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Agile,lean, and kanban – friends or foes


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More and more new words come up in the context of Agile, now that Agile itself has "crossed the chasm" and is accepted as the de-facto standard of software development. But even though a lot of these new terms fit under the Agile umbrella as defined in the "Agile Manifesto" it is sometimes hard to get to the bottom of these concepts.
This presentation does exactly that - it goes to the bottom of Agile, Lean and Kanban. Without much ado we'll revisit the fundamental ideas behind Agile and then investigate Lean and the Kanban Method in comparison. Not only will you get introduced more closely to Kanbans, WIP-Limits and the pull principle, but I'll also share my experience how the different approaches fit together and complement each other in various settings.

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Agile,lean, and kanban – friends or foes

  1. 1. Agile, Lean, And Kanban – Friends Or Foes? Michael Mahlberg – Agile BI Conference 2013 2013 Michael Mahlberg Slide #