Story of a girl - Part I


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This is a story-based presentation,
made by [MM]Fresh.

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Story of a girl - Part I

  1. 1. The story of that girl brought to you by [MM]Fresh Part I
  2. 2. Long long ago, this is what happened in the medival times. People were running away from their homes, from creatures and monsters. Many people died while trying to get away from those monsters. But there were survivors, just like this girl. She escaped many ordeals and finally got to this town named Lorencia also known as Village of Shadows. Not many people lived here, and most of them were warriors and traders. Everyday, she’d wait by the bridge, hoping that one day, someone will come by the river and take her away.
  3. 3. She tried to run away from this land alone but she kept on turning back as there were too many monsters and creatures waiting outside, preparing to hunt people of her kind down. And just like any other day, she stood on the bridge and prayed. “Please send someone to take me away from this land,” she cried in her heart.
  4. 4. Back then, while escaping from those creatures, her uncle promised her dad to take care of her if anything ever happens to him. Sad enough, her dad died while trying to protect her from the meteorite of the Lich. Her uncle had been taking care of her ever since then. She lived off him, spending the money he earned through repairing weapons and armors for those traders and warriors.
  5. 5. And this is how she spent her uncle’s fortune away. Well, she was depressed and she hardly even know someone close to tell her burdens to. or by drinking alone… Drinking with those people in the bar, But no one could know that she was bothered by her own feelings and thoughts. So this is how she drowned her sorrows .
  6. 6. She seldom talk to anyone, besides in this village, there’s no one really “there” to talk to. So she only talked to those passersby, merchants, traders and sometimes even warriors. I see. So where are you heading now? I was from the volcano beside Eroheim in the Land of trails. … *Dumb* Hey! What’s that bird called?
  7. 7. The day she waited, had come. But it isn’t what she thought it should be. He told her, she’d be one of the greatest adventurer in the future, but she yet discover her own true potential. What’s of her now, is her fear and her agony. She’ll then learn to take on the strength she never faced before, and the wisdom of handling different situations. And then, he left.
  8. 8. And she approached the most fearsome and strongest warrior in the village, … She asked for wisdom and how she could get her power. She was then told to start off by chopping trees, which she found them ridiculous. But later on, she realised it was just a stepping stone to true power.
  9. 9. And so, she tried venturing in the depths of the living creatures and monsters. And suddenly something reminded her about how her dad died, and she wanted revenge. With a single hit, she crushed the Lich which killed her dad. And the Lich’s companion, the Skeleton, ran away and spread the news of a new adventurer.
  10. 10. NO! While the news of a new rising adventurer was spreading, little did she know that, Kundun (the King of all creatures) was targeting her. She made friends while traveling, and also she made money through dealings with traders. Alas, she started to smile. Let’s split the money, since I’m the boss, I’ll get more. Errh, okay.
  11. 11. Meanwhile, … While she was trying her best to make money for her traveling and adventuring, she had no choice but to work for extra gold. So she ended up at the refinery, making even more friends from different walks of life, and that helped her understand what is life all about.
  12. 12. TO BE CONTINUED, we’ll be back with Part II
  13. 13. Credits <ul><li>DonnY </li></ul><ul><li>FLASH / SZATIX </li></ul>Sponsored by : <ul><li>[GM]Mario </li></ul><ul><li>xHearts / Hazel’s trading co. </li></ul>