery buildings changed into military bunkers • 1945 — the brewery buildings taken over by Kompania Piwowarska; beer production restarted and continued till 1980 • 1980 — the beer production closed, the buildings started to deteriorate • 1980-1997 — start-up of soft drinks production and warehousing • End of 1998 till 2001 — the site acquisition process by Fortis — developer of stary browar 5050 • 2000 — Fortis prepared plans of the old brewery revitalisation • November 5 , 2003 — the grand opening of the first wing called stary browar 5050 atrium • March 11 , 2007 — the second phase of stary browar 5050 passage was open for public
  13. 13. Passage expansion opened 2007 The Courtyard Atrium of Art opened 2003 +4 +5 +4 +3 +3 +2 +2 car park +1 0 -1 unique architecture stary browar 50 50 derives from the 19th century industrial architecture of old brewery. historic buildings have been carefully renovated and the design of new ones is based on brick, glass and metal as homage to the original architecture of the place. the architecture of stary browar 50 50 is a fine merger of breadth and authors’ acknowledgment of tiny finishing details.
  14. 14. conspicuous for its beauty stary browar 50 50 is conspicuous for its harmoniously united distinctiveness: the atrium and the Passage, the chessboard square, the rotunda,the courtyard of art and Visual canvas square create a new city centre. harmoniously integrated to the city structure.
  15. 15. art stations FunctionaL DiVersity the entire complex is made up of several buildings: atrium — opened in 2003 with 4 retail floors, 2 office floors and a 3-storey rooftop parking courtyard of art — internal piazza with glass promenade linking the atrium and the Passage buildings surrounded by former brewery buildings, the Gallery, malt house and the clock tower Passage — opened in 2007 with 3 retail floors and a 3-storey underground parking malt house and Kettle house — renovated buildings, currently occupied by two multi-level restaurants, music club, perfor- mance studio with theatrical and concert stage and exhibi- tion spaces Gallery — exhibition space and a bookshop with art and archi- tecture publications Villa — restored old brewery blow up hall office building converted into an exclusive boutique clock tower — with two bells striking every quater Pólwiejska 32 — mixed used building with h&m store and office space rented by financial institutions and legal office.
  16. 16. THe exPANSIoN art stations 50 50 developed in the park constituting a part of stary browar 50 50 is Grazyna Kulczyk’s venture of global significance. of STARy BRoWAR 50 50 the ultra modern art centre designed by a japanese architect tadao ando HAS oNly will bring together art exhibition, patronage and auctioning. it will display STARTeD art in the widest possible meaning, not limiting itself to fine arts, but also focusing on fashion, design and film. art stations 50 50 will host perfor- mances, exhibitions, multimedia presentations as well as Grazyna Kulczyk’s private collection of art. art stations 50 50 balances art and humanity
  17. 17. initiateD With exhibition “it From bit” art stations 50 50 activities were initiated by the opening of “art stations PreVieW - it From bit” in the Gallery building on may 31, 2008. the exhibition presents works of two artists: mexican Gabriel orozco and German manfred mohr; both employ computer-generated algorithms in their works. the exhibition is open until the end of september.
  18. 18. blow up hall 50 50 Blow Up Hall 50 50 is a work of art developed around the project of Rafael lozano Hemmer, Not only does a hotel guest experience art, but also participates in its creation and becomes its main substance. Rites of games — subtle and unassuming shall transform the Blow Up Hall into a concept hall of the most recent generation. In the Blow Up Hall 50 50, luxury is not restricted to refined design and amazing details, but also employs the unexpected rites — a game that unobtrusively and unnoticeably puts a guest into a new perspective – eventually discovered after a stay in the Blow Up Hall 50 50. In Blow Up Hall 50 50 Art is supplemented by Pleasure. blow up hall
  19. 19. All CAPTUReD BeNeATH UmBRellA BRAND of Project 50 50 art stations 50 50, blow-up hall 50 50 and stary browar 50 50 stem from the idea 50 50 – the philosophical ground of Project 50 50 – the umbrella brand covering the whole range of schemes undertaken by Grazyna Kulczyk. art always constitutes 50% of any venture belonging to the Project 50 50, the other 50% depends on the scheme’s specifics. consequently, Project 50 50 offers the highest quality combination of art and business, education, pleasure and humanity. blow up hall art stations Foundation art stations stary browar expansion 2007 stary browar original 2003